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What does it mean to see an unicorn in a dream?

Unicorn Dream Meaning: From 24 Different Sources

This mythical and mystical animal can represent the power of your visionary abilities applied to the future. In that its horn projects from the middle of its forehead, the unicorn points to the power of the third eye to direct your decisions and movement forward.

The unicorn also represents uniqueness and mystical knowledge.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

This magical creature is a powerful symbol of magic and spiritual purity.

It is an ancient symbol that has permeated modern media more than any other creature.

The unicorn is a white creature and in this way connects to purity and the highest vibration of life. It can fly, which increases this ascension sensibility. In some ways, its very name contains some of its power as a totem; the unicorn has a single horn, which means it is free from duality and recognizes the oneness of all.

A visit from a unicorn in a dream is to be connected to some very powerful medicine, and you can consider yourself to be guided by strong spiritual forces.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

1. Great power;

2. Strength;

3. Mystical; Num. 23:22; Ps. 18:2;

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand

A horn is for battle, and a horse is the power of the world, i.E.

A worldly battle

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

As a symbol of purity the unicorn traditionally could only be owned and perceived by virgins.

It is a return to, and a resurgence of, an innocence necessary in self-understanding and it often suggests the control of the ego and selfishness.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

The unicorn signifies unconditional love and symbolizes high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also suggests power, gentleness and purity.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: There is a story that unicorns missed being taken into noah’s ark because they were too busy playing. They represent intuitive knowledge; in this context we need to be mindful of what is going on in the real world if we are to survive.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: Traditionally, the only people who were allowed to tend unicorns were virgins. When a unicorn appears in a dream, we are linking with the innocent, pure part of ourselves. This is the instinctive, receptive feminine principle.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Throughout folklore the unicorn is seen as a symbol of hope, purity and love. Wherever it goes, it spreads a little magic. To see one in a dream is a wonderful omen. You’ll soon be on cloud nine and bursting with happiness. Love is the key to this dream, and new love or a deepening connection is on the horizon. Open your heart and share how you feel with your nearest and dearest. It’s time to celebrate your relationships.

Dreams Interpretations Hidden Meanings Symbols | Alison Davies

Ancient symbol for innocence and purity.

The unicorn places its horn in the lap of the virgin; it cant be caught in any other way.

It is able to remove poison and its effects; it loves happiness. It may also be a sign of flight into an irrational fairy-tale world. Today, the unicorn also means hope of the removal of all differences, as well as fear of contradictions. Innocence and sexual urges are also connected to the image of the unicorn, and the dreamer is posing the question: How do I see my desires without feeling guilty? It is a question about the “purified animalistic self.” According to Jung, the symbol of self.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

To dream of a unicorn is positive, symbolizing high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also symbolizes power, gentleness, and purity.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

To dream of fabulous creatures presages anxiety caused by falsehoods.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

1. Phallic symbol.

2. Gentle approach to seduction of a female.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Dreams of a unicorn signify that you are connection to magic, miracles, innocence, enchantment, and the fact that dreams do come true.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

see Animals and Fabulous Beasts

1- Traditionally, the only people who were allowed to tend unicorns were virgins. When a unicorn appears in a dream, we are linking with the innocent, pure part of ourselves. This is the instinctive, receptive feminine principle.

2- There is a story that unicorns missed being taken into Noah’s Ark because they were too busy playing. VVe need to be mindful of what is going on in the real world if we are to survive.

3- The unicorn signifies unconditional love.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

Tradition represents this symbolic animal as a white horse, or multicolored, with one horn that comes from the forehead. Unicorns harbor the combination of variety and demonstrate that the essence of everything is in unity. They are the mythical incarnation of your inner imagination. They equally represent power, gentleness, and purity. This dream may announce inspiration wonders that you keep inside. It could also be a sign of an interesting offer, because they are sometimes related to abundance.

The oneiric oracles claim that unicorns predict interaction with official affairs.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

This mythical creature in your dream is telling you that you are in for a period of beneficial changes.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Rarity, or a rare experience.

Purity or innocence.

Integrity or high personal standards.

A magical feeling, or a wish for a magical or enchanting experience.

Consider also what unicorns bring to mind for you specifically.

See also: Mythological Character; Horse

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman

Mystical power aimed at the heavens.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

A symbol of purity and a return to innocence; can also suggest the control of the ego, and selfishness. See also SURREALISM AND FANTASY

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

The unicorn is a pure, horse-like creature with a single horn on its forehead. Like the Sphinx, the unicorn is a legendary animal with a dual nature, its purity and compassion representing the feminine, and its horn representing the masculine. In dreams, it may therefore indicate unresolved conflicts in waking life. In Christian legend, the unicorn symbolizes a transcendental spiritual purity and goodness.

There is also a story that unicorns were too late to board Noah’s Ark because they were busy playing. This suggests that you need to be mindful of what is going on in the real world if you are to survive. 

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

A dream of righteousness (Gypsy). Ancient emblem of purity.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

(see Animals, Fables)

Traditionally an emblem of purity. In fairy tales, the unicorn becomes a mount to only chaste maidens, and befriends only those who are pure in spirit.

The horn of this creature is an alternative phallic emblem.

It is also considered the most potently magical part of the animal—the “magic” in this sense being the seed of life (sperm).

If the horn of the creature is dipped into water, this represents the purging of some type of poison, be it emotional, physical, or spiritual.

In Greece, an alternative emblem for the moon goddess, and as such reflects a predominance of the intuitive nature in your decisions and interactions.

In China, this is a most beneficent dream. Here, the unicorn symbolizes the perfect balance between Yin and Yang, and all five elements in harmony (earth-air-firewater- ether / void). Seeing one indicates goodwill and kindness toward you from others, as well as the presence of gentle, wise companions.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

lucky numbers: 04-11-23-35-43-49

cage, in a: wil be avoided by acquaintances because you won’t share.

killing a: losses in real estate.

many, together: are facing new acquaintances whose pleasant coats hide their deceit.

of an animal with one horn: wil have anxiety caused by falsehoods.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

Seeing A Unicorn | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Unicorn

Horns (animal)

1. Strength, aggression; conflict. 2. Mischievous (“of the devil”). 3. A phallus. 4. Magic (unicorn). ... horns (animal) dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


1- When animals appear in a dream they usually represent an aspect of the personality which cannot be properly understood except on an instinctive level. Animal with a cub
This will represent motherly qualities and therefore the mother. Baby animals
The dreamer will be dealing with the child-like side of his or her personality, or possibly children known to him. The hurt young animal
The dreamer may perceive a difficulty in becoming mature or facing life. Eating the animal
The dream could be about the ‘demons’ one creates which can only be overcome by assimilating them in a constructive way. Pagan belief thought that one took up certain aspects of the animal that were superior in certain respects to ordinary’ human attitudes. Godlike, talking awe-inspir- ing or wise animals, or those with human characteristics Animals have not vet become conscious of, or pitted themselves against, the power from which they came so the wisdom they show is innocent and simple. It is always important to pay attention to this aspect of animal life in fairy tales and dreams, since we need to be in touch with that part of ourselves. Helpful animals
The subconscious is producing helpful images from its depths. The figures of animals arc an easy way for the dreamer to accept that help. Killing the animal may destroy the energy derived from the instincts. Taming or harnessing the animal shows the efforts made to control the dreamer’s instincts and, if possible, make them productive and useful. To dream of trying to find some refuge from animals whether by building defences - or perhaps by running away - is indicative of the dreamer’s struggle with his animal instincts, and whether the action being taken is adequate. Such instincts may be threatening or damaging to aspects of the dreamer’s life. 2- When we need some sort of understanding of our own psychological urges, animals will appear which symbolise those qualities. These are: Bear
The mother (see Family) appears in dreams in many forms, the bear being one of them. The image may be of the possessive, devouring mother or of the all- caring mother. If it is recognised in the dream that the bear is masculine the image may then be of an overbearing person, or possibly the father. Bull
Usually the bull in a dream denotes the negative side of behaviour, such as dcstructivcness, fear or anger (for example a bull in a china shop). However, more positively, the bull is recognised as sexual passion or creative power. Slaying the bull
Indicates initiation into the world of the mature adult who succeeds in mastering his instincts and can also represent the sign of Taurus in the Zodiac. Cat
To dream of cats is to link with the feline, sensuous side in human beings, usually in women. Goddesses such as Bast the Egyptian cat goddess arc usually represented as having two sides to their natures, one devious and one helpful, so the cat often denotes the capricious side of the feminine. The elegant but also the powerful, yet overly self-sufficient aspect of woman, may also be perceived as the cat. Chameleon The dreamer is recognising either in himself or others the ability to adapt and to change according to surrounding circumstances. Cold-blooded animals or reptiles
The unfeeling, inhuman aspect of the instincts is often portrayed by reptiles and other cold-blooded animals. They are usually recognised as being destructive and alien. Composite animals
To dream of composite animals could indicate some confusion in sorting out what qualities are needed. The various qualities of the different animals of which they are made up need to be assimilated and integrated. There are two potentials of development in one figure. Half-animal, half-man
The dreamer’s animal instincts arc beginning to be recognised and humanised. Cow
The eternal feminine, especially the mother (see Family) or mother figure (see Archetypes) is often depictcd by the cow. This is partly because it provides milk and nourishment. Deer/Reindeer
The deer and the reindeer herd have a strict hierarchical structure. The dreamer recognises his place in the world. The deer symbolises pride/nobility Deformed animals
The dreamer realises that some of his impulses are offensive, or revolting. Dog
Also see individual entry The dreamer may recognise a faithful and constant companion, a protector or more negatively, somebody the dreamer can’t shake off and who might make trouble. A dog that the dreamer owned or knew at some period of his life There may be memories asso- ciated with that period of his life, which hold clues to present behaviour. A huntress with dogs The dreamer is making a connection with one of the feminine archetypes, that of the Amazon (see Archetypes). A dog guarding gates, being near a cemetery In dreams this indicates the guardian of the threshold, and creatures which must be put to sleep or tamed before there can be an initiation into the underworld Domesticated (tame) animals When we dream of domesticated animals we arc aware of those parts of ourselves with which we have come to terms. There are passions which arc being used in a controlled way although there is the suggestion that those passions were never very formidable. Elephant To see an elephant in a dream is to recognise the qualities of patience, long memory, strength and fidelitv. In the more esoteric sense it signifies radiant and glowing wisdom. Fox
A fox in a dream tells of hypocrisy, cunning and slyness. Frog
A period or act of transformation (a frog transforms from a tadpole and moves on to the land). There is something repugnant which is turning into something of value (i. e. a frog into a prince). Also see Snake as all reptiles have the same significance. Goat
To dream of a goat is to recognise creative energy and masculine vitality. It may also represent the dark side of human nature, promiscuousness and sexuality. To be riding a goat is to be trying to come to terms with the dreamer’s relationship with the dark side of his nature. The goat may also represent the Devil or Satan. It is also the symbol for Capricorn. Hare
The hare highlights intuition, spiritual insight and intuitive ‘leaps’. Intuition may be debased into madness by fear or ignorance. Because of its association with the moon, the hare can, in its negative aspect, signify the Priestess/Witch aspect of femininity or the Priest/Sorcerer of the masculine (see Archetypes). In its positive imagery however it is the radiant hare (often holding its baby in a cave) and thus the Mother of God. Hedgehog
The hedgehog can represent evil and bad manners, or literallv our inability to handle a ‘prickly’ situation. Horse
The horse in a dream represents the energy at the dreamer’s disposal. A white horse depicts the spiritual awareness of the dreamer; a brown one the more pragmatic and down-to-earth side, while a black horse is the passionate side of the dreamer’s nature. A pale horse is taken to indicate death, and a winged horse depicts the soul’s ability to transcend the earthly- plane. If the horse is under strain or dying there is a severe weakening of the dynamic power that carries the dreamer forward. Ibo much pressure may be being experienced in our lives. If the horse is being harnessed to a cart the dreamer may be concentrating too hard on thoroughly- utilitarian objectives. In a man’s dream, a mare will denote the Anima, a woman; or the realm of the feminine (see Archetypes). In a woman’s dream, being kicked by a horse may indicate the Animus or her relationship with a man. A horse that can get through any door and batter down all obstacles is the collective Shadow (see Introduction) those aspects of the personality which most people attempt to suppress. The horse as a beast of burden is often the Great Mother (See Introduction). or mother archetype (see Archetypes). In modern dreams the car has largely taken over from the horse as a symbol with many of the same associations (see Car and Journey Sections). Hyena
The hyena is generally taken in dreams to signify impurity, instability and deviousness. Jackal
The jackal is associated with the graveyard, and therefore with Death. As a scavenger it is also a cleanser. Esoterically, it is the servant of the transformer, guiding souls from the earth plane into the light. Jaguar
The jaguar’s main qualities are its speed and balance. It stands for the balance of power between the dark and light forces. Kangaroo This somewhat exotic animal often stands for motherhood. and also strength. Lamb The lamb is the innocent side of man’s nature. It is said that evil cannot withstand such innocence. Leopard
The leopard represents cruelty and aggression, and traditionally the deviousness of wrongly used power. Lion The lion stands for majesty, strength and courage. It can also represent the ego and the passions associated with it. If the dreamer is struggling with the lion there should be a succcssful development as long as the dreamer is not overpowered, or the lion killed. A man-eating lion shows that an aspect of the personality- has slipped out of alignment, putting both the dreamer and his surroundings at risk. A lion lying with a lamb There is a union, or compatibility of oppositcs; instinct and spirit going hand in hand. Lizard also see Reptiles The lizard appearing in a dream represents instinctive action or ‘one-track’ thinking. Lynx
The main quality associated with the lynx is its keen eyesight, thus in a dream it can often portray objectivity. Monkey The monkey characterises the infantile, childish and arrested side of the dreamer’s character. The qualities of mischief, impudence and inquisi- tiveness all belong to the monkey. While these are often seen as regressive tendencies, that of lively- curiosity maintains a necessary lightness of spirit. Mare
see Horse Mole
The mole is often taken to represent the powers of darkness, but can often signify the blind persistence and determination which enables the dreamer to succeed. Monster/Dragon also see Dragon in D Section A fear which is beyond understanding, usually welling up from within rather than from the outside world, is often represented in dreams by monsters and dragons. The devouring monster The dream may deal with a recognition that ultimately we arc all absorbed back into a greater whole. If the dreamer gets the better of the monster he will have mastery over his own fear of death, and may be able to harness this forcc for his own use. Cutting out the monster’s heart or other vital organ, or lighting a fire inside it, depicts the struggle against the dark forces of the underworld. Mouse
Also see Vermin The mouse’s quality of timidity can often be addressed in the dreamer, if it is recognised that this can arise from turbulence and lack of understanding. Otter
The otter is uniquely equipped to exist within its chosen element of water and to be able to gain subsistence from its environment, all things the dreamer may- need to develop. Ox
The ox depicts the ability to be patient, and to make sacrifices for others. Parts of animals
(the limbs, eyes, mouth, etc. ) These have the same significance as parts of the human body (see Body). If the four legs are particularly emphasised possibly in contrast with a three-legged animal the whole rounded personality with all four functions of the mind fully developed is being highlighted. Pig or Wild Boar The pig is taken in Western belief to indicate ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, and gluttony. The dreamer’s better self may be beginning to recognise these unattractive qualities in himself. Without such recognition there can be no transformation or mastcry of them. Pigs and jewels There is a conflict between the lower urges and spiritual values. Perhaps there is a failure to appreciate spiritual values. Big litters of piglets can represent fruitful- ness, although sometimes without result, since the sow can depict the Destructive Mother (see Archetypes). Wild Boar The wild boar depicts the archetypal masculine principal, and therefore the negative Animus in a woman’s dream. (See Introduction). The dreamer may be evading an issue that should be challenged and dealt with more daringly. Prehistoric animals
A trauma from the past, or from childhood, may be causing difficulty. Rabbit Rabbits appearing in a dream can mean one of two things. The obvious connection with fertility could be important or it could be that the trickster aspect of the personality could be coming to the fore (see Hare). A white rabbit may show the dreamer the way to the inner spiritual world and, as such, act as a guide. Ram
The ram is a svmbol of masculine virility and power, and by association has those qualities of the sign of Aries in the Zodiac. Rat
also see Vermin ‘flic rat signifies the diseased and devious part of the dreamer or of his situation. It can also represent something which is repulsive in some way. The dreamer may be experiencing disloyalty from a friend or colleague. Reptiles
To dream of reptiles indicates that we are looking at the more frightening lower aspects of the personality. We may have no control over these, and could therefore be easily devoured by them. We are afraid of Death or the death process, but must go through a process of change in order to be reborn. Seal
Dreaming of a seal suggests that we are at one with the clement in which we live. Serpent
Also see SnakeThe serpent is a universal symbol which can be male or female or it can be self-created. It can signify death or destruction or conversely life and also rejuvenation. It is the instinctive nature and is also potential energy. When the power of the instinctive nature is understood and harnessed, the dreamer comes to terms with his or her own sexuality and sensuality and is able to make use of the higher and more spiritual energies which become available. In a man’s dream a snake may appear if he has not understood the feminine or intuitive part of himself, or when he doubts his own masculinitv. In a woman’s dream the snake may manifest if she is afraid of sex, or sometimes of her own ability to seduce others. Because of its connection with the Garden of Eden, the serpent is the symbol of duplicity and trickery; and also of temptation. Sheep The sheep is renowned for its flock instinct, and it is this interpretation which is most usually accepted in dreams. The helplessness of the sheep when off balance is also another aspect which is recognisable, as is the apparent lack of intelligence. The god-fearing, ‘good sheep’ and also the passive and ‘sheepish’ may have relevance within the context of the dream. To dream of sheep and wolves or of sheep and goats is to register the conflict between good and evil. Sinister Animals Any threat from animals indicates the fears and doubts the dreamer has over his ability to cope with the stirrings of the unconscious. Snake - also see Serpent. Snake dreams occur like serpent dreams - when the dreamer is attempting to come to terms with his or her more instinctive self. Inevitably, this has to do with the recognition and harnessing of energies which have been suppressed and thwarted. Since the most primeval urge is sexuality, the image of the snake is the most primitive one available. A snake twined around the body or limb This indicates some form of bondage, possibly being enslaved to the passions. A snake, or worm, leaving a corpse by its mouth This can sometimes represent the sexual act (the little death), but can also signify the dreamer’s control of his or her libido. A snake in the grass This image denotes disloyalty, trickerv and evil. With its tail in its mouth This image is one of the oldest available to man and signifies completion and the union of the spiritual and physical (see Shapes, Circle). Being swallowed by a snake This shows the need and ability to return to the ultimate, and lose our sense of space and time (see Eating). Because snakes are such a low form of life, while also being in some cases poisonous, they have become associated with death, and all that man fears. Snake twined around a staff or similar (see Caduceiis) The unconscious forces that are released once the dreamer reconciles the opposing sides of himself create healing, rebirth and renewal, and this is universally represented as two snakes entwined round a central staff. It is a symbolic representation of the basic form of DXA, the ‘building blocks’ of life. The colours of the snake may give additional insight into the meaning of the dream (see Colours). Squirrel The squirrel represents the hoarding aspcct of our personalities. Tiger
The tiger signifies royalty, dignity and power and is both a creator and a dcstrover Toad
To dream of toads is lo connect with whatever the dreamer may consider ugly in life, or in his behaviour. However, implicit in that ugliness is the power of transformation and growth into something beautiful. For a toad and an eagle to appear is to note the difference between earthly and spiritual values. Transformation of animals In dreams, the metamorphosis of the dreamer or other people into animals and vice versa shows the potential for change within any situation. Unicorn
The unicorn is a symbol of purity and traditionally could only be owned and perceived by virgins. It is a return to, and a resurgence of, an innocence necessary in self-understanding, and it often suggests the control of the ego and selfishness. Vermin
In dreams vermin may represent the enforced contemplation of something that is unnecessary or that has invaded one’s spacc. Vertebrates
Animals with backbones often give an understanding of the qualities associated with that animal. The smaller and lower orders of animal signify the unconscious, the higher orders the emotions. Whale
The whale, because it is a mammal which lives within water, indicates the power of resurrection and rebirth man’s abilitv to come back from the dead. Weasel
The weasel traditionally highlights the devious, more criminally oriented side of ourselves. Werewolf
see Sinister Animals Wild animals
Usually wild animals stand for danger, dangerous passions, or dangerous people. There is a destructive force arising from the unconscious, threatening the safety of the individual. Such a dream may be a way of understanding anxiety. Domesticating wild animals The dreamer may- have come to terms with his or her wilder side. Wolf
Dreaming of wolves may- indicate that we are being threatened by others, whether singly or by the pack. The dreamer may- have cruel sadistic fantasies without taking responsibility for them. The She-wolf The hussy; but also the carer for orphans and rejected young. Wounded animals
The dreamer may be suffering either emotional or spiritual wounds. Zebra
This animal has the same significance as the horse, but with the additional meaning of balancing the negative and the positive in a very dynamic way. 3- By understanding animals and their symbolism we approach life in a more simplistic and natural way. ... animals dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Fabulous Beasts

such as Griffins, Unicorns, Minolaurs1- In dream imagery, in order to draw the dreamer’s attention to certain qualities, animals may be shown as having characteristics belonging to other creatures. Archctypally, there arc many combinations which arc possible and which will give unlimited potential to the creative abilities within the dreamer (see Archetypes). The dreamer is being shown that there is Freedom from conventional principles. 2- Given the freedom to crcate, the mind can produce both the fantastic and the grotesque. Such fabulous beasts are the result of trying to reconcile these two polarities. 3- Fearsome and terrifying powers of nature arc represented in this interpretation. The dreamer should be aware of his own ‘animalistic’ power and whether he can control it. ... fabulous beasts dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Fabulous Beasts

(Such as centaurs, griffins, minotaurs and unicorns) fearsome and terrifying powers of nature were often previously represented as fabulous creatures. In addition, they were given animalistic qualities. Learning to control these qualities within ourselves is a large part of the spiritual development which can take place through dreams. ... fabulous beasts dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Fabulous Beasts

Gives gender - specific: The unicorn has its horn representing mysticism, the griffin has the qualities of both the lion and the eagle. These representations are of the best qualities of masculinity and femininity. Only the purest of women (the virgin) can tame the unicorn and only the bravest of men can tame thegriffin. (It is sometimes said that only the female griffin has wings, yet the griffin is also said to draw the chariot of nemesis, goddess of justice, across the sky. )... fabulous beasts dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


To dream of a pegasus (flying unicorn) is positive, symbolizing high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also symbolizes power, gentleness, and purity. ... pegasus dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


(1) A unicorn may symbolize male sexuality, the horn representing an erect penis. (2) It may symbolize power; or gentility / purity. ... unicom dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Fairy Tales And Symbolism

The symbolism in fairy tales speaks to adults as well as children, and deals with childlessness, sexual maturation, remarriage, jealousy across the generations, sibling rivalry, incest, murderous rage, inheritance issues and other timeless problems. If you find yourself transported to the scene of a well-known fairy tale, the following tips may help with the interpretation. First of all, consider what common fairy tale motif your dream scene is depicting. For example, it could be: Courtship tale
A strong theme in many fairy tales is the idea that love and goodness triumph. In the animal bridegroom tale, the girl protagonist marries some kind of beast, who is transformed by love in the course of the story into a (usually handsome) prince. In your waking life, do you feel you deserve the reward of love and security for your efforts? Do you believe love can conquer all? Or is your dream urging you to reconcile your masculine and feminine attitudes in waking life? Good and bad choice
Most fairy tales involve a moment when the protagonist is faced with a choice. These include: helpless people or creatures to be kind or beastly to; opportunities to tell the truth or lie, or cheat or be honest; a choice to stand up for your principles or betray the innocent and submit to tyranny. If someone’s inside and outside are at odds, typically by the end of the tale the two are reconciled (as in the Beast’s transformation in ‘Beauty and the Beast’). Notice the elemental justice of this fairy tale motif and see whether you can relate any of its themes to your waking life. Magical gift
A mirror that allows one to see one’s heart’s desire (or one’s loved ones); a table that sets itself with food and dishes; a stick that beats one’s enemies; a goose that lays golden eggs; a pouch that replenishes itself with gold. Consider the symbolism of these motifs. To what gift or hidden quality is your dream referring? Magical Helper
These would include: an old crone, a talking frog, a fairy godmother, a swan to convey one across a river, a bird that carries one in his claws. Also, and not always in a helping role, one might encounter magical creatures such as witches, ogres, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, trolls, gnomes and dragons. Consider the symbolism of any helpers, or non-helpers, that appear in your dream; they represent psychological energy or strength that you either possess or need to find. What qualities do they represent, and how will they help or hinder you? The ‘Rule of Three’
Many fairy tales, as well as many dreams, seem to obey what might be called the ‘rule of three’. They may contain three characters (’Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, The Three Billy Goats Gruff); three wishes; three tasks that a prince (or princess) must do to win his (or her) true love; three times for a request or saying to be repeated (I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…’). If you find yourself in a story in which three is significant, see NUMBERS. Trial or test to win one’s love
Going ‘east of the sun and west of the moon’ and bringing back a treasure; learning the answer to a riddle; spinning straw into gold (and guessing Rumpelstiltskin’s name); breaking through the 100- year-old forest to find the sleeping princess. Can you relate such tests to your waking life? What trials and tribulations do you need to overcome?Remember that these stories have been told and retold for centuries because they have resonated with their hearers and expressed something important to their audiences. So if scenes from a specific fairy tale appear in your dream, consider the symbolism of the fairy tale motif, and see how the story and the lessons it teaches apply to your waking life. If a specific character appears in your dream out of context from his, her or its fairy tale, for example Cinderella wandering the streets of New York on her own, Sleeping Beauty buying a house or Puss in Boots accompanying you on a train journey, consider what aspect of yourself or your life the character represents. So if you find yourself having lunch with Rapunzel in your dreams, think about the symbolism of her hair, which was cut off to punish the girl for her indiscretion. Is there something you feel guilty about in waking life or should feel guilty about? Or do you feel imprisoned in an ivory tower and long for freedom of expression?Finally, don’t forget that, above all, fairy tales encourage you to believe in possibilities and the hidden ‘magic’ that can be discovered in the most unexpected places. ... fairy tales and symbolism dream meaning

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If various objects, amulets or talismans that traditionally symbolize luck appear in your dream, such as horseshoes, pebbles and four-leaved clovers appear in your dream, this is a positive sign. Bear in mind, however, that the nature of luck is that it always changes, so you need to appreciate what you have or move quickly to capitalize on your current good fortune. The following list is by no means comprehensive but mentions some of the well-known symbols of good fortune. If your lucky charm doesn’t appear here, your dreaming mind might still be sending you a positive message; it might also be urging you to strengthen your defenses or protect yourself in areas of your personality or your life where you may appear vulnerable. Ankh: An ancient Egyptian symbol resembling a cross with a loop at the top. It symbolizes the power of life and cosmic knowledge, and is the oldest and most popular amulet or religious symbol used by the Egyptians. When worn, carried or featured in any other way in your dream, the ankh symbolizes good health, as well as promoting fertility and the powers of intuition. Arrowhead: In waking life, those who believe in lucky charms carry an arrowhead for protection against enemies, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits and all other negative forces. They may place an arrowhead over their front door or under the doormat to prevent burglars from breaking into their homes, and keep one in their car to help guard against accidents and theft. If an arrowhead appears in your dream, this is a powerful symbol of the need for protection and security in your life. Crescent moon: A sacred symbol of the Goddess, and also a symbol of magic, fertility and the secret powers of nature. Believers often wear a piece of pink quartz shaped like a crescent moon as a love charm to attract a lover or soulmate. Four-leaved clover: In waking life, it is thought that fortune will smile on you if you carry a four-leaved clover, or if you wear a pin, ring or pendant shaped like one. The four-leaved clover is believed to be the most powerful of all lucky charms and was used by the ancient Druids as a charm against evil and to attain clairvoyant powers. Garlic: This aromatic bulb is one of the oldest and most famous forms of natural protection against evil forces, and is used throughout the world in a variety of ways to keep away vampires, sorcerers, demonic spirits and all other forms of evil. It is also used by many witches and shamans as a healing amulet. Horn: The gold horn is a popular necklacecharm worn by Italians as an amulet against the evil eye. When worn by a man, the horn—an ancient and obvious phallic symbol—inc reases sex appeal and promotes male virility. Horseshoe: This is a well-known good luck symbol in many parts of the world. According to superstition, nail an iron horseshoe over your door with the convex side pointing up for protection against sorcery, bad luck and the evil eye. For good luck, believers nail it over their door with the convex side pointing down. If a horseshoe appears in your dream, this is a positive sign suggesting good health and positive energy in your life. Rabbit’s foot: perhaps the most used good-luck charm in modern times, this is usually carried on a keychain or worn on a necklace to ward off accidents and evil, and to increase good luck, happiness and fertility. Skeleton key: Wear an old skeleton key on a chain around your neck as an amulet to open the doors of opportunity and success, guard against the evil eye, and repel sorcery and all evil spirits. Skull and crossbones: A symbol of death once used by pirates and, more recently, as a warning label on poisons, the skull and crossbones can be used as a powerful amulet to protect the wearer against evil forces. It possesses the power to reverse any hex or curse and return the evil to the person who cast it upon you. This symbol is also popular among gamblers, as it is believed to keep their good luck from turning bad. Unicorn: The unicorn is an ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and its fabled horn was said to be used in medieval times as an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drink of kings, queens and popes. To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism, believers wear any type of jewelry shaped like a unicorn. The symbol of this magnificent mystical creature also pierces the plans of enemies and keeps the wearer safe from all evil forces. Wishbone: Believers wear gold wishbone-shaped jewelry—or even an actual turkey or chicken wishbone on a necklace—as an amulet to attract good luck, and t o make wishes and dreams come true. ... lucky sign dream meaning

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Mythological Character

A mythological character or creature (such as Hercules or a unicorn) can represent: Whatever comes to mind when you think of that character or creature in real life. The traditional symbolism of that character, such as what it’s known for, its typical characteristics, context, actions, and role (such as a leprechaun representing luck). Its primary characteristic (such as a unicorn’s peacefulness or Ares’ combativeness). Consider also what stood out about it in the dream, and your feelings about it.

See also: Character; Mermaid; Dragon; Werewolf; Vampire; Monster; Mythological Place... mythological character dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 05-10-23-34-39-40being a character in: wil be fortunate to love one who expands your horizons. centaur: are an exhibitionist who integrated physical and spiritual energy. followed by a: aim is brutish, sexual frenzy. minotaur: a dangerous instinct hides deep in your being. unicorn: gently woo by placing head in lap. being chased by a mythical creature: discourages your present attitude toward life. being immortal: happiness in the family. eternity, living into: validates your belief in timelessness. N N N N N... mythology dream meaning

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