What does it mean to see an ungrateful in a dream?

Ungrateful Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

Revealed in order to prevent one from doing dead works which will return to rend

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lucky numbers: 01-05-13-18-25-31

children being: wil earn money in winnings.

family: must rely on your own good judgment.

people: something is preying on your conscience.

relatives: wil be visited by someone asking a favor.

others, being, to: wil be visited by a judge who wil grant you what you deserve.

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Ungrateful | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of a concert of a high musical order, denotes delightful seasons of pleasure, and literary work to the author. To the business man it portends successful trade, and to the young it signifies unalloyed bliss and faithful loves. Ordinary concerts such as engage ballet singers, denote that disagreeable companions and ungrateful friends will be met with. Business will show a falling off. ... concert dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream that you are afflicted with hydrophobia, denotes enemies and change of business. To see others thus afflicted, your work will be interrupted by death or ungrateful dependence. To dream that an animal with the rabies bites you, you will be betrayed by your dearest friend, and much scandal will be brought to light. ... hydrophobia dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


See “ungrateful”... unthankful dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


A farmer in a dream represents a man of good deeds. His planting, plowing, harvesting or any of the phases of his work represents his deeds. When successful in the dream, it means that his business will succeed in real life. When it indicates business in the dream, it means prosperity and when it suggests one’s deeds, it means repentance. To see a farmer planting seeds, then when they sprout he recovers them with earth in a dream means that he is ungrateful or irreligious. ... farmer dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Cover; Hide; Farmer; Infidel; Ingratitude; Profane; Unbeliever; Ungodly) In a dream, seeing an irreligious person means meeting an enemy. Seeing an elderly person who is irreligious in a dream means meeting an old enemywhosehatred is clearlyshownon hisface. Seeingan irreligious housekeeper, or an old employee in a dream means suffering from the hidden evils of an avowed enemy. Becoming irreligious in a dream means embracing innovation, or whatever practices one considers and uses as his religion. Seeing an irreligious person sitting on a table with a plate of honey before him and refusing to eat from it in the dream means that he is ungrateful to his Lord, and that he does not confess to the innumerable favors which God Almighty has given him during this life. A gathering of irreligious people in a dream represents one’s children in their infancy. An irreligious person in a dream also represents a farmer who plants a seed, then when it becomes a seedling, he covers it with earth again. (Also see Disbelief)... irreligious dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


In a dream, musk represents a private charity, pregnancy, a profitable business, a valuable property, a farm, fruit trees, olive trees, or advanced knowledge. When associated with a deceased person, musk in a dream may mean that he is in paradise. If musk is burned as incense in a dream, it means innovation, loss of money and respect, putting things in the wrong place, or serving a strong person for a fee. In a dream, musk also represents one’s beloved, his servant, his son or a beautiful woman. If a thief sees himself carrying musk in a dream, it means that he will cease robbing people, for a sweet fragrance points to its carrier and exposes what he hides. Musk in a dream also means money, gold, comfort, glad tidings, good news, or innocence. The same interpretation is given to carnation, clove, nutmeg and other dark seeds, all of which mean triumph and happiness. Grinding them in a dream means receiving praises. Offering them whole in a dream means doing good to an ungrateful person. (Also see Amber; Anoint; Galia moschata)... musk dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Notebook; Record; Parchment) A sheet of paper in a dream represents an oath, a vow, or a pledge. Writing a note on a piece of paper in a dream means being ungrateful and perfidious toward others. A writer in a dream also represents someone who is burdened, pressured, doubtful and uncertain, whereby, writing has become his escape goat and a way out of his depression. Ifone’s boss gives him a paper to write somethingon it in a dream, it means that he will solicit something from his boss and eventually receive it. If one feels uncertain about some people then sees himself holding a pen and a piece of paper in a dream, it means that his obscurity will be replaced with clarity. Holding a piece of paper in a dream also means attaining one’s goal, or completing a project, or finalizing a program. Apaper salesman in a dream represents someone who helps cunning people do their tricks. (Also see Notebook; Paper; Write; Writer)... paper dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Hajj) Performing the pilgrimage to Mecca, fulfilling its obligatory pillars and celebrating its ceremonies in a dream represents one’s spiritual and religious growth. It will bring him a great reward in this life and in the next, appease his fears, and imply that he is a trustworthy person. If this dream occurs during the pilgrimage season, it means profits for a merchant, recovery for the sick, finding guidance after heedlessness, or it could mean that one will perform his pilgrimage ifhe had not yet fulfilled this obligatory religious duty. Ifone’s dream takes place outside the pilgrimage season, then it could mean the opposite. If one sees himself as a pilgrim in a dream, and if he disdains from actually perform his pilgrimage, though he possesses the means to do so, it means that he is a reprobate and an ungrateful person. Performing one’s pilgrimage in a dream also indicates the necessity to serve one’s parents and to be true to them, or the duty to serve one’s teacher and be truthful with him. Performing one’s pilgrimage in a dream also means visiting a gnostic, a saint, a shaikh, a scholar, or it it could mean getting married, acquiring knowledge, satisfying one’s needs, recuperating from an illness, repenting from sin, or joining the company of pious people. If one travels to perform his pilgrimage using a vehicle in a dream, it means that he will receive help from God Almighty. If he travels on foot leading a camel in the dream, it means that he will do so with the help of a woman. If he rides an elephant in the dream, it means that he will perform his pilgrimage as a member of a governmental delegation. Ifone travels on foot in the dream, it means that he has made a vow which he must fulfil. Seeing oneself returning from a pilgrimage in a dream means profits and relief from stress. If one carries his provisions with him in the dream, it means that he stands before his Lord with piety and reverence. Carrying the pilgrims’s provisions in a dream also means paying poor people their dues, or it could mean payingone’s debts. Ifone sees himselfgoing to perform his pilgrimage alone, and the people standing up to pay their farewell to him in a dream, it means that he will die shortly. (Also see ‘Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Ka’aba; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sa’i; Station ofAbraham; ‘Umrah)... pilgrimage dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Fur; Marten) In a dream, a sable represents an ungrateful person, a disbeliever, or an unjust person who lives in isolation, amasses wealth and no one can benefit from his riches until he dies. (Also see Fur coat; Fur)... sable dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Seeing the accursed one in a dream means evil, sin, lying, stealing, jealousy, sorcery, separation between husband and wife, disdain from performing one’s prayers, or it could mean preaching falsehood. Seeing the accursed one in a dream also means propagation of an invented world or ideas. If in a dream one becomes Satan, it is interpreted as loosing one’s sight. If one kills Satan in a dream, it means that he will deceive and conquer a deceiver and an evil person. In a dream, the accursed Satan also represents an enemy of the body and the soul. He deceives, cheats, disbelieves, as well as he is ungrateful, jealous, capricious, arrogant, heedless, impetuous, or he could represent a leader, a minister, ajudge, a policeman, a man of knowledge, a preacher, a hypocrite, or one’s own family and children. Seeing Satan in a dream also meansvillainy, dirt, passion and sexual devilry. Ifone sees Satan attackinghim in a dream, it means that he earns his money from usury. If Satan touches him in a dream, it means that someone is slandering or trying to deceive his wife. If one is sick or under stress, and if he sees Satan touching him in a dream, it means that he will put his hand on material wealth. Ifone is suffering from the consequences of devilry while he recognizes his trials and remains steadfast in remembering God Almighty and calling upon Him for help in a dream, it means that he has many enemies trying to deceive him or to destroy him, though they will eventually fail, and in turn, they will be defeated by God’s leave. Ifone sees Satan following him 374 in a dream, it means that an enemy is pursuing him to deceive him, and consequently one will lose his status, rank and the benefits of his knowledge. Ifone sees himselfinwardly talking with Satan in a dream, it means that he will join hands with his own enemy, and his strike will be against the righteous people, though he will ultimately fail. Ifone sees Satan teaching him something in a dream, it means that he will fabricate a story, speak falsehood, or recite poems filled with lies. Ifone sees that Satan has descended upon him in a dream, it means that he engages in falsehood and sin. Ifone sees himselfpresiding over a band of satans, controlling them, commanding them, and if they obey him in the dream, it means that he will receive a seat of honor and he will be feared by his friend and foes. If one ties Satan with chains in a dream, it means that he will win victory in his life together with might and fame. If one sees himself deceived by a group of satans in a dream, it means that he will suffer financial losses or lose his job. If Satan strips someone from his clothing in a dream, it means that the latter will lose a battle to an enemy. Ifone sees Satan whispering something in his ear in dream, it means that he will be dismissed from hisjob. If one sees himself defying and fighting Satan in a dream, it means that he is a true and a strong believer who obeys his Lord and who holds fast to his religious obligations. IfSatan frightens him in a dream, it means that the latter is a sincere deputy and a protege of God Almighty, and that God will safeguard him from any fear of the accursed Satan or his army. If one sees a meteor or a flame shooting at Satan in the skies in a dream, it means that there is an enemy of God Almighty in that locality. If that person is a ruler, then his secrets will be exposed, and ifhe is ajudge, it means that ajust punishment will befall him for his injustice. If one sees Satan happy in a dream, it means that he engages in sensuality, passion and loathsome actions. In general, Satan is a weak enemy, if one sees himself fighting him with resoluteness in a dream, it shows that he is a religious and a pious person. IfSatan swallows someone or penetrates inside his body in dream, it means a fright, losses and sufferings. Satan in a dream also represents builders or ocean divers who work as spies. Seeing them in a dream also could mean backbiting or slandering. If one sees himself as a Satan in a dream, it means that he constantly frowns with people and that he is quick to harm them, or that he may work at cleaning sewers, or perhaps he may perish in a fire, or die as a heedless person. ... satan dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Seeing a dog in a dream can symbolize ungrateful, worldly people, or evil men, Ps 22:16, Matt. 7:6. Growling dogs can be demonic sentries sent to guard things. Your pet dog may appear in a dream because you are worried about the health of your pet. Dogs may also be representative of fears about being bitten or attacked by dogs... dog dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


Symbolic of ungrateful people, mockers, and scoffers, Matt 7:6... pig dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


To dream one sees partridges is a sign that a man shall have to do with women that are malicious, ungrateful, and void of conscience. ... partridges dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book

Falcon / Hawk

If it was obedient, it is interpreted upon 5 sides: acquirement of something wanted & happiness, good news, matter / affair passing through, acquirement of wealth, in proportion to the falcon / hawk’s value [ranging] from 1000 to 10,000, especially if it was an obedient white one. And if it wasn’t obedient then it is interpreted upon 4 sides: unjust sovereign, tyrannical ruler that has no faith, child ungrateful to his two parents, bandit. (Falcon / hawk: of the predatory birds. )... falcon / hawk dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


The dog appears more often than any other animal in dreams. It represents your natural drives that, despite usually being well socialized, still have a tendency to revert back to their spontaneous or ‘wild’ state. This is particularly the case if the dog within is provoked or encouraged. Dogs can also represent those parts of yourself that you express spontaneously: your easy-flowing natural feelings; devotion, perhaps to a lover or child; fidelity and faithfulness. Like the cat, the dog can be a substitute baby for women, or represent an outlet for affection or caring. This is particularly true of dreams about puppies, which are a symbol of childlike playfulness or following someone about in a devoted way. In mythology, the dog has symbolized the guardian of the gates of death, or a messenger between the hidden and the visible worlds. The dog was also thought of as a guide or guardian of the hidden side of life. If a dog appears in your dream, pay attention to whether it was aggressive or friendly. It is also important to consider what your waking feelings about dogs are, as this will have an influence on the interpretation of your dream. If you love dogs and you enjoyed caring for or playing with your dog in your dream, then it may be a sign that you are in need of more fun and friendship in your real life. Alternatively, because dogs are traditionally thought to be loyal, dependable, faithful friends and protectors to humans, it may be that your unconscious was highlighting these qualities within yourself or a person you know. Perhaps you are longing to have a friend you can trust and on whom you can depend. Dogs typically represent friends and companionship in dreams, so if you dreamed of taking out-of-control dogs for a walk with them all straining on a lead, perhaps you are finding it hard to fit into your current circle of friends; do you feel that you have little in common with them anymore? If your dog broke away from you or you dropped its lead in your dream, do you fear losing the trust or loyalty of your friends? If you are taking a dog for a walk and were holding the lead, this suggests that you might be restraining of your aggression towards a friend or someone else; if someone else is holding the lead, it may be that you are feeling attacked by someone you know. If a dog was aggressive in your dream and you fear dogs in waking life, your unconscious may have been reflecting your waking fear. If, however, you love dogs in real life, such a dream may represent a friend who is about to turn on you in waking life—perhaps they already have. The loud barking of a dream dog can signal the animal within you trying to break free. Perhaps you feel angry about someone or something and are close to exploding with rage; or is your bark worse than your bite? A dog barking happily shows that you are enjoying your social life. A friendly, happy dog shows that you have lots of good friends. A dog barking and snarling warns against enemies and if the dream dog is big and powerful, as well as friendly, it shows that you feel in need of a powerful protector. If a dog bit you in your dream, could this suggest an ungrateful loved one or relative who is biting the hand that feeds? Since dogs are often associated with masculine energy, if you were attacked by a dream dog, such a dream might represent feelings about a man or a relationship with a man. The black dog figures quite frequently in people’s dream imagery. For some people it represents depression; for others, death. If a dog appears in your dream you may also want to consider if your dreaming mind is speaking in puns. Do you feel ‘sick as a dog’ or are you ‘in the doghouse’, and so on? Although interpretations will vary, bear in mind that in general a dream of dogs usually has positive association. ... dog dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


The idea of good luck or bad luck (or an event that you consider as positive or negative) can represent: Your subconscious mind’s effort to explain a coincidence or random event. Feeling grateful or fortunate (or ungrateful or unfortunate) about something in your life. Hope or fear regarding future events, as you imagine them. An attempt to disengage yourself from your responsibility for your life, your actions, and their consequences (by attributing an event to “bad luck”).

See also: Magic; Bad; Good; Blaming; Event; Winning; Symbol... luck dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


lucky numbers: 01-05-17-29-35-38amethyst, buying: wil be jilted after lover conceives of contentment in intel ectual fancy. aquamarine: having the affection of a youthful friend. bloodstone: wil love one friend and gain a better one. lapis lazuli: sensibility, physical vitality. buying: the untouchable center of your soul has been reached by another. fake, of a: malicious gossip is circulating about you. losing: unexpected good fortune. opal: purification through survival of peril. putting, around the neck: an unexplainable happening wil delight you. receiving a gift of a: danger through a secret causing your depression. relatives having: sickness within the family. selling a: disappointment in love leads to disposal of al gifts; misfortune in al affairs. wearing a: are comfortable with your importance to the giver. blue: an unexpected, hopeful message. others: discovery of lost valuables within the reaping of the harvest. red: a romance as you see it. violet: are fil ed with peace. yellow: avail yourself of a multidimensional opportunity. zircon, selling a: your friendship is badly placed; they wil be ungrateful. ... gemstones dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 06-08-11-14-16-36being in a: someone wil fal in love with the true you. others: are surrounded by jealous people. burning, a: foolish to assume a status not earned. demolishing a: someone wil take something from you by force. in a city, having a: wil spend much money. living in a: sorrow that own home is not imposing. owning a: pleasure of short duration as people wil be ungrateful to you. regal, having a: wil be molested by those jealous of your travel. seeing a distant: advancement when you reach its doors. ... mansion dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 01-17-19-40-41-43asking for a: wil soon receive relief from pains and a complicated project. permission: wil be promoted above your capabilities. giving: have contained your virulence behind obsequiousness. being refused a: delay in affairs from your costly mistakes. obtaining a: prosperity from your being a sociable person. receiving a marriage: many temptations are ahead of you; seek protection. building: wil do business with an ungrateful woman. children: wil have difficulty persuading others of your innate talents. ... permit dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 01-04-15-30-34-53arguing with a: unfulfil ed sexual desires cannot be consummated. being bitten by a: enemies are accusing you of hatred and il ness. biting its own tail: your situation has come ful circle. crawling through your legs: awakened sexual energy. killing a: are too boisterous to acknowledge a seduction even you want. moving away, a: ungrateful people you aided demand your imprisonment. physician’s caduceus: healing is taking place within yourself. psychic energy from a blue: religiosity. golden: glory to God. green: budding emotional desires. orange: idealism, emotions and sexuality. red: seduction. violet: intel ectual power. white: spiritual insight. shedding skin: new opportunities are close by and need uncoveringunwinding, a: sickness. water, a: recovery from an il ness; the treatment is acceptance of nightmares as reality. white, a: wisdom wil be received by open minds and ears. with several heads: wil seduce a beautiful girl on al fronts. catching a: wil go fishing in pol uted waters. killing a: victory over enemies with your bare hands; your demons wil be released. ... serpent dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 13-18-28-31-35-49adder, of an: disputes with your lover. killing an: victory over internal enemies. many: the evil of temptation does not give up after one try. seeing in a cage: a friend can no longer be trusted. beaten, being: your plans wil be wrecked by the dire actions of enemies. being chased by a: your conscience needs to shed its armor. unable to kill a: unfortunate events that were not anticipated. being in a cage at a zoo: your ungrateful friends weave your anxieties into a false portent. boa constrictor, a: chal enge the devil but don’t deal with him. cobra, of a: awakening of the cosmic power of the spine. coiled, a: stormy times and much danger. fangs of a: the mysterious poisons spread by the spoken word. garter, a: hurtful gossip is being spread about you. handling a: repeating ugly rumors makes you just as ugly. grass, in the: what you hide is more powerful than what you express. hissing, a: wil make a weighty mistake losing your temper. killing a: wil have victory over enemies. of: beware the primordial spiritual personage. python, a: a stranger is instigating an intimidation of you. rattle, encountering a: stand stil and watch those who can’t look you in the eye. ready to strike: treachery from one you least expect. several: jealous people would like to cause your ruin, your plan would reverse this. shedding skin, a: wil be offered a new business opportunity. surrendering, a: an enemy wil deeply provoke you into a regrettable response. water, being attacked by a: to recover from this il ness, you must prevent the next one. with two heads: seduction and disenchantment with humanity. ... snake dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 06-14-20-36-37-49amusements, for: wil quarrel with friends over what makes you happier. charity, for: affairs wil improve after a long while until the next need surfaces. children, on: wil give service to an ungrateful person. family, on the: domestic happiness if shared equal y. foolishly: be careful and economize for a short time. man, on other women: wil desert his home for a short-lived love affair. traveling, for: overindulgence in frivolity decreases the internal quality of life. spree: a desire to possess what you have not earned. ... spending dream meaning

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