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It can be interpreted as a sign of eroticism or extreme shyness. It also indicates a pleasant relaxation of tensions, recovery of self-confidence, and trust in the people around you.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

See “loose”

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Unfasten | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Unfasten


1. Potential loss of reputation through indiscretions (un­fastened buckle).

2. Self-control in social situations.

3. Serious commitments, maybe marriage in the offing (unfastening an­other’s buckle). ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


For a woman to dream that the Buckle of her belt has come unfastened foretells trouble and difficulty. All mishaps with one’s clothes are bad signs. ... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


The meaning of a dream featuring garters depends entirely on the action and is as follows:

If your garters were unfastened, it is a warning of danger from bad companions.

To lose a garter indicates coming trouble, but if someone picked it up and gave it back to you, you can expect help from a friend; however, if it was not returned, your problems will be compounded by unexpected treachery.

To dream of finding a garter is a warning that you are currently skating on thin ice and you would be wise to alter your course before you go through.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams