What does it mean to see an unfasten in a dream?

Unfasten Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

See “loose”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

It can be interpreted as a sign of eroticism or extreme shyness. It also indicates a pleasant relaxation of tensions, recovery of self-confidence, and trust in the people around you.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Unfasten | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Unfasten


1. Potential loss of reputation through indiscretions (un­fastened buckle). 2. Self-control in social situations. 3. Serious commitments, maybe marriage in the offing (unfastening an­other’s buckle). ... buckle dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


For a woman to dream that the Buckle of her belt has come unfastened foretells trouble and difficulty. All mishaps with one’s clothes are bad signs. ... buckle dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


The meaning of a dream featuring garters depends entirely on the action and is as follows:If your garters were unfastened, it is a warning of danger from bad companions. To lose a garter indicates coming trouble, but if someone picked it up and gave it back to you, you can expect help from a friend; however, if it was not returned, your problems will be compounded by unexpected treachery. To dream of finding a garter is a warning that you are currently skating on thin ice and you would be wise to alter your course before you go through. ... garter dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Seat Belt

1. Fastened being prepared for a problem;2. Unfastened being careless;3. Lack of prayer; 1 Pet. 5:8. ... seat belt dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


lucky numbers: 08-11-18-20-32-36broken, a: an enemy is seeking your destruction. buying a: fil ing a desire for invitations. fancy, having a: abundance of affairs in splendid chaos. man unfastening a woman’s: marriage wil take place soon. woman having an unfastened: troubles and difficulties ahead. BUDDHA 02-20-27-28-39-43praying to: lack the courage to express your heart. sitting as a: spiritual guidance wil emanate through you. statue of: are unable to escape someone’s influence. talking to you: unexpected pure joy from blessings of wisdom. ... buckle dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 04-07-10-26-30-42being a: have not realized your physical energies. black, a: your mourning and grief for being molested wil separate you from others. dark, a: a season of discontent, hard training and spirited counsel; a victory so sweet. other colors, of: good business is on the way to you. tan, a: wil realize own ambitions; be careful handling ideas. white, a: joy, but not at other’s expense; commingling of congenial friends. breaking a wild: another is resisting your attempts to be a friend. bridled, a: animal side of nature needs to be reined in. bridling a: your success wil be tainted by having to pay off your enemies. buying a: wil profit from a property sale and be lost in an emotional vacuum. castrated, a: wil lose a valuable but after much anxiety wil find it. coach, pulling a: wil meet a distant relative who wil insinuate himself into your life. dead, a: forfeiture of a pleasant marriage and fortunate enterprises through intemperance. driving a team of: success for plans of good harvest and domestic happiness. falling off of a: jump out of the project before it crashes. foal, a: postponement of success with advantageous news. running after his mother: striking new beginnings improving your home life. sucking milk from: triumph over enemies, if you meet only honorable obligations. friends riding a: a friend wil make love to your mate. gray, a: money wil come easily during life. halter on a, putting a: wil control destiny in time, despite those working against you. leading a, by the: evaluate decisions careful y before deliberate actions. harness, a: advancement of a minor nature in own love affairs. buying a: wil be tempted by a new love. hitting a, to make him obey: wil injure your friends with selfish acts of arrogance. horseshoe, finding a: good luck to one for whom you care. losing: others wil advance with the profit from your enterprise. kicked by a, being: faulty overconfidence with strangers. limping, a: wil encounter opposition; start your own project. livery servant, having a: triumph in life with faithful assistance of friends. losing a: others wil advance with the profit from your enterprise. mane: a struggle to raise yourself with an invitation into society. mare, a: wil be married to a beautiful lady in near future. mounted on a, being: wealthy marriage; sexual energy is wel -supported. mouth, foam of a: have loyal friends who have a difficult time keeping to the truth. neighing, a: an unwelcome guest wil be entertained and intimidated into leaving. several at once: a predator is approaching your stable. Pegasus: your imagination is fertilized by your instincts. pulling a wagon: free yourself of the constraint of others. reins, putting on: needless worry about another’s health you can’t change. holding tightly on the: your intel ect should temper your emotional urges. ridden by a man, being: another has control of his life and yours. woman: wil be reconciled with friends after yielding to importune advances. riding a: steady reins and firm heart wil raise you a step further in life. apprehension about: take action to improve this sphere of your life. bareback: independence and codependence can coexist. dangerous: your worrying, lack of confidence and confusion leave you open to harm. equestrian, the hounds, an: unexpected dividend from a worthless stock. fearlessly enjoying yourself: a rewarding relationship with your community. not belonging to you: are unable to commit yourself to a partner. overturned, a, a woman being: marriage wil not last long. racing: quarrels with friends over control of your vitality. rocking, a: your indecision is costing you. stallion, a: your social climbing wil not bring you peace. thrown from a, and being: use caution against scandal and disgrace. runaway, hiding a: are chal enging tradition without support of your superiors. selling a: your generosity and unselfishness towards mate are appreciated. shod, being: interests wil advance beyond wildest expectations. showing, at a fair: wil handle affairs through turbulence to prosperity. spurs, having: should accept other’s attempts to bolster your confidence and composure. fastening the: anxiety over results in business dealings. raking a horse with: are nagged by one who does not have to do the work. stirrups, fastening: wil be forced to travel to regain fortune; the trip wil be delayed. having difficulty: profiting from other’s il fortune causes violent quarrels with a friend. unfastening: a series of unlucky incidents add up to success. tail, with a long: friends wil help select your wife. short: friends wil desert you when you are in misery. trading: are setting yourself wide open for deception in tricky business deal. visit on horseback, someone coming to: expect a courting of your favor. whipping a: your fury and disapproval are with yourself. wild, restless bucking a: your overcoming great difficulties wil be rewarded. wounded, a: desires wil be difficult to consummate in the enterprises of friends. ... horses dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days