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What does it mean to see an unfamiliar in a dream?

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May be a substitute; see “substitute”; research details

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Unfamiliar Camel

If an unknown, ugly camel is seen appearing in an area of city or village it means either an enemy will make his appearance in that place or that place will be devastated by floods, plague or disease. But if the camel is seen as beautiful and healthy then the end result of the above calamities will be favourable and a means of blessings. ... unfamiliar camel dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Unfamiliar Countries

If, in your dream, you find yourself in a country where everything seems strange and nothing seems familiar, this may suggest that you have difficulties in coping with change. However, if the people are friendly and welcoming, this may point to the stimulation and satisfaction of a new opportunity in waking life. If you dream of a particular country but have never been there before, you might be imagining that you lived there in a past life. Alternatively, such a dream could represent the unknown within yourself, your dream journey representing an exploration of your unconscious. Your dreams may use foreign countries in many ways to comment on your situation in waking life. For example, if you have bills to pay, the dream may be set in a tax haven such as Switzerland; if it is about your instincts, it may be set in some tropical jungle. Unless you have personal associations with the country in your dreams, if your dream is about a cold country, such as Poland or Russia, such a dream may be about your emotional life, with cold countries representing the need for more warmth in your life. In much the same way, hot countries, such as those in Africa or southern Asia, may represent passion. More specifically, you may associate France with love, Italy with glamor, Germany with efficiency, Spain with passion, the USA with selfreliance, Belgium with dullness, and all the other clichés with which we stereotype foreigners and foreign countries. Foreign Places and PeoplesIf your dream highlighted a specific foreign country the brief information below concerning the various countries, continents and parts of the world may help you with the interpretation. It will also apply to a foreigner you encounter in your dream or recognize as being from a particular country or region. For example, if you meet a French person in your dream, the interpretation for France would apply. See if any of the details given about the location, shape on a map, landscape, history or associations with a particular country trigger a personal association for you. You also need to pay attention to how you feel in the dream, as this will aid you with the interpretation. It would be impossible to list every single country; the list below is by no means comprehensive and simply designed to get you thinking along the right lines. If the country or foreign person you dreamed about isn’t in the alphabetical list, or if you want to know more it might be worth your while doing some investigation of your own. Finally, your dream country will belong to a specific continent or region; see if there are not wider issues at stake than merely those suggested by the country itself. ... unfamiliar countries dream meaning

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