Unexploded Bomb | Dream Meaning

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A warning of sudden failure caused by pent-up pressures... bomb dream meaning

Atom Bomb

Anxiety regarding external world, political forces, etc., that the dreamer feels at the mercy of. Often cou­pled with dreamer’s survival strategies.

The end of a particular world for the dreamer, i.e. the end of school life, divorce, loss of spouse. Also: fear of the irrational forces of life and the unconscious which may destroy all we have built—our con­scious self. ... atom bomb dream meaning

Nuclear Bomb

1. An extreme, devastating sense of helplessness, powerlessness.

2. Reverse: a need to start over from scratch, a complete changeover.

3. Great rage and hostility, a desire to completely annihilate or “vaporize” the object of rage. ... nuclear bomb dream meaning

Atomic Bomb

Dreams of an atomic bomb represent the misuse of emotional energy, and its potentially destructive effects. Your dream is giving you the message to find a constructive, healthy and creative outlet for your bottled up feelings. See Fire.... atomic bomb dream meaning


Bombs going off may represent a big shock thai destroyed what you have built.

A bomb might appear in a dream after a serious loss, such as the loss of a relationship or a necessary declarauon of bankruptcy. Waiting for the bomb to go off in a dream may mean that there will soon be repercussions of actions you have taken.... bombs dream meaning

Bomb Shell

To dream of bomb shells, foretells anger and disputes, ending in law suits. Many displeasing incident{s?} follow this dream. ... bomb shell dream meaning


(airplane) symbolic of spiritual warfare or end-time wars ... bomber dream meaning

Bomb Shelter

To see or dream that you are at a bomb shelter, represents the difficulties and sense of helplessness that you are going through. You are seeking for some sort of security Alternatively, it suggests your fear of things that are different from you. Also see “Bomb”, above.... bomb shelter dream meaning

Bombs (or Bombers)

These represent a threat to your way of life which you can avert by judicious action.... bombs (or bombers) dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-10-11-31-39-47

aftermath of being in a: hard times are behind you.

discover special power: ask someone you highly respect for advice.

being unable to disarm a bomb: your anger is out of control.

disarming: your honesty wil al ow you to avoid danger.

being under: your anger may explode and do your marriage harm.

others: deception in love matters.

bombshell, a: lawsuits extending over a multitude of victims.

dying in a: are deeply hurt.

others: thanks to friends, you’re rescued once again.

exploding bomb, an: a heated discussion with truce and settlement.

hand grenade, a: impending gift.

hurt, you are: are emotional y wounded.

others: are not responsible for other’s failure

immobilized in an, are: treat yourself for shock, then react.

of a: bad news that wil cost you money.

seeing a bomb explode: turn your aggression into a positive force.

people die: your problems are solvable.

smell gas in a: cal gas company immediately.

throwing a bomb at another: returning hostility complicates the issue.

another, you: an apology for your hostility is due.

town ruined in a, your: need to take charge of your life.

all life gone: forward planning prevents financial loss.

but you are unharmed: take charge of family problems and solve them.

trapped in a: both options are needed to solve the problem.

unharmed, are: you are the only witness to your life’s indiscretions. ... bombardment dream meaning