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What does it mean to see an uneven in a dream?

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A problem that needs to be straightened out; research particular item

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To dream that you render obedience to another, foretells for you a common place, a pleasant but uneventful period of life. If others are obedient to you, it shows that you will command fortune and high esteem. ... obedience dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To see stones in your dreams, foretells numberless perplexities and failures. To walk among rocks, or stones, omens that an uneven and rough pathway will be yours for at least a while. To make deals in ore-bearing rock lands, you will be successful in business after many lines have been tried. If you fail to profit by the deal, you will have disappointments. If anxiety is greatly felt in closing the trade, you will succeed in buying or selling something that will prove profitable to you. Small stones or pebbles, implies that little worries and vexations will irritate you. If you throw a stone, you will have cause to admonish a person. If you design to throw a pebble or stone at some belligerent person, it denotes that some evil feared by you will pass because of your untiring attention to right principles. See Rock. ... stone dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Three is tense, dynamic, rhythmic, and complete (the Holy Trinity). Three is a symbol of the spirit, since it is assigned to the third stage of human consciousness (after the physical and emotional). In the Middle East, three is considered a holy number. It is always connected to time: past, present, future. In ancient Rome the Fates almost always appear as three goddesses. Since ancient times femininity has been seen in three aspects: the virgin (Artemis), the woman (Hera), and the old woman (Hekate). Faust calls out three times until Mephisto appears. Peter denies Christ three times. Doing the same thing three times has magical effects— it represents the connection to reality. According to Freud, refers to male genitalia. Jung considers three a mystical number; the three servants of the Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute; the three witches in Macbeth; the three wishes that are free. All this relates back, as do many god-trinities, to the original trinity: father-mother-son. It is the male child, since the number three, according to Western tradition, is uneven and, as a prime number, a genuine male number. In this tradition, the male child is seen first in terms of male fertility. According to Jung, the number three is connected to the diabolical. The den of craving in alchemy is depicted by a three-headed snake. The three-headed snake in mythology is always Satan. Also, according to Jung, three belongs to the young; and in ancient China and the Greek patriarchy, it points to masculine attributes and their function. On the other hand, Three as a feminine number is part of the tradition in the area of the Mediterranean, through the veneration of Mary in Catholicism and the rediscovery of the matriarchy. Also, Goethe’s play Faust, Part II, ends with a prayer to the great goddess appearing threefold: “Virgin, Mother, Queen. ”... three dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


(see Buildings)As with any part of a building, this can represent our body’s floor—the foot. Tlie condition of the floor then becomes the dream key. For example, a cracked floor couldindicate skin conditions or fungal growths on this part of the body. Or, metaphorically, this dream reveals that you may not be looking where you are walking, thereby putting yourself in danger. Your foundational belief systems. How does the floor appear? One that is highly polished shows someone who has refined an external spirituality to appeal to others’ expectations. A rotten floor reflects a negative path that will eventually lead to downfall. Uneven floors reveal someone who has trouble maintaining a balance between faith and fact, the mundane and the esoteric. ... floor dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


Vision: Tying a knot: even if a certain matter looks very difficult right now, the confusion will be resolved soon. Cutting string: you will be painfully disappointed. Looking at a tan- gled-up ball of string: it’s time to bring order into a chaotic situation. Untangling a string: you will have to “grin and bear it” right now. Looking at a straight piece of string: the next few days will be uneventful. Depth Psychology: A string could be a symbol of the “guidelines” that are giving direction to your life. A string wrapped around a package: success in a certain project. If the string is cut: the project will fail. See Thread. ... string dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary


To dream of these common domestic Birds shows a commonplace and uneventful life, without ups and downs. ... fowls dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


The fish is a very powerful and positive image in many world traditions. To the Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Assyrians, it was honored as a symbol of fertility. In Native American tradition, the fish is a symbol for mystical secrets, for it can swim to the deepest regions of the ocean and explore its hidden knowledge. In British lore, it was believed that eating fish before lovemaking could enable a couple to conceive a child. The early Christians used the fish as the symbol for the Christ Consciousness. It was widely believed that this symbol resulted from the Greek acronym for \”Jesus Christ, Son of God. \” But there is also the fact that the coming of Jesus ushered in the Age of Pisces the Fish, which encapsulates the mysticism, love, and happiness to which all world traditions ascribe to the fish. In Scandinavia, fish was considered an aphrodisiac, and was popularly consumed on Friday, the feast day of Freya, Goddess of Love - and in her honor Friday was a day dedicated to lovemaking. There are, therefore, many possibilities if you dream of a fish - all good, even if the fish was a greatly feared one like the shark. If there is a possibility of a pregnancy, dreaming of a fish could mean that a child is on the way, and the pregnancy and birth will be uneventful and result in a healthy baby. If the dreamer is in love but is not yet sure about the beloved’s feelings, dreaming of a fish strongly indicates that the feelings are indeed reciprocated. Dreaming of catching fish, either with a pole or with a net, indicates success and prosperity ahead. Seeing fish swimming in a clear pool indicates that a number of secrets about yourself and the world around you are going to suddenly become clearer. ... fish dream meaning

Dream Explanations of Astro Center


To see stones in your dreams, foretells many annoyances. Dreaming about small stones or pebbles suggests that little worries and vexations will irritate you. To walk among rocks, or stones are omens that an uneven and rough pathway will be yours for at least a while. If you throw a stone in your dream, you will have reason to scold someone in real life. If you dream of throwing a stone at some evil or obnoxious person, it is a good sign that some evil feared by you will pass because of your untiring attention to good moral principles. ... stone dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


Plowing a level field means steady plowing for dreamer. Uneven, up-and-down hill, or rocks represent setbacks that can be handled but take more time. ... plow dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Some Other Simple Indicators

Large upper loops are a sign of emotion; uneven upper loops show mood swings; closed‘e’s show secrecy; stand-alone or properly formed‘s’s at word ends show independence; angular central cases show an interest in ideas rather than people; uncompleted letter cases show a casual nature with a tendency to gossip; rounded central cases show an interest in people; omitted‘i’ dots and‘t’ cross strokes show forgetfulness and carelessness. The position and style of‘i’ dots show different things: if the dot is ahead, this means an active mind; if the dot is behind, it shows a thoughtful nature; if positions vary, this means a distracted mind; if it is flicked, this shows a sense of humor and if it is directly above and in line, it means an exacting personality. ... some other simple indicators dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


lucky numbers: 08-23-34-41-46-51buying a: terrible gossip is being spread about you. cooking a: indulgence in insatiable thirst for gain. eating: wil make money, but be disappointed in love. at a banquet: a prosperous but uneventful, comfortable life. children: financial improvement in the family. giving a, as a gift: reckless lavishness without substance. receiving a, as a gift: good returns from a source you expected nothing from. ... pudding dream meaning

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