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What does it mean to see an unemployed in a dream?

Unemployed Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

1. Lack of self-worth.

2. Unemployed and longing for a job.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Employment is symbolic of value, power, purpose, and being plugged into your purpose for being alive.

To dream of being unemployed may reflect that you are temporarily disconnected from your life’s purpose, and that you have taken a detour on your life’s path. This dream may also be helping you to release your attachments to what you do for a living as being a statement about who you are.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Not using talents or abilities through poor self-image or laziness. Lack of self-discipline. Out of touch with creative power. Low energy. Meditate, get energy up; get in touch with life purpose.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

Unemployed | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Unemployed


Firewood in a dream means slander and backbiting. Ifone puts two or three logs to burn in the fire in a dream, it means that an argument will take place or that an exchange of rough words will grow beyond one’s control. If a religious person sees timber in his dream, it means that he will commits a major sin such as theft, murder, or adultery, he will then be caught and put tojustice. If anyone kindles a fire in a dream, it means that he will report someone to the authorities. Carrying firewood in a dream means exchanging harsh words, slander, rebuke or calumniation. Seeing timber in one’s house also means profits, fulfilling needs, inheritance or endowments. Ifthe timber needs cutting in the dream, it means earnings that involve great efforts, or earnings that bring about evil. If the timber is already cut for the fireplace in the dream, it represents a person who is favored by someone in authority, or it could mean business success. Firewood in a dream also means adversities or stinginess. Wrapped firewood in a bundle means mixed profits. If an unemployed person sees himselfcarrying a bundle of firewood in a dream, it means that he will work for a generous person. Gathering firewood in a dream means bringing medicine for a sick person. Attributing the firewood to its mother tree or distinguishing its fruit in the dream means money of a doubtful source. Offering timber to burn in a religious ceremony in a dream means nearness to one’s Lord, or it could mean offering a gift to one’s teacher, bringing a culpable before a judge, or bringing a sick person to the doctor. In this case, if the timber burns before putting it in the fire, it means that the gift was accepted, or that a guilty person will receive a just verdict. Eating timber in a dream means earning unlawful money. A tree stump or a log in a dream means a chronic illness or paralysis. A prepared log for the fire in a dream means profits for those who use it to earn their livelihood. (Also see Fire; Log) 162... firewood dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Records) In a dream, a notebook means managing one’s expenses, or remembering the past. A notebooks in a dream also represents an estate, a treasure chest, benefits, profits, distress, burdens, or bad comments. If an unemployed person sees a notebook in his dream, it means that he will find work. (Also see Paper)... notebook dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


In a dream, an owl represents a tyrant ruler, or a haughty and a dangerous thief who works alone without helpers. An owl in a dream also means being unemployed, or aversion of fear and bewilderment. In a dream, an owl also represents a traitor. Ifone sees himselffighting with an owl in a dream, it means facing a fight with someone. An owl in a dream also represents a person without steadfastness or determination to do what is right. Ifan owl falls inside his house in a dream, it means news of someone’s death. An owl also represents thieves hiding in the darkness and under the shade of ruins, and of being annoyed about having to make an effort to earn one’s livelihood. ... owl dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


In a dream, a purse represents the chief minister, an assistant manager or a vice-chairman. He is the one who remains with his superior at all times, discusses with him confidentiality, and transmits his messages. A purse in a dream also represents a war thirsty person or an influential person. Seeing a purse in a dream also means a job for an unemployed person, temptation, or lamenting the dead. (Also see Bag; Pouch; Sack; Wallet)... purse dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


1- Dreaming of being unemployed suggests that we are not making the best use of our talents, or that we feci our talents are not being recognised. 2- Unemployment is a fear that almost everyone has. When an event connected with unemployment occurs, e. g. redundancy, dole payments etc. in a dream, our feelings of inadequacy are being highlighted. We need to experience that fear in order to deal with, and overcome, it. 3- A sense of spiritual inadequacy and inability can translate itself into the image of unemployment. This is more to do with not being motivated enough to accept a spiritual task. ... unemployment dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


(see Professions, Workers)Concerns over your current work situation (or lack thereof), sometimes also related to how others perceive your performance on the job. Unemployment: Seeing yourself unemployed in a dream has several potential interpretations. You may feel as if your professional skill or performance is somehow lacking. If so, find productive ways to improve your confidence, like getting extra training. This can also be a type of money or poverty dream, as jobs and financial security are so closely related. Or perhaps something is happening that makes you feel uncertain about the future of your career. If so, try to find the source of that apprehension. Seeing yourself working can reveal that you are striving toward self-improvement. Look to see on what exactly you are working for more symbolism. ... jobs dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


Material aspects: Dreaming of being unemployed suggests that we are not making the best use of our talents, or that we feel our talents are not being recognized. Equally such a dream may highlight a level of stress that requires we take a break from responsibility. You might like to consult the entries for employment and work. ... unemployment dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


A cellar or basement may symbolize the deepest level of your mind. If you have not explored vour unconscious, the ‘cellars of your mind’ will be the whole of the unconscious mind. If you have begun to explore, the ‘cellars’ will be the parts or levels of your unconscious that you have not yet explored. Cellars are sometimes dark places; so are the unemployed layers of the unconscious, since they have not been illumined by the light of consciousness. Because they are dark, and because they may harbour spiders and other creepy-crawly things, cellars may be frightening places. Similarly, unfamiliar parts of our mind may present a forbidding aspect. There are, in the unconscious, things we are afraid to face: that is why they are in the unconscious - we repressed them, banished them from consciousness, because they frightened or disgusted us or made us feel guilty and ashamed. But these repressed feelings or desires will rum out, on better acquaintance, to be quite innocent products of natural instinctive drives, requiring appropriate expression in our life. ... cellar dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) In a dream a kiss is nearly always a kiss of life, symbolizing bringing to life the neglected side - masculine or feminine - of your personality, or other hitherto unemployed parts of your psyche. (2) However, it could be (just) sexual. ... kiss dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Job hunting in a dream predicts favorable changes in the professional field. Helping someone find one shows that you are solidary with others, though perhaps you are ignoring your own progress. Having a steady and well paid job suggests you should have a closer relationship with the environment and even think of a joint project with your partner. When you work hard in dreams it predicts that you will get rightly rewarded for your efforts. If you are unemployed in the dream it means that you will soon receive a good contract offer. ... employment dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


lucky numbers: 01-10-17-27-31-41argument with your, having an: present a viable alternate route to a solution or shut up. employees being idle: request assistance for those who are in poverty. insolent: must answer for a misdemeanor to your boss. employing others: their interests clash with yours; their offensiveness disagrees with you. employment office seeking a job, being at: use close contacts to create a bonanza. being unable to find: go after the job you want, not the one you know you can get. finding, for others: your project wil create many jobs; most importantly, yours. having good: laid off in a slack period; your conscientiousness wil cause your rehiring. fired by an, being: a mystery wil be solved with the egg on your face. going out of business, own: have a vigorous mind, but misplaced confidence. hired by an, being: must mend your ways; are too impressionable. of own: wil have a unpleasant change in your position, if you don’t fulfil contracts. receiving a gift from an: wil lose your job, if you question his motives. shaking hands with your: don’t burn your bridges when you leave. speaking to own: wil be advanced shortly through excel ent prospective project. unemployed, being: your failure to work to your capabilities wil abort your mission. while others are scurrying to work: wil attract only disdain from others. ... employer dream meaning

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