What does it mean to see an undines in a dream?

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(see Fain)

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The unseen world, our imagination, and the spirit of the inner child that awaits acknowledgment or expression (see Fables). Brownies: Tiny, ragged men who symbolize matters of hearth and home, especially keeping things orderly and well run. Elves: Thin, fair-skinned, pointed-eared, forest-dwelling Devas, these represent your magical or mischievous side. Gnomes: As squat earth-dwellers, these creatures symbolize earth-related concerns. Goblins: Green-skinned impish creatures that usually equate to our fears, malevolent prankishness, and, potentially, thievery. Leprechauns: Shoe makers and the eternal gypsies of the fairy folk, these represent good luck, improved wealth, and a rogue-like personality. Pixies: Being lead astray by something that looks quite innocent. Salamander: A spirit who embodies a single flame, this Being knows how to live life to its fullest, and suggests you do the same (see Fire). Sylph: Joy, laughter, carefree existence. Possibly a type of flying dream, as these fairies have gossamer wings (see Air). Troll: Something or someone that prohibits a change or movement that you’re trying to make (see Bridge), at least not without exacting a price. Undines (Merpeople): Essential emotions, and things you regard as wholly lovely (see Water). Alternatively, your idealized image of masculinity or femininity, depending on the sex of the creature (see Men, Women). ... fairies dream meaning

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(see Fairies — Undines)... mermaid dream meaning

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