What does a dream about underneath, below or downstairs symbolize?

Underneath, Below Or Downstairs Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Underneath, Below Or Downstairs

This signifies the anarchic or immoral side of our personalities.

The sexual impulses can also be characterized in this way.

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Under / Underneath

The person we are beneath our social mask; the feelings and urges we have but may not admit to others or even ourself; the less expressed or capable side of our nature; something we hide.

If dreamer is under some­thing, someone: feeling suppressed, feeling weighed down or worried about something; feeling the underdog.

If dreamer sees something under them: feeling the top dog; seeing one s inferior (not as capable) functions or self; looking down on others; having a wider view. Idioms: come under, down un­der, under one’s wing; under the weather, under the thumb; under one’s hat, under a cloud; under one’s nose; under the counter, under the influence. See above. ... under / underneath dream meaning

Escalator Downstairs

Opening old DNA. ... escalator downstairs dream meaning