What does it mean to see an underclothes in a dream?

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One’s true motive or identity, unseen by others; see “clothing”

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When we dream of underclothes – whether our own or other people’s – we are considering hidden attitudes to self-image or sexuality.

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Underclothes / Lingerie / Pajamas / Swimwear

Almost any item of clothing can be regarded as a symbol of sexuality, particularly items that draw attention to what they are covering, such as underwear, bikinis, swimsuits and lingerie. Is the item you are wearing clean or dirty? Depending on which it is, what does that say about your attitude to sex? Generally, underwear in a dream is thought to be a symbol of your hidden attitudes and prejudices. If you dream of feeling embarrassed about being seen in your underwear, it may suggest an unwillingness to reveal your true feelings, or to have your opinions made public. What color is your dream underwear? Red may reveal hidden passions, yellow a secret fear and so on. If your underwear is dirty or torn, it may reveal that you are not at ease with yourself right now and feel uncomfortable about your sexuality. Ancient dream oracles suggested that dreams of being in your underwear were an omen of guilty pleasures that would cause much grief. A dream that features nightwear does not necessarily have a sexual connotation; you may simply need more sleep. Pajamas and nightdresses also suggest openness and relaxation. ... underclothes / lingerie / pajamas / swimwear dream meaning

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Underclothes, Knickers, Underpants, Briefs

Intimate sexual feel­ings. If black: restraint or unconscious sex drives. Dirty or grubby: sex attitudes we are not proud of; difficult feelings about biological side of self. ... underclothes, knickers, underpants, briefs dream meaning

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