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If you dreamed of having sweaty underarms, you will overcome a situation that has caused much gossip, with a new and better reputation. Other armpit dreams signifies pleasant times ahead with good friends. However, if you dreamed of an injury or pain in your armpit, get a medical checkup.

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Symbol: Hair is considered a man’s finery and a woman’s veil.

Vision: A man getting a short haircut indicates his fear of subjugation and repression. Dreaming diat he has lost all his hair: fear of becoming impotent. Seeing himself with long hair: he wants more independence and freedom—from moral as well as sexual taboos. Dreaming about a woman with beautiful hair (dark or red): he wants to find a sexually vibrant partner.

For a woman dreaming of losing her hair: she is afraid of losing energy; she also might feel physically and mentally overextended. Dreaming about a haircut: fear of losing her good reputation and also a sign of repressed feelings of sexuality. Dreaming about unkempt hair: being sexually careless and unsafe. Carefully groomed hair: she is disciplined in sexual matters. Hair falling out: losses are imminent.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about hair might point to sexual needs, or to sensuality in general. Are you trying to hide your tendency for “splitting hairs” or overemphasizing your intellect? Beard, underarm hair, or pubic hair always indicates sexual urges. Or are you facing “a hairy situation” right now?... Dreamers Dictionary


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Removing unwanted hair is a ritual for both men and woman and is, for some, an essential element of personal grooming. For a man, facial hair is related to masculinity, so there is a symbolic element of softening that when shaving appears in a dream. For many men, the act of shaving is a grooming staple, and in this way shaving may indicate the preparation to present yourself in a way that suggests readiness and competency. For women, shaving the legs and underarms has connotations about the readiness for sexual intimacy, so in a dream such desires may be being expressed.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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