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What does it mean to see an uncultivated in a dream?

Uncultivated Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Unproductive; see “cultivate”

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Uncultivated, bare ground is a livelihood that is not groomed and painfully difficult; to improve, see “cultivate”; research type, i. E. Dry, muddy, etc. ... ground dream meaning

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Dreams of lumber symbolize your resources and uncultivated raw materials/talent within you. ... lumber dream meaning

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Dreams of a vault signify your secret feelings and resources, and that perhaps you don’t want people to know how powerful you truly are. Also this dream may be showing you that you have a great deal of untapped potential, uncultivated talent and unrealized wisdom. Consider the contents of the vault. See Treasure and Warehouse. ... vault dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


lucky numbers: 02-18-19-20-28-48inhabited only by wild beasts: everyone, no matter how threatening, has a purpose in your life. of the: wil have a festive occasion in your home. uncultivated, an: expect too many favors from others when only you can build your life. uninhabited, an: retain your old friends for your new adventures. ... wilderness dream meaning

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