What does it mean to see an unclothed in a dream?

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(Assertion; Nude; Stripped; Unclothed; Undressed) Nakedness in a dream represents inward purity and clarity, or it could mean committing an act that will culminate in regret. Undressing oneself in a dream means facing a reticent, hidden, unexpected and notorious enemy who will publicly assert his enmity. Ifone sees himselfalone and naked in a dream, it means that one of his enemies, knowing his weaknesses, is demanding capitulation from him, or threatening him, or blackmailing him. If one sees himself naked during an assembly or a party in a dream, it means that he will be exposed or defamed. Ifone sees himself naked in the midst of people, though he does not feel shy and is not aware of it in the dream, it means that he engages in a project then exaggerates the degree of his involvement, suffer hardships and gains nothing out of his adventure. If one sees himself naked in front of people, and if he finds himself embarrassed, or tries desperately to find a cover but to no avail, it signifies loss of property and wealth. Ifhe stands out naked and people keep looking at his private parts in the dream, it means a scandal or suffering from defamation. Nakedness in a dream also could mean divorce, or death ofone’s wife. Taking off one’s clothing in a dream means loss of position and prestige, loss of work, demotion, or recovering from an illness. If a sick person sees himself changing his soiled garment in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, or escape from an adversity or an accident, or that he will be declared innocent from a false accusation. Nakedness in a dream also means death. As for religious and pious people, nakedness in a dream means renouncing the world, or increase in their devotion. If a farmer sees an unknown woman naked in a dream, it means that the time has come to turn the earth over and to prepare it for a new crop. Iftheir is a true witness or an acceptable reference, then one’s nakedness in the dream means attending the pilgrimage in Mecca. Nakedness in a dream also means putting on a new garment. The nakedness of a woman in a dream means separation from her husband, or it could mean her her divorce. (Also see Nakedness)... naked dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


It is an omen of contrary, when you are in pain in your dream; your health will be good, and your affairs will prosper because of your physical vigour. But if you dream of your unclothed Abdomen, then it is an unfortunate omen, especially for lovers or married people, for you may expect unfaithfulness or even treachery on the part of some loved person. Do not rashly give your confidence after such a dream. ... abdomen dream meaning

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(1) If the body is your own and clothed, it almost certainly represents your ego, your conscious self. (2) If it is yours and unclothed, the meaning will usually be determined either by the context, that is, the situation in the dream; by what, if anything, you are doing with your body; or by what, in the dream, you are feeling. For example, if you are exposing your private parts to members of the opposite sex, this may signify a desire for sexual relationships; or, if you feel embarrassed at being ‘on view’, it may signify a fear of the other sex. If there are no sexual connotations, nudity may represent (a feeling of) vulnerability. See also Nudity. (3) If it is someone clse’s body, the chances are that it represents some (hidden) part of yourself. If the body is of the opposite sex from you, it may represent vour soul, your anima or animus (see Brother / Sister, sections (4)-(6)). harbouring (unconscious) hostile feelings towards someone, or that you are anxious about death. See also Dead / Death. (5) For parts of the body see particular entries: for example, Abdomen, Head. Generally speaking, the lower half of the trunk symbolizes sexuality, instincts or the unconscious. The chest may symbolize emotions; but female breasts may also represent sexuality or motherhood, or mother. The head may represent intellect, rational - as disdnet from intuitive - thinking. If only one of these parts of the body appears in a dream, the meaning may be either that you need to give much more attention and much more scope to that part and the functions associated with it, or that you are currently giving attention and scope exclusively to that part, at the expense of other parts of your psyche. For example, if the head appears on its own, the meaning may be that you are too exclusively intellectual and are giving insufficient expression to your deep needs, feelings or instincts. ... body dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Childhood Recollections

(1) Many dreams repeat or allude to childhood experiences and impressions. Nearly all such dreams have a therapeutic purpose, giving us a clearer view of ourselves, perhaps showing us some attitude or pattern of behaviour that has been with us since childhood, and perhaps even showing us the original cause of it. Unfulfilled instinctual desires provide the energy for manv of our dreams, and the fact that an instinctive desire remains unfulfilled may be connected with a traumatic experience in childhood. That experience has probably been repressed because it was traumatic - causing guilt, anxiety, fear of punishment. (For repression) Your dreams may, therefore, be helping you to uncover the source of these blockages which inhibit the free flow of the natural forces within you. (2) Recurring dreams may represent some psychic disturbance or problem that originated in childhood. Here are some examples:Dreams of being naked may sometimes represent recollections of, and perhaps longing for, the paradise of childhood when one w alkedaround unclothed without embarrassment. (Sometimes these dreams, as Freud said, express a desire for someone of the opposite sex to present himself / herself in the nude, and stem from sexual frustration. )Dreams of flying or falling may derive from childhood enjoyment of swings and see-saws. They may express straightforward yearnings for the remembered joy of childhood, but they may also reflect one’s present state of unhappiness and a futile desire to retreat from one’s problematic adult life. A problem is not a thing; rather, it is a relationship - for example, a relationship of conflict either between your external circumstances and your inner wishes (in which case the solution consists in either remov ing yourself from the circumstances or modifying your wishes) or between one part of your psyche and another (in which case the solution is to integrate the part that has been neglected). See also Falling, Flying. Dreams of failure stem from childhood fears of disapproval from parents. However, die fact that your dreams contain these recollections suggests that you have programmed yourself for anxiety. If so, begin by loving the child that is still within you: reassure it, tell it that everything is all right and that there is no such thing as failure where there is love. See also Failure. (3) Dreams which contain recollections of yourself as a free and happy child may indicate a desire to find your true self. The child is then a symbol of the complete and permanent inner freedom and joy which are enjoyed only when you have become acquainted with all the forces within you - both conscious and unconscious - and have established harmonious relationships among them. See also Child, sections (2)-(4). (4) The child may represent the primitive psyche with which your conscious ego needs to get acquainted if wholeness is to be achieved. This primitive psvche is the mind of humankind in its infancy, before the development of self-consciousness and reasoning. This original awareness is still with us, but buried in unconsciousness. ... childhood recollections dream meaning

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