What does it mean to see an ulip in a dream?

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The perfect lover.

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Love, beauty, and sentiment in spoken words; research colors... tulip dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


A dream of women, rarely men. Being connected to nature. As is the case with all flower symbols in dreams, the image of the tulip also has sexual meaning. Folklore: Dreaming about a tulip indicates a quick engagement and secret marriage. ... tulip dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


A pot of tulips may mean the first kiss of new beginnings. The first sign of spring, a field of tulips may represent an experience that begins a new cycle of life. ... tulip dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


Vision: Dreaming about a tulip means valuable connections in the near future. Picking tulips: in a man’s dream, it is a sign of a relationship with a beautifid woman. Depth Psychology: See Flower. ... tulip dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary


A shon engagement and a secret marriage will be the fate of the girl who dreams of Tulips. ... tulip dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


See Flower. ... tulip dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


Planting the bulbs portends a minor disappointment, but seeing them in bloom or gathering the flowers is a happy omen for all that closely concerns you. See also Flowers and Colors. ... tulip dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The tulip indicates hope of a happy and lasting period. On the other hand, like almost every flower, tulips have a high sensual connotation. They could be the expression of a compensation mechanism of the subconscious due to dissatisfaction or lack of sexual relationships. ... tulip dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The colorful tulip is a symbol of fertility. It is the emblem of the Turkish House of Osman and the national flower of Holland, where over 5000 varieties are grown for export all over the world. In Chinese symbolism, the tulip is associated with harmony and refinement, often suggesting the perfect man. If a tulip appears in your dream, is this a sign that you need more color in your life? Or are there links with Holland, Turkey or China in your dream?... tulip dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


A cycle or a life cycle. A process of opening or unfolding. A recurring event or process. A particular time of year. A particular location.

See also: Flower Bulb; Flower... tulip dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


To dream of these flowers is a sign of abundance. If you see yourself standing in a garden surrounded by tulips, it fortells that you will be rich and distinguished. ... tulips dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary


To see tulips in your dream indicates fresh new beginnings. You are loving life!... tulips dream meaning

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