What does it mean to see an ulcers in a dream?

Ulcers Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

To dream that you have ulcers is to acknowledge that you are greatly concerned about something; worrying more than you should. Try to relax and bring your worries and fears out into the open or you may well develop real ulcers.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

lucky numbers: 05-08-21-24-50-56

having: your affection needs to be shared to be returned.

in the mouth: your impulsiveness needs to delay your tongue; take a few deep breaths.

stomach: must fulfil your destiny no matter how time consuming and difficult it is.

throat: wil be ignored by everyone.

on the arms: another is blocking your initiatives.

legs: wil suffer affliction from another taking credit for your accomplishment.

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Ulcers | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Ulcers


If you dream of admiring well-shaped feminine legs, you will lose your judgment, and act very silly over some fair charmer. To see misshapen legs, denotes unprofitable occupations and ill-tempered comrades. A wounded leg, foretells losses and agonizing attacks of malaria. To dream that you have a wooden leg, denotes that you will bemean yourself in a false way to your friends. If ulcers are on your legs, it signifies a drain on your income to aid others. To dream that you have three, or more, legs, indicates that more enterprises are planned in your imagination than will ever benefit you. If you can’t use your legs, it portends poverty. To have a leg amputated, you will lose valued friends, and the home influence will render life unbearable. For a young woman to admire her own legs, denotes vanity, and she will be repulsed by the man she admires. If she has hairy legs, she will dominate her husband. If your own legs are clean and well shaped, it denotes a happy future and devoted friends. ... legs dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To see an ulcer in your dream, signifies loss of friends and removal from loved ones. Affairs will remain unsatisfactory. To dream that you have ulcers, denotes that you will become unpopular with your friends by giving yourself up to foolish pleasures. ... ulcer dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Drain pipe; Gutter of Mercy; Roof gutter) In a dream, a gutter represents someone who is gracious from time to time. Seeing water flowing through gutters without a rainfall in a dream means corruption, or people who are spreading evil in that locality. Each gutter in such a dream also represents the loss of one life. Gutters in a dream also represent servants and housekeepers who faithfully manage their duties, or they could mean relief from distress or pressures. A gutter in a dream also may represent a trustworthy emissary or a reliable letter carrier. If blood flows through a gutter in a dream, then it represents a tyrant and bloodshed that will take place in that locality. If fresh water flows through it, and if people seem to benefit from it in the dream, then it represents economic growth, peace, safety and tranquility. Ifmurky water or odorous and filthy water flows through it in a dream, it means plagues that include ulcers, tumors and smallpox. (Also see Gutter ofMercy; Roof) H... gutter dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Wounds, Bruises Etc

wounds, bruises, ulcers, sores etc. appearing on the body symbolise wealth that will be acquired by the observer of such a dream. The extent of the wealth will depend on how old such wounds, bruises etc. Are, Likewise, any obesity or swelling means acquiring of wealth equal to the extent of the obesity or size of the swelling. ... wounds, bruises etc dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream of having one denotes health to a green old age (Gypsy). Evidently attributable to the idea that ulcers, boils, etc. , clear the system. ... ulcer dream meaning

The Fabric of Dream


To dream about ulcers indicates unsatisfactory conditions during waking hours. ... ulcer dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


To dream of sores or ulcers is a sign that soon you will suffer some illness or emotional tension. However, if they heal, it means that a difficult time is coming to an end. ... sores dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


lucky numbers: 10-11-22-33-36-48backward, going: retrace your steps to find the flaw. bare, a: vulnerability to il ness, fraud and giving the wrong advice. broken, being: you wil have ulcers from being poisoned with jealousy. looking at someone’s: his true character is in what he cannot see or reveal. of own: you wil always be behind the part of yourself you have turned your back on. someone turning his, on you: rekindle old friendship with present awareness. sores, full of: hurts, repressed to your unconscious, fester. spine, animals having trouble with: another has stood up for you and suffered for it. another: loss of wealth in an unsympathetic lawsuit blaming you for another’s failures. children: standing up for yourself is an unpleasant task. turning right side of the: your boss has a low opinion of you as spineless. left: a friend is acting superior to you; your strength of character is intimidating. ... back dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 06-14-28-37-39-48clothes, in: wil have smal disagreements, but the total stil stands. elderly man with: loss of friendship through incorrigible comments. middle age: are very gul ible; time is of the essence, use it wisely. without: compliments and social pleasures; wil achieve al desires in life. face, in own: long life after a sickness. friends having, at an early age: wil have ulcers and very bad skin disease. no, having: wil have good looks the rest of life. ... wrinkles dream meaning

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