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The keywords of this dream: Ukha Amanzi Kuchazani

Do Animals Dream?

It seems that they do, although we can’t know for sure. All we can measure is whether or not they have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is more or less associated with dreams. All mammals have REM sleep, and that increases the likelihood that they do dream.

Because REM sleep is recognizable in mammals and birds, but not in snakes and other reptiles, scientists think that most warm- blooded animals dream. Studies have monitored the sleep of goats, sheep, cats, dogs, rats, mice, monkeys and apes, and all had dream periods and symptoms; all except the spiny anteater, which seems to be a dream-free mammal.

Watch a sleeping dog or cat sometime, and you can tell if it is dreaming of running after something. Its eyes twitch, sometimes it moves its paws—something could be happening in its dreams.... do animals dream? dream meaning

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Dreams Don’t Come True, Do They?

You may have dreams that appear to predict the future. Whilst many of these dreams can be easily explained, there are a few that seem impossible to explain and which might therefore be genuinely supernatural. During some periods of its history, the Christian Church regarded dreams as a way in which God showed his chosen people the future: St Augustine, for example, ‘saw’ his conversion in a dream ten years before it took place. The Bible itself is packed with predictive dreams and, as late as the sixteenth century, bishops would take careful note of their dreams to predict events.

Although there is some evidence that dreams may be able to reveal the future or events, they are perhaps best explained by anticipating what is likely to happen. For example, many dreams predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. However, it must be remembered that President Kennedy was one of the world’s most well-known men and presidents are always vulnerable to assassination. Such dreams, as Jung put it, ‘are not more prophetic than a medical diagnosis or weather forecast. They are merely an anticipatory combination of possibilities which may coincide with the actual behavior of things but need not necessarily agree on every detail.’ Dreams of personal disaster are usually a common cause for concern; for example, a plane crash or car crash. However, such dreams are typically born out of apprehension.

Even though there is no scientific evidence that dreams can reveal the future, some dreams do seem to be genuine predictions. Just before his title fight in 1947, Sugar Ray Robinson dreamt he was in the ring with Jimmy Doyle. ‘I hit him a few good punches and he was on his back, his bland eyes staring up at me. Doyle never moved and the crowd was shouting, “He’s dead! He’s dead!”’ Robinson was so upset by the dream he asked Adkins, his trainer and promoter, to call off the fight. Adkins told him: ‘Dreams don’t come true.

If they did, I’d be a millionaire.’ In the eighth round, Doyle went down from a hook to the jaw. He never got up and was dead the next day.

If you are interested in this aspect of dreaming—whether you yourself have had predictive dreams or simply want to study the subject—it is vital to keep a detailed diary of your dreams.

If you do have a dream that seems to predict a serious event or important event, such as an explosion or a tornado, make a note, have it dated and witnessed, seal it in an envelope and send it to a reputable institution such as your bank with instructions to date it on arrival. See also Precognitive dreams entry in DISASTERS.... dreams don’t come true, do they? dream meaning

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Moon (moonlight)

Universal Landscape: Feminine aspect of the life force energy.

Dreaming Lens: Was the moon full? Where in the sky did it appear? How bright was the moonlight? Was it Earth’s moon, or a dreamscape night sky? Were you on the moon?

Personal Focus: The moon is a very powerful symbol, just as it is an enormous energetic force in our daily life on Earth. As the heavenly counterpart to the masculine energy of the Sun, the moon represents the feminine aspects of life. The primary essence of the moon is its constant changeability. In this regard, the moon symbolizes the ephemeral quality of life and all of the different cycles that human beings experience. If the moon plays a prominent role in your dream, your interpretation should begin with the notion that change is afoot.

A distinction should be made about how the moon appears in your dream. If the moon itself is visible to you in the skyscape of your dream, then you are looking at the source of emotional power. If your dream illuminates the light of the moon itself as it falls upon Earth then you are dreaming of the effect or impact of the moon’s magic. If your dream actually takes place on the moon, then you are literally visiting the seat of your unconscious directly; such a dream should be considered a very deliberate snapshot of your current experience of how the invisible side of life is impacting the visible.

The emotional side of life is represented by the moon. This includes all that is changeable and all that responds to the ebb and flow of life. Because of its unquestionable universality to the human race, the moon in dreams should be considered with very broad strokes of interpretation. The Dreaming Lens is most important because it is the position, presence, or placement of the moon that is the key to its power. The moon also connects to cycles. It regulates the pulse of the Earth with its enormous gravitational influence. The presence of the moon in a dream may indicate the course of a cycle of an emotional process or transformation.... moon (moonlight) dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Diminished life force. Panic.

Dreaming Lens: Were you breathless or gasping? Was someone else having difficulty breathing? What was the cause of the breathlessness? Was it connected to anxiety or physical exertion? Was the environment lacking oxygen? Were you in dangerous circumstances? Were you being helped or assisted?

Personal Focus: The breath of life is also the physical representation of our level of serenity. When breath is slow and nourishing, we are at ease. Any elevation of breath indicates that we are either in fear, emotional reactivity, or intense physical activity. Each of these has very distinct differentiations. A fear response is internal and is generated by chemical reactions in the brain. These moments of anxiety usually have more to do with irrational thoughts than what is actually occurring in your world. A moment of emotional reactivity is more likely to connect to another individual or outside situation that is contrary to your expectations, therefore, resulting in disappointment and feeling out of control. Physical activity that impacts the breath is visceral and is frequently connected to exercise and, therefore, to self-care. On the opposite side of this is becoming winded by virtue of a physically exertive effort to escape from danger. While this is still in the realm of caring for one’s self, it adds the element of threat to the mix.

The essence of any meditative discipline is the control of the breath. Furthermore, all high-performance athletes, from dancers to football players, understand that channeling their movement through their breathing is what produces excellence and mastery. In this way, it is clear that your personal relationship to breathing is a direct barometer for your level of mastery, serenity, and effectiveness. The loss of breath, therefore, is symbolically connected to a diminishment in your ability to master life itself.

If a physical activity is making you breathless in a dream, it could indicate that burdens in your life are overwhelming you. If there is no clear explanation for your lack of breath, your unconscious mind may want you to know that your inner equilibrium is off. If this is the case, you must investigate and find the cause of the disharmony. Whatever challenges life is bringing you, your unconscious mind may simply be reminding you to not forget to breathe.... breathless dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 03-13-16-28-37-42

being: triumph over enemies by undermining their vigor.

animal: wil be found guilty of causing a sexual trauma.

lamb: give a large dinner party for repressed emotions, feelings and urges.

mule: wil be punished by a high official for inferiority.

pig: unhappiness at growing old and at having to grow up.

man being: society wil get along much better without your scheme.

woman dreaming of castrating a man: harsh desire to avenge his rejection of her. ... castrated dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 02-06-10-15-28-44

children: family quarrels from curtailment of income.

man dreaming of: postponement of success.

woman: wil take many years to find a fine husband.

others: advancement within position.

relatives: a false friend is nearby. ... enlisting dream meaning

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Special Powers

Universal Landscape: Increase in confidence and ability.

Dreaming Lens: Did you have a special power in the dream? Did someone else? What was your special power? Did you know about your special power? Were you able to use it effectively? Did you gain or lose power in the dream? Were you the only one with special powers or did you share them with others?

Personal Focus: We associate special powers with the fantastic world of comics and video games. This notion of accelerated abilities is particularly appealing to adolescent males, who form the largest fan pool of these types of media. As a symbol, special powers should be considered primarily as a fantastical reaction to feelings of inadequacy. Through them, an average person can be suddenly endowed with abilities that enable them to transcend the challenges of a mundane life.

Most special powers can be related to one of the four elements of fire, air, water, or earth. A power associated with heat or flames should be considered as a function of combustion and the transformation that fire can generate. Any power associated with water connects to emotions: use and manipulation of water relates to channeling the power of emotion whereas transmuting water to either steam or ice has the impact of altering emotional energy for one’s use. The grounded element of earth is represented by anything rock-like or strength-oriented power. Air is the element in question when powers such as invisibility or flight are concerned.

If your special power does not conform to one of the elements, the key to your interpretation will lie in discovering the underlying use and essence of the power you possessed in the dream. Ask yourself what area of your life needs amplification based on the area of your skills and abilities that were amplified by the increased power.... special powers dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Ritualistic connection to primal urges.

Dreaming Lens: What was the setting of the dream? Were you participating in a tribal activity? Were you watching something from a distance? Were you in danger? Were you part of the tribal society? Who else was present in the dream?

Personal Focus: Before the onset of Western civilization, all humans were gathered in aboriginal groups of hunter-gatherers. In this way, we all connect back through the history in our DNA to a primal sensibility that lives on today in images of tribal culture. The media has conjured images of this and movies have been filled with scenes of dancing hoards that are simultaneously engaging and dangerous. We are both drawn toward and repelled by our more primitive nature. In the dream world, a tribal scenario may be expressing a need to connect to this passionate element of our humanity.

Your first order of business with this symbol is to determine which direction the dream is pulling you in: toward this energy or away from it. The Dreaming Lens will provide this information. The more compelled or comfortable you feel, the more likely you are being called to tap into this part of your nature. If on the other hand you are frightened or in actual danger, you may be resisting the very qualities this scenario is pointing out.

What is actually taking place in the dream should also be examined. A celebratory dance has connotations that are different from a cannibalistic ritual. Use this dream to assess your unconscious relationship to waking up deeply routed passions that may be becoming more activated in your psyche. (See also Jungle)... tribal dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 12-20-39-43-45-48

being a, yourself: your public esteem is exasperating to an outsider.

businessman dreaming of a: increase of trade and comfortable income.

woman: wil lose a friend’s high regard; keep your own counsel.

young girl: wil receive a proposal of marriage.

many: are recognized as a perfect gentleman at the height of his career.

stepping on a, and being bonked by it: a series of incidents laughable in their tragedy.

using a driveway: are too cautious in forming new relationships.

farmers: good friends wil take care of your necessities; you, the luxuries. ... rascal dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: The steps toward mastery.

Dreaming Lens: Who was the teacher in your dream? Was this a real teacher from your life, or an unknown character? How did you feel about this teacher? What class were you taking? Was the teacher out of the context of a classroom? Were you the teacher?

Personal Focus: Learning occurs by accumulating small increments of data that build upon each other. This results in the eventual ability to understand a theory or concept. A teacher in a dream is a Character Aspect of the dreamer. It represents the part of your personality that is aware of your current level of knowledge in some area of life. Teachers know what piece of information needs to be added next in order for learning to take place.

A figure of authority, the teacher is the one person at school who knows what the lesson plan is. They have both the questions and the answers. They not only control what happens in the classroom, but they also know why things are ordered in a particular way. Each of our teachers presented us with the specific information needed to master a particular level of our functioning. As we mastered one grade level, we moved on to new lessons and new teachers. While this ideal may not have been the actual schoolroom experience for most people, the principle is the same. Any teacher in a dream represents the part of you that understands this concept of step-by-step mastery and provides the mental environment in which learning and advancement occurs, or when it is blocked.

There is great patience built into this process, even though many of your teachers in life may have lacked this quality. When a teacher appears in your dream, examine him or her as a Character Aspect of yourself. Their behavior toward you in the dream and your resulting feelings will offer you insight as to how well your inner guidance system is operating and to what degree you are showing yourself patience with the pace of your growth. A kindly teacher will result in a very different interpretation from one who is abusive.

If the teacher in your dream was one from your waking life, how you feel about him or her is the interpretation itself. A positive role model will have very different meaning than your hated nemesis. If the teacher is unknown to you, then you must look to other elements in the dream to inform your investigation. Are you receptive to the lessons that life is serving up at the time of your dream, or are you resisting? Will you pass your examinations and move up to the next grade level, or be left back to repeat what you have not yet learned?... teachers dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 08-13-27-30-38-44

draper, of a: must control your passion.

being in the company of a: prompt engagement.

being a, and dealing in cloth: a change in life wil come soon.

faded: the transience of prosperity.

flowered print, with a: a dinner invitation from prominent people.

fringe, with: wil have an il -defined future.

married women dreaming of: wil give birth to many children.

of one color: are hiding from problems.

silk: are covering up your feelings behind a life of luxury. ... draperies dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 11-13-20-33-36-47

being with the: a change in life wil soon come.

country girl dreaming of the: wil work in a large city soon.

lady: wil marry a nobleman from abroad.

courted by women of high class, being: misery and wrongdoings. ... gentry dream meaning

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Different Countries

Dreaming of other countries is a definite sign that you need a break. You’ve been working hard, and your subconscious is telling you to ease up, relax and take some time out. Change is afoot! Consider the country in your dreams and what it means to you. Have you been there before, and if so, how did it make you feel? If it’s somewhere you’ve never been, then it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone. Change your routine in some way and reignite your zest for life.... different countries dream meaning

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Soul Mate

Universal Landscape: An inevitable expansion of your total Self.

Dreaming Lens: Did you meet your soul mate in your dream? Were you pursuing your soul mate? Did you know your soul mate? Did your soul mate know you? Was he or she elusive, or responsive? Was there anything in the way of you connecting with your soul mate?

Personal Focus: The idea of soul mating is a complicated one due to the attachment of expectation to the concept. Most of us want our soul mates to be in the form of lovers with whom we live happily ever after; however, a soul mate is simply another individual with whom we share an energetic synchronicity and a powerful recognition. A soul mating can occur across any matrix of relationship: lovers, partners, friends, siblings, and so on. The kernel of the meaning to soul mating is in its feeling that it was destined that you meet.

If the soul mate in your dream is someone you know, the interpretation should connect to the Character Aspects you associate with them. If they are not known to you, use the Dreaming Lens to round out your investigation. Whoever they are, the qualities being presented are to be integrated into your Self as part of your journey toward integration.

Searching for your soul mate indicates that wholeness and/or the blocks to wholeness have not yet been identified. A successful connection with your soul mate may mean that integration is at hand. If there are challenges to connecting with them in your dream, those challenges represent the obstacles to wholeness in your current life. The dream may be telling you it’s time to face them and that no matter how frightening the challenge, you may as well surrender to the task at hand. After all, just like meeting your soul mate out in the world, it is meant to be.... soul mate dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Area of vulnerability; evidence of past hurts.

Dreaming Lens: What type of wound did you sustain? Was it bleeding? Was your life in danger? How old was the wound? Was it in the process of healing? Were you in pain? What caused the wound? Who caused the wound?

Personal Focus: A wound is an indication that something dramatic and dangerous has already occurred. It is not only evidence of the event itself; it is also the residual damage that the wounding event may have left you vulnerable to. While wounds to the body are physical in nature, they can symbolically represent emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds as well.

The most important thing to consider about a wound in a dream is the state that it has left you in. The greater the risk, the higher the stakes of the life situation the dream is expressing. The presence of infection may be revealing that an old hurt left unattended is festering and causing you pain and discomfort. Anything that results in the loss of blood relates to passion and life force being leaked out or dissipated.

Where on the body you are wounded will also have meaning. Injuries to the feet connect to the direction your life is moving in. If your legs are affected, your ability to move forward may be what is suffering. The belly area relates to instincts and feelings about things that are occurring. The area around the chest points to matters of the heart. The arms are where strength and our sense of capability lie, while the hands are about creativity and skill. Anything that involves the throat may be indicating issues around communication. The face is about the persona and social identity and may also reflect issues of attractiveness and self-esteem. The head is the home of the intellect and if this is wounded, there may be challenges to your ideas and thoughts coming up. Wherever you are wounded, consider the behaviors and actions that might be hindered and add that information to your interpretation. (See also Blood, Cuts/Cutting.)... wound(s) dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 16-24-30-31-36-49

as opposed to discussing: your informality has a chance at agreement.

con: must be more flexible in your thinking.

judging a: superiors are evaluating your behavior.

man dreaming of a woman: forceful persuasion is temporarily effective.

a man: a promotion wil be gained through thorough attention to details.

pro: caution is advised in expressing your opinions.

woman, a man: must exert yourself twice as hard to make a point. ... debating dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 06-12-17-24-35-47

flapping wings: death through lack of cleanliness and abundance of decay.

flock of, flying together: avoid disaster by going tried and true route.

flying: your present life is in danger; transform it before it transforms for you.

hearing the noise of: unhappiness due to the resistance of your feelings.

husband dreaming of a: make plans to be free of your wife.

wife: warn husband against checking on you, if he wants to keep you.

killing: quarrels over your defiance of authority wil reverse your fortune.

of a: wil receive diabolical y evil news from an unknown source. ... ravens dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Collective expressions of cultural greatness.

Dreaming Lens: What country were you in? What type of monument was in your dream? Was it something that you recognized from actual life? If it was from your imagination, was the location clear or was it also fictitious? Were you exploring the monument as a tourist or as a local?

Personal Focus: This term is designed to cover in a general way any number of dozens of images that might appear in a dream. Structures such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Pyramids are all examples of a culture erecting monuments to their own importance. This has been happening since the beginning of civilization. These enormous expressions of power and technology are designed to celebrate the accomplishments of a society and provide a collective projection of greatness that help the masses feel safe and protected, as well as proud of their accomplishments, and feel a connection to their history.

There are several layers that must be explored if such a structure should appear in a dream. First, identify the culture being represented by the structure itself and consider your relationship to that culture. The presence of a monument in a dream may be revealing a sense of cultural pride. This can be so, even if you do not readily identify with the society that the monument represents. Dreams often emerge from the collective unconscious and when this occurs, it can be helpful and revealing to do some research exploring the civilization in question and how elements of that culture you may identify with at this time in your life.

If the monument in your dream is fictitious, it will be helpful to work with whatever you can remember about it when formulating your interpretation. Nothing should be considered unimportant and even the most insignificant detail can have meaning. Additionally, it is perfectly valid to use your creativity to work with this type of symbol; after all, the ideas that rise out of your imagination come from the same place in your unconscious as dream images. Ask yourself what parts of your deepest levels of expression want to see the light of day and just might lead you to a sense of greatness.

When this type of image appears in a dream, you are definitely exploring the realm of your life experience on a fairly large scale. Be willing to see if this is a dream about your connection to the world at large in a positive and powerful light, or if there is some area in your life where grandiosity is getting the best of you. The Dreaming Lens will offer you the clues you need to come to a satisfying interpretation.... monuments dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Restrictions and consequences of choices made.

Dreaming Lens: Were you in jail? Was someone else? Were you visiting a jail? Were you in a cell? Why were you imprisoned?

Personal Focus: When you break the law, you go to prison. And while you have to engage in criminal activity to find yourself in jail in real life, the idea of being imprisoned by something can easily apply to any number of circumstances where you feel bound to some person, place, or thing in a way that feels severely constricting. In fact, the phrase “like a jail sentence” is often used in casual conversation to refer to anything that obligates a person beyond their comfort level.

There is a difference between jail and prison, which may be significant, especially if the dream was clearly taking place in one or the other. While they have very similar sensibilities, a jail is where someone is taken when they are suspected of committing a crime or when the crime is of low severity. Prison is where convicted criminals of more serious crimes are sent to pay their debt to society. If this distinction is made clear in your dream, recognize that jail is a more temporary form of bondage. Prison indicates that a more serious matter is being expressed.

At the core of the symbolic meaning of prison is what you did to get there. The inciting incident that ends in jail time is always a choice that may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but has consequences resulting in the removal of freedom and comfort in some area of your life. When this environment plays prominently in a dream, examine your life for where you may be feeling that a decision you made in the past is feeling like something you can’t escape in the present.... prison/jail dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Access to tools for daily living.

Dreaming Lens: Were you carrying a purse or a briefcase? Had you lost one? Was the dream focused on the carrying case or was it secondary? What was inside the purse or briefcase? Were you aware of its contents? Did the contents play a prime role in the dream?

Personal Focus: The key to this symbol is in what is carried inside of it. Whether it’s a pocketbook, briefcase or shoulder bag, the personal carrying case has become a fixture of necessity in our fast-paced world. They provide mobile access to important items, which may be needed for when you are out in the world, such as your wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, and all the things that represent your identity. Hence, there is a strong association for this image with what might be referred to as tools for life on a day-to-day basis.

A pocketbook, handbag, or purse is generally carried by women and often contains grooming products. This connects it symbolically to the feminine principle. The items found in a purse will likely be associated with self-care and nurturing. Whether being carried by a male or female, a briefcase is connected to the masculine principle by virtue of its association with work and career.

The interpretation of this as a symbol will depend largely on the Dreaming Lens relationship between the dreamer and the object as it appears in the dream. A solid connection to a purse or briefcase in a dream indicates effective access to the tools carried within. Losing, searching for, or being robbed of such an item points to difficulties in this area. One that is too heavy may indicate burdens with being overly cautious, just as one that is empty reveals issues of lack or being ill-prepared.

The function of the bag in question will also offer clues to the appropriate interpretation. This is most true in the world of women’s purses, as they come in a variety of styles that connect directly with the use intended for it. A dress clutch is not the same thing as a leather handbag. The first indicates having the bare essentials associated with looking good, while the later implies a more grounded ability to contain what might be necessary in any situation. The specific type of carrying case will indicate what area of your life is being highlighted by the dream.

Your waking life associations to a purse or briefcase are important. If you routinely carry some sort of bag, then your ongoing relationship with this object will feature highly in your interpretation. The more attached you are to your purse or briefcase, the higher the stakes of the symbolic meaning in a dream, especially in dreams that feature loss or separation. The items you generally carry with you each day should also be considered.... purse/briefcase dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 08-13-16-19-29-37

killing a: wil have an unexpected after-death experience.

man dreaming of many: wil love a young girl who wil cheat you.

woman: wil be defrauded by one who wil turn his back on you.

unmarried person dreaming of: are a cunning person who wil cheat others at wil . ... skunks dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Sacrifice of a way of being or thinking that no longer serves you.

Dreaming Lens: Were you witness to an execution? Were you the one being executed? Were you the executioner? What was the method of the kill? Was the execution thorough and completed successfully? Was there fear present?

Personal Focus: Death is always an indicator of the rebirth that inevitably follows. As we execute our undesirables, death by execution adds the elements of purpose or intent. Often, the undesirable qualities within ourselves are what we hold on to the most. The execution of a Character Aspect in a dream indicates that a moment of reckoning has come. A particular way of being in the world as represented by the character being executed is no longer necessary. If it is you who is being executed, then your whole sense of identity is being confronted with drastic change. If you are the executioner, then your ego mind is getting ready for some dynamic housecleaning. If neither of these scenarios is the case, consider what you know about the person being executed. It is in the Character Aspect that they embody where you will find what is currently up for transformation.

Death by gunshot might indicate that the force of change is rapid and deeply penetrating. Hanging might indicate a change in the area of how you communicate since hanging impacts the neck, throat, and voice. Electrocution points to a more organic and neurological alteration of thoughts, as the brain is an electrically run organ. When someone is burned to death, a total transmutation is implied by virtue of bringing the physical body back to the carbon-based material that makes it up. Death by lethal injection or poison may connect to the toxic effect of some life experience or individual surrounding you at the time of the dream.

Whatever your feelings around a dream execution, never forget that as we grow and mature, we must discard old ways of being that no longer serve us. This allows us to take up new paths and fresh ways of being. This ongoing process keeps us in a sort of psychic balance, much as balancing of the scales implies justice in the image of an execution.... executions dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 07-21-23-42-44-48

curling daughter’s hair: wil have great motherly love.

cutting off another’s: someone wants you to get lost.

others, their: a trusting friend confesses a secret love affair.

dark: wil be relieved of some blame by antagonistic confessor.

having: complete change in your own affairs.

others: wil have emotional sorrow.

man dreaming of someone curling hair: his wife is unfaithful.

many: love life is confusing.

others putting up your: suitable time to push your suit.

putting up own: new environment and better times in view.

rolling up: loss of a friend.

woman dreaming of curling her hair: overly dependent upon her partner. ... curls dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Evidence of wrongs done; the aftermath of attack.

Dreaming Lens: Where on the body were the welts? How severe were they? How recently were they formed? Were they visible to others or covered? Were they painful? On whose body did they appear? How did you feel about their appearance?

Personal Focus: Welts are the visible remnants of an injury and appear after some sort of violent blow to the body. They form as a rise in the skin as a result of the body sending fluid to an injured area to begin the process of healing. In this way, they indicate that there is a raised awareness of some kind relating to a rapid shift or change in consciousness where the newfound awareness is painful. Welts appear right after an injury is inflicted, adding a sense of immediacy to what is occurring.

Your interpretation will vary depending on the part of the body that is affected. The arms relate to strength and action, the legs connect to movement and motivation. The hands represent creativity and the face connects to the persona one shows to the world. See “Body Parts” for more thoughts to augment the meaning you assign this symbol. Additionally, consider that a welt on an exposed part of the body means your wound is visible to others. An area that is generally covered by clothing may connect to the ability or desire to hide your wounds.... welts dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 07-11-14-17-26-45

being: al your plans wil go through trials you can overcome.

children: danger through holding on to a secret.

others, annoying: invitation from a prominent person is received.

married person dreaming of annoying another: cannot save a marriage lacking love. ... annoyed dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 07-09-15-21-40-48

man dreaming of: the time has come to examine your life myopical y.

woman: wil have many lovers, but concern for only one.

young girl: wil be married within the year.

of, the eyes: have the affection of one whom you love. ... squinting dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Subversive, untrustworthy expressions of playful energy.

Dreaming Lens: Was there a clown in your dream? Were you the clown? Was there more than one clown? What was the setting? Was the clown happy or sad? Was the clown performing? Was the image of the clown delightful or creepy?

Personal Focus: Clowns are a fascinating image and have an ironic ability to contain enormous contradictions. They are playful and childlike, but also grotesque. There is a subversive quality to the concept of the clown: They are seemingly innocuous, but with something possibly darker lurking just below the surface. Their expressions are permanently fixed and, therefore, not to be trusted. However, the entertainment they provide can be masterful and absolutely delightful, when done right.

If you are someone for whom clowns are just fun and delightful, then consider the humorous side of this meaning for your interpretation. Is there some aspect of life in which you are clowning around? This symbol in a dream could mean a need to rein in your buffoonery, or it could mean the opposite view and be a push to lighten up and be more playful.

On the other hand, if either the dream itself had sinister overtones, or if you are someone who, in life, finds clowns to be creepy by nature, you may want to consider the darker side of this interpretation. Look to where there may be some mistrust in how a lighthearted situation may be hiding something more sinister underneath.... clowns dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: Instant communication that can be controlled.

Dreaming Lens: Were you writing an e-mail in your dream? Were you reading one? Were you in anticipation of receiving an e-mail? Was your e-mail sent successfully, or were you getting error messages? Were there problems with your computer? Were you receiving spam? Were there attachments, such as photos or video?

Personal Focus: E-mail is a communication venue of the new world order. We are simultaneously brought closer together and further isolated by this almost instantaneous way of connecting our thoughts to the minds of other people. The realm of the intellect is represented by this image. The newness of Internet technology imbues the symbolic meaning with a sense of uncharted territory in the world of thought and interpersonal expression. We live in a time where the technology has evolved faster than our ability to formulate a universal sense of etiquette and propriety. Its speed implies spontaneity. However, the ability to edit and alter our words prior to sending the finished product adds a dimension of control that should not be overlooked when arriving at an accurate interpretation.

Words typically account for about twenty percent of any verbal interaction. Absent from the e-mail experience are the crucial elements of tone and body language. Despite this enormous limitation, most people approach e-mail as if they are clear and accurate when they are, in fact, subject to projection and presumption. In this way, an e-mail in a dream connects to communication that is assumed to be lucid, but may not be received with the same intention with which it was sent.

The immediacy of the writer and the keyboard allows for an enormous amount of editing. We read as we type and retype as we read, changing our words till we are satisfied with the final product. This can insert a subtle lack of authenticity and spontaneity that did not exist with handwritten or typed letters. This image invites you to consider what role restraint or manipulation may be playing in your thought process. Writing an e-mail might represent a need to figure something out that needs direct and immediate attention. Anticipating a reply may represent wanting an answer to a question you are seeking.

Who you write to or receive e-mail from will help you uncover what areas of your psyche need to be interacted with. An e-mail from supervisors at work might point to a search for inner authority. A reply from a beloved might connect to decisions around romance and relationship that require fast consideration. Junk mail and spam might point to undeveloped thoughts or ideas that are routinely cast aside as valueless. They can also represent a general sense of overwhelm with sensory input that may not feel important to you.... e-mail dream meaning

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Window/window Treatment

Universal Landscape: An opening in perspective.

Dreaming Lens: Were you inside or outside? Were you looking through the window? Was the window covered or decorated? Was it open, shut, or boarded up? Did you or someone fall through the window? Did you break it? Was there a view?

Personal Focus: Houses and buildings represent the Self and windows are the portals between the interior and exterior of any structure. They are the symbolic opening where the outside world gets a view of what’s going on under the surface of our behavior. Simultaneously, we privately peek out through the windows of our selves, penetrating our public personas with snippets of who we really are. There is a flow of information between your inner and outer experiences in life and it is through windows that this exchange occurs. The more exposed you feel by a window, the more vulnerable you are feeling around your current challenges. As such, window treatments reflect your desire to both obscure and control the information presented by you to the outside world.

The more covered the windows, such as with heavy drapes, shades, and so forth, the more you are trying to block the flow. The presence of window treatments that are open indicates a willingness to see, but with a sense of control that signals the view is temporary—take advantage of it while you can. A broken window reflects an even less blocked flow, but one that might feel dangerous, depending on the level of violence associated with the breakage. If you broke the window, then it is your need to be more authentic that may have sparked the breakthrough. If any outside force is responsible, you may be feeling pushed into confrontation by something in your life and, therefore, an expansion of authentic persona may be in process. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, pay close attention to how open your dream windows are, for it is your soul’s light that wants to shine through them.... window/window treatment dream meaning

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Taking A Test

Universal Landscape: Anxiety over knowledge; accountability.

Dreaming Lens: Were you prepared or unprepared for the test in your dream? What was your level of anxiety? Were you alone, or were there others with you sharing the experience? Was it present time, or did you return to an earlier time in life?

Personal Focus: Taking a test is to allow yourself to be held accountable for what you have learned in some area of life. Quizzes, tests, and exams are part of the structure of education that most people in the West first experienced in childhood. This is imprinted in the brain as a permanent memory associating the sensation of performance anxiety with images of being tested in school. In dreams, these become a metaphor for the ways in which we are tested by challenges in life. We only pass such tests if we have gained a sufficient level of knowledge from past lessons learned. When you dream of taking a test, your unconscious is letting you know that there is underlying anxiety around how prepared you feel to face your life.

Examine your life for areas where you feel you are being held accountable, even if the only person holding yourself accountable is you. This is often a recurring dream for people who experience high levels of performance anxiety, fear of failure, or frequent feelings of judgment from others. It can also indicate a hidden need to be acknowledged by those in authority in your life and to feel validated for your accomplishments. In this way, a test dream can be a compensation for feeling undervalued.

The emotional timbre of the Dreaming Lens will help you clarify the meaning you give your interpretation. Failing a test can leave you open for new choices and directions. Cheating on a test can indicate an issue of fairness, entitlement, or heightened inadequacy. Obsessing over a test and its results could indicate that you are driven by your perception of how you are measured by others rather than your own self-evaluation. If you don’t get to take the test in your dream, consider areas of your life where fear of failure has obstructed your path to success.... taking a test dream meaning

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