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(see Astronaut, Space Spaceship, Stars)

An unexplored, unrecognized, or unexpected aspect of yourself, brought out by a specific situation or relationship.

Possibly an alternative flying dream, especially if the ground is seen from the 11 ()’s perspective, or if you are inside the UFO.

A potential abduction memory. Many people claim to have been taken aboard UFOs for examination and experimentation, and often remember these experiences through dreams. Tremendous caution is issued here—the amount of public attention given to this topic can create false impressions that leak into the conscious mind during sleep.

A message from the Universal Mind, often pertaining to brotherhood and oneness among all Earths people. Look to the rest of the dream for more insight.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

See Airplane.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

Carl Jung believed that UFOs were figures with a similar meaning to the resurrection of Christ: they represented hope in the age of technology. According to him, the form of UFOs was circular because, like other symbols, they referred to the totality of the higher Self. So, considering that the unconscious possessed the ability to show up through many different images, UFOs could be one of them. In oneiric terms therefore, UFOs are perhaps expressing your desire to reach true spiritual purpose of life. 

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreams of an UFO reflect your attitudes, feelings and opinions about people, ethnicities, customs and traditions that are foreign to you. Because of the changes in your life, this dream may be helping you to process the fact that everything seems different, and strange to you. This dream may be a message for you to connect to the vastness of life, to expand your consciousness to behold greater understanding and intelligence beyond your normal scope. See Alien and Integration Dreams.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1. Spotting a ufo can mean that one is about to be helped in an unanticipated way.

2. Spotting a ufo may mean that one is facing danger.

3. Indication that the dreamer is a little “spaced out” in some way.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To see a UFO in your dream represents your desire to find your spiritual purpose in life.

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See alien / alienated and extra-terrestrial

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This is a dream that includes the exploration of very high levels of consciousness. Much time has passed since the UFO craze swept into our consciousness. Since then, the term “unidentified flying object” has permanently entered our cosmopolitan vocabulary. For the sake of defining this term, a UFO is referring to any extraterrestrial mechanism of travel as it may appear in a dream, no matter how fantastic or out of the realm of possibility it may appear to be. As with any mode of transportation, the essential meaning must connect to your path in life. Clearly, if you are traveling through outer space or being visited by beings from outer space, you are dreaming of some deviation from your more grounded life on Earth, and your interpretation should incorporate some sense of this atypical, expansive exploration. Typically, this image in a dream will spark either fear or fascination, or some combination of both. Your reaction to your UFO dream experience will inform you of your emotional relationship with esoteric elements of spirituality that the dream is trying to express. Being abducted adds a shade of meaning that connects to expanding processes of thought that may be occurring in your unconscious, whether you want them to or not.

If this is the case, look to your present circumstances to where you may be feeling forced to think way outside of your usual thought paradigms.

If you were not abducted but were actually proactive and perhaps even motivated to go with the aliens, this may indicate a readiness to explore new intellectual territory in some area of your waking life. Seeing a UFO from the ground could be a precursor to new, higher levels of consciousness that are making themselves known to you before they fully arrive. Your emotional reaction to what you are seeing in your dream will illuminate for you how open or resistant you are at this time to the inevitable expansion of consciousness that comes when you step onto any path of self- investigation.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Symbolic of heavenly visitors

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

Example: ‘A flying saucer dropped a man on our lawn. He was 7 feet tall and stood in a ring of light.

The sky was vivid pink and a peculiar aeroplane flew over. It was the shape of a cross’ (Mrs A).

The circle, the light, the shape of the cross and the big man, are all symbols of the Self. Our mind has the ability to view our experience as a whole, rather than in pans. What we sense unconsciously in this way is presented to the conscious mind as images such as UFOs or circles of light.

The ball of light or fire, this is a common waking experi­ence as well as a dream image, which occurs when the person touches their sense of wholeness as described above. We see this mentioned in the description of Pentecost—the flame on top of the head—and may account for cases of people seeing flying saucers. See hallucinations, hallucinogens; satellite; dream as spiritual guide; unconscious.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

(Unidentified Flying Objects, Tlying Saucers’)

Circular, luminous ‘flying saucers’ may symbolize superior intelligence or wisdom. NB What is ‘superior’ need not be outside you; it may reside in the ‘depths’ of yourself.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Seeing A Ufo | Dream Interpretation

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Ufo / Alien

Dreams of UFOs suggest personal growth. As the awareness of the infinity of possible person choices can be an overwhelming experience, your dreaming mind may express it as alien contact, UFO or an experience of extremely bright light. Such a dream also suggests that a new area of experience, or a new way of experiencing yourself, is emerging. A UFO dream may often come before significant life changes; you should consider what changes are occurring in the way you relate to people and events.

If an alien appears in your dream, this suggests feelings of being an outsider in a group or society. It may also represent something new and not previously experienced. In some cases, the alien may symbolize a meeting with an aspect of yourself that has great potential. A dream about alien abduction is generally considered to be nightmare; if the alien is benign, however, you may respond like an overawed child to an idolized parent in your dream.

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Ufo / Alien

According to Jungians our current interest in UFOs (unidentified flying objects) suggests a need for wholeness. In A Modern Myth of Things in the Sky (1958), Jung showed that his theories about archetypes explained much of this phenomenon. In his patients, Jung discovered that the mandala emerged from the unconscious as a sign of the urge towards a new wholeness. The round shape of most UFOs was significant because circles are mandalas. UFOs reported in waking and dreaming life were therefore fantasies projected by the modern psyche’s need for meaning and striving for wholeness. Jung claimed that UFOs were an archetype that could herald a great shift in human history, since they were an indication that something important was changing in the universal consciousness. Others suggest that UFOs represent an aspect of yourself that you are afraid to believe in.

Aliens in dreams tend to suggest that something unknown or frightening in waking life needs to be faced. Assuming you were not abducted during the night, dreaming of aliens may also indicate dealing with something unfamiliar in yourself. Are you behaving in ways that are alien to you, for example? Aliens are something humans have never encountered, so the dream is urging you to prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes in dreams, aliens suggest evil forces, but more often than not they suggest that you feel different or set apart in some way from others. Perhaps you have started a new job and feel the odd one out.... The Element Encyclopedia


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