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Security, or a desire for it.

Connecting two or more things (or people) together.

Creating a relationship or bond.

Organizing or “neatening up” (yourself or your thoughts, life, priorities, etc.).

Preparing, or taking care of details.

See also: Knot; Rope; String; Joining; Joining Together; Attached; Sewing

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman

When tying something, you are acting out the desire to hold something so it will not leave you. In general, the subject tries to tie people that they depend on. Sometimes, the subject also ties herself through repression of all kinds.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Tying | Dream Interpretation

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Ties / Tying

(see Connecting Devices, Knots, Rope, Web)

Our connection to other portions of the self.

Ties to other people or situations that may or may not be desirable.

The network of life that goes beyond time, space, and dimensions. This type of dream helps you to recognize your place in the greater scheme of things, and the importance of each individual.

Too much attachment, the need to loosen binding ties.

A necktie represents business matters, protocol, and attention to the social graces.

It is worn when we wish to present a specific image of ourselves to others, or as a recognition of a societal expectation (see Clothes).

Bow ties speak of old-fashioned formality. Possibly you are trying to be too conventional or reserved with regard to a project, person, or situation.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams

Tying A Knot

(See Contract)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(see also Unwrapping)

(1) If you are untied, the dream may be describing what is going to, or what should, happen to you - that is, release from whatever has been inhibiting or frustrating you and withholding success or happiness.

(2) If something or someone else is untied, it may mean you need to give some freedom of expression to a part of you that has hitherto been repressed.

(3) Untying a knot means solving a problem or dissolving a relationship.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Untying Something

Untying something in a dream means bewilderment, loneliness, being reprimanded, or stinginess.

(Also see Knot)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation