The meaning of the symbols of two, needles seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of two and needles mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Two Needles


A dream of disputes and quarrels (Gypsy). “Needles and pins! Needles and pins! When a man marries”—etc.... needles dream meaning

Knitting Needles

Your lover will be very industnous in making your marriage a happy one.

If you are the one knitting, then it is you on whom the bulk of the responsibility will fall to make the marriage a success.... knitting needles dream meaning

Pins And Needles

Pins and needles can appear together in a dream to show that you may be eagerly awaiting some good news. They represent anticipation. They may also suggest that you have been stuck by an unpleasant situation. Or pins and needles may be holding something together temporarily.... pins and needles dream meaning

Needles Or Pins

Disappointments in love; it will be very serious if you prick yourself.... needles or pins dream meaning