The meaning of the symbols of turon seen in a dream.


What does the symbols of turon mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Turon

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One whose words and actions are offensive and conflictive, unless they get their way; see “animals”... polecat dream meaning


To dream of a pole-cat, signifies salacious scandals.

To inhale the odor of a pole-cat on your clothes, or otherwise smell one, you will find that your conduct will be considered rude, and your affairs will prove unsatisfactory.

To kill one, denotes that you will overcome formidable obstacles. ... pole-cat dream meaning

Polecat, Ferret, Skunk

Vision: Seeing a polecat is a warning: pay more attention to your physical body.

If you have problems or troubles, don’t delay in seeing your physician. Sometimes the polecat is also a warning about a dishonest person who wants to steal something from you (but you would have to literally “smell” the deceit!).... polecat, ferret, skunk dream meaning