What does it mean to see an transfigured in a dream?

Transfigured Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


A spiritual change in someone

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


To dream of the transfiguration, foretells that your faith in man’s own nearness to God will raise you above trifling opinions, and elevate you to a worthy position, in which capacity you will be able to promote the well being of the ignorant and persecuted.

To see yourself transfigured, you will stand high in the esteem of honest and prominent men. ... transfiguration dream meaning


Dreams in which obvious changes occur, and people and things are transformed into something or someone else, suggest changes in awareness. A landscape might change from dark to light (negative to positive), a person may change from male to female, or objects may take on human characteristics. These changes are often depicted as occurring immediately in dreams, like a speeded-up movie, and they reflect changes in waking life.

Bizarre transformations of objects into living things, such as a pencil turning into a snake, a doll into a donkey or a table into a swarm of wasps, suggest untapped potential within you that can help you cope with change. To clarify what this potential is, refer to the symbolic interpretation of the objects that have been transformed. Shape-shifter dreams, in which people you know suddenly transform into something else, typically a monster or beast, represent unpredictable people in your waking life. For example, someone might be kind and caring towards you until they transform under the influence of alcohol. On the other hand, the shape-shifting may be some kind of moral test.

Can you uncover the beauty behind the monster’s mask? What lies below the outer skin of the dream beast? Try to make a connection to your waking life.

Sudden changes from winter to spring in a dream, or from night to day, may also suggest new directions and developments in the dreamer’s life.

If the other way round, and the switch is from day to night, or spring to winter, this may suggest the need to confront and deal with dangerous impulses.

If the landscape suddenly becomes unfamiliar in your dream, this can point to an unwillingness or an inability to cope with the new. However, if the new environment is welcoming and friendly this is a positive sign. A return to the comfort of the childhood home or a familiar environment is widely interpreted by Freudians and Jungians as a desire to return to the security of the womb during times of change and conflict.

If something is transfigured in a dream, such as when an object or person is surrounded by light, this suggests that light has entered the person during a period of transition and they are becoming more self-aware.

If you become invisible in your dream, it can indicate that you feel ignored in waking life—that you and your life are insignificant to others. It can also mean that you are hiding from others or yourself.

If you have this type of dream, it might be time to look at how you present yourself to other people.... transformation dream meaning