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Stepping on a thumbtack may signify a painful message, perhaps about your work. Pressing down on a thumbtack may signify a pressing issue that is on your mind.

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Thumbtack | Dream Interpretation

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Thumbtack growing in size

Seeing thumbtacks

Thumbtack in skin

Poking someone with thumbtack

Thumbtack in shoe


Swallowed thumbtacks

Swallowed thumbtack

Thumbtack in finger

Swallowed thumbtack dream

Thumbtack in my finger

What does it meaning swallowed, thumbtack in the dream?

Thumbtack in the mouth

Thumbtack other way round

Thumbtacks in my pocket?

Thumbtack hand

Picking many thumbtacks


Thumbtacks in feet

Thumbtack in the foot

Thumbtacks in mouth

Swallowing thumbtacks

A thumbtack stuck in my hand

Someone stuck a thumbtack in my arm

Fetching thumbtacks

Offering hand with upturned white thumbtack