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What does it mean to see an thumbs in a dream?

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Up-the “thumbs up” sign symbolizes authorization to do something

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İndex finger criticizes; middle finger curses; thumbs up is approval, down is disapproval; little finger is submission; see “fingernails”... pointing dream meaning

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Referring to a particular situation, thumbs up is positive; thumbs down is negative... thumb dream meaning

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To dream about a thumb tells you that you must ‘get a grip’ on life. It represents strength and talent. To dream about not having thumbs symbolizes being poor and friendless. A dream in which you have a huge thumb foretells a quick succession of accomplishments. To dream about a lengthy nail on your thumb means that you are yielding to the temptation of immoral things. ... thumb dream meaning

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Dreams of a stamp signify your opinions and judgments. Consider the scene in your dream and whether or not you are approving or rejecting, giving your thumbs up or thumbs down. ... stamp dream meaning

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Dreams of a thumb symbolize your ability to judge, rate, and have an opinion on what is happening in your life, as in thumbs up, or thumbs down. If you have a dream that you are under someone’s thumb, then this dream may be waking you up to your ability to change your current circumstances and claim your power. The thumb can also represent something that is important yet taken for granted. Consider trying to pick something up without using your thumb. ... thumb dream meaning

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Dreams of voting signify that you are using your personal power and influence in a responsible way. You are realizing that your feelings, thoughts and actions make a difference and that you have the ability have a say in the matters of your life. Consider what you are voting on and whether you give it a thumbs up or down. ... voting dream meaning

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Fingers and thumbs have a rich symbolic association because of the wide variety of meanings in various hand gestures. Thus, we may do everything from thumb a ride, to point an accusatory finger at someone, to point the way. Fingers have other connotations because of certain symbolic rings (e. g. , marriage rings) and certain verbal expressions (e. g. , “fingering” a guilty person). In Freudian psychology, fingers can be a phallic symbol. The particulars of the gesture in the dream should indicate the meaning. ... finger dream meaning

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Finger / Thumb

According to Freud, fingers and thumbs are prime examples of phallic symbols. They can, however, also represent physical and mental dexterity or quickness, as well as their opposite: clumsiness and ignorance, as expressed in the saying ‘being all thumbs’. In some cases, fingers may be expressive of your feelings, and many of the idioms involving fingers—the finger of scorn, the accusing finger, the finger of suspicion—suggest problems with self-image and trust. If a finger is pointing at you in your dream, you could feel guilty about something you have done. Alternatively, the dream could be pointing you in a new direction. Fingers can also denote partnership, especially if the wedding finger is highlighted. If your fingers are injured or cut off, perhaps you feel anxious about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some waking situation. Consider what aspect of yourself the dream is pointing out. If the dream focuses on your finger-nails, this suggests that you enjoy being surrounded by grace, beauty, glamor and art. If your finger-nails are dirty, you may be disappointing your family in some way. If your finger-nails break, you may be trying to avoid some situation or trying to get out of a responsibility. Dreaming of a thumb suggests awareness of how powerful you are, depending on whether the thumb is pointing upwards (positive) or downwards (negative). The latter was used as a death signal by the ancient Romans in gladiatorial games. According to ancient dream oracles, an extra finger suggests that you will receive an inheritance. ... finger / thumb dream meaning

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The ability to grasp or hold on (such as holding onto money, or persevering in a particular situation). An opinion or expression. Thumbs-up can represent approval or self-confidence (or a desire for it). Thumbs-down can represent a negative answer or opinion you feel or fear, or a self-judgment.

See also: Finger; Hitchhiking... thumb dream meaning

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