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Applied knowledge.

An ability to accomplish something, or applying that ability somehow in your life.

Getting things done efficiently or quickly.

Something or someone that makes things easier or offers convenience (or a desire for such).

The idea of “working smarter,” or a result of doing so.

The era of the technologies in the dream (such as vintage cars or modern phones) can indicate which time frame in your life the dream represents (past, present, or imagined future).

See also: Machine or Robot; Science; Design or Plan; Electric; Technician or Mechanic

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Dream Technology | Dream Interpretation

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Media And Technology

Almost all of us have dreams directly related to things we are involved iV with in our waking lives, so it is not surprising that we dream about computers, television, telephones and the media.

If you dream that your hard drive is crashing, do you wake up just before the Fatal System Error message appears? What would be the meaning of a dream about a cursor that was frozen, not flashing, on a blank screen? And in scrutinizing nightmares about phones that won’t work in times of extreme emergency, are there times when a hard drive is really just a hard drive? In other words, is your dream a reflection of your day-to-day preoccupation with computers, televisions or mobile phones or does it have a deeper meaning?

As computers, televisions and phones leach deeper into our unconscious, accounts of anxiety-filled dreams about them are becoming increasingly common. According to Jungians, the computer as a symbol of the advance of technology is fast becoming its own archetype. In this chapter we’ll take a look at some of the most common dreams about the media and modern technology, and what they might signify to you. See also EVERYDAY THINGS; LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION; NIGHTMARES.... The Element Encyclopedia


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