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A task, chore, or other item to accomplish can represent: A real-life task that’s on your mind.

An attempt to handle a full schedule or large to-do list.

Stress due to a busy life or mind.

A plan or strategy.

A worry, need, or something else you feel you need to act on.

See also: List; Homework; Working; Activity

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Task | Dream Interpretation

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Frustrating Task

The frustration of everyday chores at home and work can sometimes translate into images of impossible tasks in dreams, such as building an enormous house of cards or painting a wall with a toothbrush. In some cases, humiliating and pointless dream tasks are conjured up by your dreaming mind to teach you a lesson in humility. See also PUZZLES.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Symbolic of a harsh or overbearing person in a position of authority, Ex. 1:11 ... Christian Dream Symbols


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