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If you dream of taming beasts it is very possible that you are living the opposite. That is, it could indicate that you are dominated by certain situations that do not allow you to freely express yourself. The dream is confirming your desire to take control and to take charge of your own life. Other interpretations claim that taming animals in dreams means you have learned to control your emotions.

If you dream that you tame a lion you will be successful. According to some oracles, this dream also predicts that you will marry an intelligent person.

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Lion Tamer

To dream that you are a lion tamer indicates that you enjoy occupying a position of power in your daily life. You may feel that you are at the center of a group of strong individuals at work or at home but you have the confidence to lead and coordinate their actions in order to achieve your personal goals. This may be a good time to take on a new project at work or to apply for a promotion into management.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


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