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Right Or Wrong

Seeing someone as right or wrong can represent: A judgment you’re making against that person.

Having trouble seeing things from that person’s perspective or empathizing with them.

Feeling insecure or threatened by the person, their actions or viewpoints, or something else about them.

Feeling that the person has broken a rule of some kind.

An opportunity to release a similar kind of judgment you’re making against yourself.

See also: Judgment or Disapproval; Inferior; Superior; Disobeying; Advice or Opinion; Evil; Good; Bad; Weird... right or wrong dream meaning

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The name or number will give clarity; research details... route dream meaning

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Stock Taking

One evaluates one’s life. ... stock taking dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Taking A Test

You are having anxiety around being held accountable in some aspect of your life. Quizzes, tests, and exams are part of the structure of education that most people in the West first experience in childhood. This is imprinted in the brain as a permanent memory, associating the sensation of performance anxiety with images of being tested in school. In dreams, these become a metaphor for the ways in which we are tested by challenges in life. We only pass such tests if we have gained a sufficient level of knowledge from past lessons learned. When you dream of taking a test, your unconscious is letting you know that there is underlying anxiety around how prepared you feel to face your life. Examine your life for areas where you feel you are being held accountable, even if the only person holding you accountable is yourself. This is often a recurring dream for people who experience high levels of performance anxiety, a fear of failure, or frequent feelings of judgment from others. It can also indicate a hidden need to be acknowledged by those in authority in your life and to feel validated for your accomplishments. In this way, a test dream can be a compensation for feeling undervalued.

(See Exams, Pop Quiz, Quiz.)... taking a test dream meaning

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Taking An Oath

Suggests you ought to make a decision in a particular situation, or that important responsibilities to yourself are being neglected.... taking an oath dream meaning

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Taking Apart

Excavation. Looking inward, understanding, and analyzing. Often appears as a dream image when living without much thought. Pay attention to what is being taken apart. What do the individual parts look like? See Puzzle.... taking apart dream meaning

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Taking Exams

When we are tested in dreams, it follows that we have similar feelings in our waking life. You may feel under pressure at work, anxious about your performance, or simply that someone is judging you. It could be that you are working towards a specific goal but feel unprepared in some way. Look to the conditions of the test for a deeper interpretation. If you are stressed and have problems either with the content or physical circumstances, this points to a lack of knowledge and confidence. You may need to put extra effort into reaching your career goals. If the exam goes well then you are ready to take the lead in some way and show those that matter how much you can achieve.... taking exams dream meaning

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Taking From

Taking something from someone can represent: A need, demand, or desire.

Taking from that person in real life (such as wanting their time, energy, attention, or money), or a desire to do so.

An issue regarding personal boundaries (such as an attempt to take without asking).

See also: Thief; Pulling; Abduction; Stealing... taking from dream meaning

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Taking Shelter

Dreaming that someone favorably welcomes you means that you will receive necessary protection. But if you are not welcome, you should distrust advice you receive in the coming days.... taking shelter dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Taking The Middle Course

(See Middle course)... taking the middle course dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Taking The Road

(See Wending one’s way)... taking the road dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Literal warning of that which will lead to failure and disappointment unless averted... wrong dream meaning

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