What does it mean to see an studio in a dream?

Studio Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


If you dreamed of composing or performing music in a recording studio, and you are not a talented singer or musician/writer in real life, you will soon receive something valuable - possibly in the form of useful information.

If you were a famous singer in your dream, your desires may be beyond your reach at the present moment.

If you ARE good at singing/playing/writing music, dreaming of a recording studio predicts an opportunity to make a positive change.

If the studio was empty or deserted, be careful of gossiping or conspiring against others, because it could lead to your downfall.

If you dreamed of being in a studio with someone famous, represents your understanding about that celebrity and the feelings he/she generates in you.

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2 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Recording Studio

To dream that you are in a recording studio suggests that you may have a future in music.

To be in a recording studio in a dream may also indicate that you desire to be heard. It may be time to make your thoughts and ideas known.... recording studio dream meaning

Photo Studio

To dream about being at a photo studio suggests that you want to hold onto something from the past. However, your need to cling to old ways, or to keep feelings going for someone who you should have moved on from, may be keeping you from moving forward in your life successfully. This dream may also reflect your need to portray a certain image to the world, that doesn’t really fit with who you are now.... photo studio dream meaning