What does it mean to see an step children in a dream?

Step Children Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Step Children

To dream about your step children suggests that you are developing your nurturing, caring side.

If you don’t have step children in real life this may suggest that your nurturing caring side isn’t being expressed in waking life.

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Dream of children sweet and fair.

To you will come suave debonair, Fortune robed in shining dress, Bearing wealth and happiness.

To dream of seeing many beautiful children is portentous of great prosperity and blessings.

For a mother to dream of seeing her child sick from slight cause, she may see it enjoying robust health, but trifles of another nature may harass her.

To see children working or studying, denotes peaceful times and general prosperity.

To dream of seeing your child desperately ill or dead, you have much to fear, for its welfare is sadly threatened.

To dream of your dead child, denotes worry and disappointment in the near future.

To dream of seeing disappointed children, denotes trouble from enemies, and anxious forebodings from underhanded work of seemingly friendly people.

To romp and play with children, denotes that all your speculating and love enterprises will prevail. ... children dream meaning


Something new is arriving.

A Threshold (obstacles) that needs to be overcome. Usually a sign of... step dream meaning

Child / Children

see People... child / children dream meaning


To dream of a step-sister, denotes you will have unavoidable care and annoyance upon you.... step-sister dream meaning

Step / Tread

Fear of social decline, opponents, and enemies.... step / tread dream meaning

Slide (children’s)

Vision: Seeing a slide: the pleasure you are pursuing is a waste of time.

The dream is also a warning: don’t get involved in “slippery “ adventures, you could end up “going down the chute.”... slide (children’s) dream meaning

Step Aerobics

Dreams of step aerobics symbolize that you are making step-by-step progress toward your goals. Your subconscious mind is either giving you the message to engage more actively in the process of making physical improvements in your life or this dream is acknowledging that you are already well on your way. Also, because step aerobics usually involve high energy as well as music, this dream might be revealing that you will make more progress toward your goals if you amplify your energy and make what you are doing fun and joyous. See Aerobics.... step aerobics dream meaning

Twelve Step Program

Dreams of a Twelve Step Program represent a light at the end of the tunnel. You are coming to believe in a higher power, and becoming willing to turn your life and will over to the care of your higher power in order to get you through this drastic and powerful time of change. You are becoming honest about what is no longer working for you, and willing to take responsibility for your life.

If you have not yet started on this path, this dream may be a sign for you to begin. See Breakdown/ Breakthrough Dreams.... twelve step program dream meaning

Children, Few

Some new ideas.... children, few dream meaning

Children, Grown

Ideas that are no longer present or useful.... children, grown dream meaning

Step-brothers And Step-sisters

To dream about step-brothers and step-sisters suggests close male and female friends in waking life.

If you do not have step-brothers and step-sisters in waking life, this may indicate a lack of intimacy and connection in your current social circle. See also RELATIONSHIPS.... step-brothers and step-sisters dream meaning

Unborn Children

Dreams in which you meet someone who is yet to be born and they talk about their future life or birth and in time this comes to pass are one of the most stunning types of psychic dreams. They suggest that your dreaming mind may be able to communicate across the boundaries of time and space. Skeptics often dismiss such dreams as flights of fancy, but in dream interpretation, as in all disciplines, it is important to keep an open mind.... unborn children dream meaning

Swing /children

1. Moved by circumstance/opposition;... swing /children dream meaning

In-laws And Step Families

Archetypes may appear in your dreams in the disguise of in-laws or step-relations. For example, your mother-in-law or stepmother may appear as the devouring mother, and your father-in-law or stepfather as the warrior or villain.

If dreams about in-laws or stepparents are negative, this typically suggests feelings of insecurity, rivalry and mistrust that naturally arise when a newcomer enters the family and exerts influence over you. However well-meaning their intentions, they will always feel like a threat to your individuality at the beginning. (Also see: Stepfather- Stepmother - Step children - Step-brothers and step-sisters.)... in-laws and step families dream meaning