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Club / Tribe / Secret Order

Being part of a group is a fundamental human urge and it can express itself in dreams that feature large groups or people. Being a member of a club or gang gives you a sense of security, as it is a meeting a group of people with a common interest, goal or purpose.

If your social dream was pleasant, it can suggest that you are feeling secure and happy in your current social situation.

If the dream was unpleasant, however, and you were rejected or thrown out of your club, you may be feeling that your goals and opinions are not the same as those of other people in your life. We often hate to feel different from our friends and so any dream in which you were a part of a tribe or secret order with elaborate ritual and rules may be questioning how much you are expressing your individuality in waking life.

If you are chased by a gang or yob in your dream this is similar to dreams of being chased by a monster and the gang or yob should be faced. Consider who or what the gang or yob represents to you.... club / tribe / secret order dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Conveying A Secret

(Entrust. Also see Castration; Confiding)... conveying a secret dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Keeping A Secret

(Secretary) In a dream, hiding a secret means concealing knowledge from those who need it, or it could mean having good nature, or having good qualities.

(Also see Secretary)... keeping a secret dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


İnstructing confidentiality... secret dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Secret Admirer

To dream that you have a secret admirer, signifies that you will achieve a rise in social status, without causing resentment among your present circle. You will remain much admired and well-loved.... secret admirer dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Secret Message

In waking life, secret messages or codes are used to convey important information as speedily as possible and to keep secrets from outsiders or enemies. Any dream in which you were sent a code that you could decipher may therefore indicate the need for speed and secrecy when communicating with someone in waking life. If, however, you were unable to understand the code, this suggests that you are finding it impossible to understand someone in real life. The secret message in your dream may also appear in the form of an anagram (a word puzzle in which you rearrange the letters of the original word or phrases).

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings and polysemy refers to single words that have many meanings. These word-plays are common in dreams. For example, the words ‘tale’ (story) and‘tail’ (backside), or‘navel’ (belly button) or‘naval’ (navy) are examples of homonyms. The word‘suit’ is polysemous as it can mean something you wear, one fourth of a pack of cards or as acceptable (as in‘suits me fine’).

If your dream messages don’t make sense, look for hidden codes. Write the mystery message or word down on a piece of paper and try to see if there are any words that sound the same but mean something different. Can you rearrange the letters to form different words or another phrase? In most cases, if you play around with the words you’ll discover their secrets.... secret message dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Secret Order

To dream of any secret order, denotes a sensitive and excited organism, and the owner should cultivate practical and unselfish ideas and they may soon have opportunities for honest pleasures, and desired literary distinctions. There is a vision of selfish and designing friendships for one who joins a secret order. Young women should heed the counsel of their guardians, lest they fall into discreditable habits after this dream.

If a young woman meets the head of the order, she should oppose with energy and moral rectitude against allurements that are set brilliantly and prominently before those of her sex.

For her to think her mother has joined the order, and she is using her best efforts to have her mother repudiate her vows, denotes that she will be full of love for her parents, yet will wring their hearts with anguish by thoughtless disobedience.

To see or hear that the leader is dead, foretells severe strains, and trials will eventually end in comparative good. ... secret order dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Secret Passage

To dream of a secret passageway, indicates hidden power and your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. Something needs to emerge from your unconscious - and when it does, you will discover new opportunities and increase your level of consciousness.... secret passage dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Secret Room

To dream that you find a secret or hidden room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally.

For different types of rooms, look under “Room”... secret room dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Secret Service

(See Bodyguard)... secret service dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Secret Society

Dreams of a secret society represent power, mystery, and that you are being initiated into deeper realms of your infinite nature. This dream may be cautioning you to be mindful of how you use your personal power. Also, you are being cautioned to be responsible of your part in the collective power that is generated when you participate with a zealous group of individuals. See Brotherhood and Ceremony.... secret society dream meaning

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