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Club Sandwich

A combination of social activities or services at one occasion; see “sandwich”... club sandwich dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mud / Sand / Soil

What is the quality of the earth in your dream? Is it richly fertile or a wasteland? Sandy soil suggests uncertainty; red earth, hard work and toil, and rich, dark soil, satisfaction. Soft soil links with the need for mothering or tactile contact.

Parched or barren ground is, however, a sign of inner conflict or exhaustion, suggesting that you should search your dreamscape for signs of hope. Sand in a dream suggests instability and lack of security, especially if you see it together with the sea.

If the sands are shifting, you may feel uncertain about what you want from life.

If you see sand in an hourglass, you are conscious of time running out.

If you are building sandcastles in your dream, this suggests that the structure of your life lacks permanence.

Mud symbolizes creation in many religions, specifically the creation of mankind. In the Bible, God molded Adam from a lump of clay and breathed life into him, and it is traditionally to clay and dust that human beings return. Ancient dream interpretation suggested that to dream of mud foretold finding great riches, while a dream in which you sank in mud would lead to a rapid recovery from illness. From a psychological viewpoint, mud represents the fundamental substance of life, which handled properly has potential for growth, but handled badly can drag you down. Mud in dreams can also represent past experiences—or your perception of them—as something that is holding you back, or in which you are stuck. Clear as mud paradoxically means that something is not clear at all. Are you unclear about a situation in which you are involved? See also CRYSTALS, GEMSTONES AND ROCKS; TREES.... mud / sand / soil dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


To dream of sand, is indicative of famine and losses. ... sand dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Sand Castle

Dreaming of sand castles suggests that you should beware of a new acquaintance who will try to exploit you. This dream can also symbolize that you are standing on uneasy ground in a relationship or new life situation.... sand castle dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Sand Dollars

To dream about sand dollars represents your hidden skills or talents.... sand dollars dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Sand Dunes

1. Fortunes may shift.

2. Peace and harmony are in one’s life.

3. Protection from something. ... sand dunes dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Sand Or Dust Flying In The Atmosphere Or Skies

Sand or dust flying in the atmosphere or skies symbolizes the beholder’s affairs becoming chaotic.

The same interpretation is given if mist or fog is seen.... sand or dust flying in the atmosphere or skies dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


An agitating message on paper... sand-paper dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Sand Storm

To dream about a sand storm represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc.

It is possible that you feel the “sands of time” are passing you by, and you are being left behind. On a more positive note, this dream can also signify the rising of spirit within, in response to overwhelming challenges.

If you dream of taking cover from the storm, your real life troubles should quickly blow over. Stay strong!... sand storm dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Sand Trap

Dreams of a sand trap reflect the way you handle adversity. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and frustrated because you have lost sight of your goals. Your dream is showing you that it is up to you to dig your way out. See Quicksand.... sand trap dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


1. The Gospel of peace;

2. Preparation;

3. Sending out;

4. Humility;

5. Holy ground (taken off ); (11) Dishonour; Deut. 25:7-10;Eph. 6:15; Exod. 12:11; Eph. 6:15.... sandal dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


Lacking in total protection, leaving one’s steps in life vulnerable... sandals dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


[wood] interpreted upon 6 sides: compliment & improvement, good, usefulness & high standing, sanctity. White sandalwood is better in interpretation than the red.... sandalwood dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


Mighty defender of mankind... sanders dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


(See Hourglass)... sandglass dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Figurative of agitating... sanding dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


To see or use sandpaper in your dream suggests you need to smooth over some rough spots in a current relationship or life situation.

For some people, this dream can mean that you may be a little too direct or harsh in your words and/or attitude.... sandpaper dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


(Bird) A sandpiper in a dream represents a virgin, a woman, or a wife.... sandpiper dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Sandra, Sandy

See “sanders”... sandra, sandy dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Symbolic of troubles or trials in life, Ps. 83:13-15... sandstorm dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


Help in the midst of a differential situation, i.E. Tutoring received in addition to school; the “meat” between one’s daily bread; see “food”... sandwich dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


lucky numbers: 18-21-22-27-30-46

buying at a fast food restaurant: be wary of fal ing into a conversation with a stranger.

eating a, with white bread: a delicate approach wil yield enormous profit.

dark bread: density does not make your problems less digestible.

made with fish: an opportunity to better your condition in life.

toasted, a: an unfortunate adventure in which you were burned.

various meats: a thin sliver is sufficient.

making, for others: a love affair wil explode in your face, your job, your life. ... sandwiches dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Soil And Sand

Soil, sand and dust symbolize wealth in the form of goods, if someone sees soil, Sand or dust flying on him or he sees himself eating it, it suggest that he will become wealthy and affluent.... soil and sand dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Emphasizing words of importance; research for clarity... spelling dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Standing On Sand

Supporting your balancing abilities.... standing on sand dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Teeth {most Req. Word}

Teeth was the most requested dream word of all so here goes...

If you dream of having false teeth this indicates that you will have unexpected help on a problem.

To dream of rotten teeth shows that you have been telling someone a lie or using your smooth words for getting your own way no matter what.

If your teeth are rotten, crooked, and/or falling out this means that your lies are hurting someone very badly and that you will soon be found out.

If you dream you have swallowed a tooth you will soon have too ‘eat your words’. It becomes much easier to interpret this kind of dream if you think of teeth as representing words. When the dreamer is not the one with the bad teeth you will naturally have to watch out for someone lying to you.... teeth {most req. word} dream meaning

Encyclopedia of Dreams

Trickling Sand

(See Hourglass)... trickling sand dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Walking On Sand Or Picking Up Sand

If a person sees himself walking on sand or picking up sand, it means he will have to toil very hard in order to become wealthy.... walking on sand or picking up sand dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Wet Sand

Unstable balancing.... wet sand dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary


also see Introduction

When in dreams we arc conscious of a word being repeated, it can be either the sound that is significant or the meaning.

Certain words have esoteric meanings, such as the Hebrew word JHVH (Jehovah). Such words are more likely to appear in the dream state than in ordinary everyday life. We are more open to such information while we are asleep.

Words of power. T he Logos, the Sacred Sound.... word dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Word Analysis Of Dreams

Having written a dream down, by using highlighting pens to make all matching words the same colour, one can immediately see the main issues in some dreams.

Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. It goes up square, about eight steps in a flight, but round and round—spiral. I am scared by them, don’t want to go up, but am curious. We move in and nobody but myself has really taken any notice of the stairs. Nobody has been up . In one dream I try to go up but the children are scared for me. They plead, ‘Don’t go up Mum, just forget them”. Then I wake. In the next dream I wait till they are asleep. Half way up_ I am terrified but have to go on. Then I wake. Next dream I got up there. Then I woke’ (Ann H). Ann’s dream theme recurs, so is important to her. In marking just some of the words we see that the ‘up’ or go up’ is important. Childhood fears hold Ann back for a while, but she dares to climb.

If we look at the entries for climb and stairs, we see they depict taking steps towards ex­ploring the unknown, daring to explore one’s potential or opportunities.

By marking the words in this way we might also highlight certain statements otherwise hidden in the dream. Particularly watch out for the connections with the word T, such as I want, I do, I will, I have, I know, I cannot, etc. Example: ‘1 want to withdraw.’ I was full of sadness but was trying not to show it.’ ‘1 felt keyed up and ready to fight.’ Taking such statements out of context and looking for connections with everyday feelings oi situations often throws considerable light on the dream.

If what you realise is then considered in con­nection with the plot of the dream, the viewpoint your uncon­scious has on the situation might become evident.

For in­stance, the statement ‘I felt keyed up’ occurred within a classroom, and helped the dreamer understand the anger gen­erated at school. See amplification; plot of the dream; the comments on dream processing in the Introduction; dream processing; postures, movement, body language; settings; symbols and dreams. ... word analysis of dreams dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Word Game

Sometimes your dreaming mind will use visual, verbal or colloquial puns to get a point across. For example, if your dream contained images of hands, this could indicate that you are in need of a helping hand or that you are feeling handled or manipulated. Other possible puns might include: an airplane (are you feeling plain?); first in the queue (are you being up front?); dreaming of a highway bypass (are you concerned about being bypassed in life?) and so on. The list is practically endless. The idea is to start looking for puns in your dreams based on visual images, words, people’s names and common sayings.

Also look out for verbal slips in dreams in which you express strange or unacceptable thoughts or urges. These slips happen in everyday speech as well as in our dreams and, according to Freud, such slips can tell us something about our unconscious wishes. In real life, they may appear as verbal slips; in dreams, however, they can appear in images of the unexpected, embarrassing but secretly true feelings you may have.... word game dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Word Play, Puns

According to Freud, one of the major pro­cesses of the unconscious is condensation. This means that within one element in a dream, such as the strange room we dream we are in or the unusual name a person has in the dream, are condensed many associated emotions, memories or ideas. Talking about a peapod which appeared as part of her imagery, Constance Newland shows how it represented her father’s penis.

The pea associated with pee or urine, and the pod with a seed carrier, the testicles. Freud gives the ex­ample of a patient who dreamt he was kissed by his uncle in an ‘auto’.

The patient immediately gave his own association as auto-eroticism.

A psychologist whose patient dreamt she was going on a trip on a boat called Ncwland, correctly inferred that the patient was getting better, because the name sug­gested new territory traversed. One woman dreamt about a busy intersection, and realised it was referring to inter-sex-on.

So we need to consider how unconsciously we might be playing with words, then check if this helps us gain insight. Also, phrases are used in the same way. We might see such words as ‘1 felt a prick’, keeping it up was difficult’, ‘dead end’ and so on, in writing down our dream. See names of people; introduction to colours. ... word play, puns dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences