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Spearman Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

A battle between spearmen in a dream represents a blow of fate, a mishap, or a calamity.

The way to avoid such a mishap is by spending money and efforts on God’s path. Such a battle also could mean an attack against one’s religion, a calumny, or mocking another person’s faith, or speaking ill of righteous people, or being sarcastic about religion, or it could mean slander, defamation, confuting someone, defaming him, vilification, or making libelous statements against someone. Ifone sees himselfstabbing someone with a spear, a sword, a lance, or a wooden post in a dream, it means making or publishing libelous statements about someone, and in that case, he is the assailant and he is liable for his actions, also he will be subjected to the same destiny. Ifone stabs, wounds, or threatens someone with any of the above weapons, or if he points them toward the other person but does not attack him in the dream, it means that he will be tempted to slander or defame him, then he will withhold himself from doing so.

If one sees people fighting with spears in a dream, it means that a plague will strike that place, or it could mean rising prices.

If one sees them rebelling against the government in the dream, it means that prices will fall.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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of a: you avenge being hurt by hurting other people.

grasping a: are the symbolic aggressor rather than the harmful one.

lance: others wil incite a battle, your strength of wil wil commit to it.

stabbing a, fish: wil receive an inheritance, to your great dissatisfaction

spearman: a rapid succession of major obstacles.

using a, to catch fish: concentrate your powerful mind against the distractions. ... spear dream meaning