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Storage place for safe-keeping treasured items... chest dream meaning


To dream of handling chestnuts, foretells losses in a business way, but indicates an agreeable companion through life. Eating them, denotes sorrow for a time, but final happiness.

For a young woman to dream of eating or trying her fortune with them, she will have a well-to-do lover and comparative plenty.... chestnuts dream meaning


The manner of touch and your feelings about it is important. Normally represents the laying?on of hands, usually healing. On rare occasions it may mean a curse. Can be comfort; security.... touching dream meaning

Chest, Box

May refer to one’s physical chest; more often the way we hide in ourselves, or keep hidden, our own feelings; our most valued ideals and hopes; our best insights; the best in us. ... chest, box dream meaning

Treasure Chest

Symbolic of finding something that was hidden from others and contains things of great value... treasure chest dream meaning


Autumn, play, food, fertility.... chestnut dream meaning


Courageous defender... chester dream meaning

Toy Chest

1. Childhood issues, often repressed.

2. Rejecting imma­ture behavior.

3. Secure, happy family life. ... toy chest dream meaning

Chest Pain

Having chest pain in a dream denotes a sin one is being punished for, or it could mean being spendthrift, or it could represent one’s generosity in other than God’s pleasure, and the pain represents the punishment for it.

(Also see Bodyl; Chest”; Pain)... chest pain dream meaning


A dream denoting home quarrels and worries.... horse-chestnut dream meaning

Chestnut / Chestnut Tree

Dreaming of a chestnut means you will be healthy and strong.

A chestnut tree indicates you will have sons. See also Tree.... chestnut / chestnut tree dream meaning

Breast, Chest

Symbol: In a man s dream, a breast is an erotic symbol, but it also shows a strong need for tenderness and being connected.

Vision: Looking at the beautiful breast of a woman: good luck and a joyful love life.

An emaciated breast: poverty and misery. I laving hair on your chest: a positive sign—soon your financial situation will improve. Holding a Baby to your breast: a sure sign of homesickness; or simply that you have much empathy for another person. Watching a baby nursing on its mother’s breast: much good luck in all your personal affairs. Having a large breast: prosperity is on the rise.

Depth Psychology: The breast usually expresses sexual desires, but also a need for love, safety, and security.

If you frequendy dream of cuddling against somebody’s breast, you may be afraid of taking life into your own hands and seek to escape back to that protected state.... breast, chest dream meaning

Chest / Thorax

interpreted upon 8 sides: knowledge, wisdom, generosity & stinginess, disbelief, belief, life, death.... chest / thorax dream meaning

Drawer / Chest Of Drawers

(1) You go to a drawer for something you want or need. It may, therefore, symbolize a source of wisdom, a place - within yourself - where you will find the answer to your problem, the cure for your disease.

(2) A chest of drawers may represent your psyche. The top drawer will then be your conscious ego, the bottom drawer or lower drawers the unconscious layers of your psyche.... drawer / chest of drawers dream meaning

Chest (body Part)

If the person who dreams of the chest of a woman is a man, the image could indicate his need for tenderness and understanding. However, if a woman has this dream, it could be a symptom of early pregnancy. On the other hand, keeping in mind that we breathe through the chest, the dream could be referencing the central point of our lives. (See BREASTS)

A beautiful, healthy chest is a sign of happiness; of great dimensions,

economic debts.

Chestnut It is a fruit related to winter and scarcity, suggesting the idea of foresight. Formerly considered suitable food for the dead, the chestnut is representative of long life, health, and protection. Some Nordic traditions advise to always carry one in your pocket, renewing it each year as a talisman of good luck and a charm against diseases.... chest (body part) dream meaning