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Belly Button

*Please See Navel.... belly button dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Bread And Butter

Something that will bring you guaranteed income ... bread and butter dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Breast, Buttock And Genital Injuries

Dreams about breasts are likely to be sexual. Swollen breasts may be connected with the desire to have children, although you need to consider who or what the baby you’d like to have represents. A dream of being kicked or hit on the buttocks is a clear symbol of some kind of disapproval in waking life—perhaps self-disapproval. Dreams in which you are beaten or whipped may have a straightforward sexual meaning, but they could also refer to an overambitious friend or colleague.

If you are the person doing the beating, is the dream referring to your ambition? If a man dreams of injury to his genitals, it may be highlighting his fear of impotence; for a woman, such dreams may highlight her anxiety about reproduction or sexuality. A dream of castration can be terrifying for a man as it alludes to his whole sense of power and virility.... breast, buttock and genital injuries dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


1. A reference to things ‘behind’ you, butting in, cover your butt! Big Butt laziness or apathy... butt dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


To dream of eating fresh, golden butter, is a sign of good health and plans well carried out; it will bring unto you possessions, wealth and knowledge.

To eat rancid butter, denotes a competency acquired through struggles of manual labor.

To sell butter, denotes small gain. ... butter dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Smoothing out small problems in a gentle manner, involving fearfulness; see “butter”, “cup”, and “yellow”... buttercup dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dreaming of butterflies flitting from flower to flower, prosperity, good news from friends.... butterflies dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


To see a butterfly among flowers and green grasses, indicates prosperity and fair attainments.

To see them flying about, denotes news from absent friends by letter, or from some one who has seen them.

To a young woman, a happy love, culminating in a life union. ... butterfly dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Drinking buttermilk, denotes sorrow will follow some worldly pleasure, and some imprudence will impair the general health of the dreamer.

To give it away, or feed it to pigs, is bad still.

To dream that you are drinking buttermilk made into oyster soup, denotes that you will be called on to do some very repulsive thing, and ill luck will confront you. There are quarrels brewing and friendships threatened.

If you awaken while you are drinking it, by discreet maneuvering you may effect a pleasant understanding of disagreements. ... buttermilk dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(See Churn)... butterskin dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. Desire to enhance one’s image or impression (not ex­clusively by a female).

2. Reluctance to commit, settle down.

3. Creativity.

4. Frivolity.

5. Transformation, metamorphosis (shedding a chrysalis). ... butterfly dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


(See Bullfight)... butting dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(See Rump)... buttocks dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. Emotions kept in check (“buttoned up”).

2. Intimately revealing self to others, sexually or emotionally (opening but­tons).

3. A sense that someone harbors angry feelings (losing buttons). ... button dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


(See Button)... buttonhole dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


This is an action of closing yourself; it denotes self protection. It could indicate that the external environment is hostile and the dreamer needs shelter. Notwithstanding, it can also be interpreted as rejection of new opportunities around you.... buttoning dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To dream of sewing bright shining buttons on a uniform, betokens to a young woman the warm affection of a fine looking and wealthy partner in marriage.

To a youth, it signifies admittance to military honors and a bright career. Dull, or cloth buttons, denotes disappointments and systematic losses and ill health.

The loss of a button, and the consequent anxiety as to losing a garment, denotes prospective losses in trade. ... buttons dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Buttons / Buttonholes

Buttons and buttonholes were simple fastenings holding two different pieces of material together. Spiritually this can represent uniting the physical and spiritual realms into one coherent whole.... buttons / buttonholes dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Cigarette Butt

The end of a phase or process (as a cigarette butt is the end of the cigarette-burning process).

Something or someone you consider old, used up, discarded, ignored, or valueless.

A certain person who smokes, or evidence of that person’s presence.

Cigarette butt litter can represent: someone else’s discard; being affected by someone else’s issues, carelessness, or disregard for others; a littered or messy (physical, emotional, or mental) environment.

See also: Ashes; Fire; Cigarette; Smoke; Garbage... cigarette butt dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

Cracking One’s Fingers

Cracking one’s fingers in a dream means exchanging bad words between relatives, beingsarcastic, ormakingfun of others.

(Also see Bodyl)... cracking one’s fingers dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Finger / Fingers

To see your fingers in your dream means you are good at taking acting and communicating with others. physical and mental dexterity. They indicate manipulation, action and non-verbal communication. Here are some specific meanings of some finger dreams: If you dream your fingers are injured or have been chopped off, you are worried about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in a situation.

To dream of a finger pointing at you means you are feeling guilty about something. Dreams that feature your little finger represent your mental power, memory, and ability to communicate.

To dream of your index finger represents good judgement.

To dream of your middle finger means you are practical and cautious.

A dream about your ring finger represents success, popularity and creativity.

To dream of an unusually long finger predicts a romantic upset.

A very short or stubby finger signifies new friends.

A hand with extra fingers is a forecast that you will receive an inheritance. Also see “Fingernails” and “Fingerprints”, below.... finger / fingers dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


To dream of seeing your fingers soiled or scratched, with the blood exuding, denotes much trouble and suffering. You will despair of making your way through life.

To see beautiful hands, with white fingers, denotes that your love will be requited and that you will become renowned for your benevolence.

To dream that your fingers are cut clean off, you will lose wealth and a legacy by the intervention of enemies. ... fingers dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Fingers / Toes

interpreted upon 6 sides: children, brother’s children, [male] servants & companions & strength, the five prayers.... fingers / toes dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Five Fingers

(Hand) In a dream, the fingers of the right hand represent the daily five time prayers.

The thumb represents the pre-dawn prayer, the index represents the midday prayer, the middle finger represents the mid-afternoon prayer, the ring finger represents the sunset prayer, and the little finger represents the eveningprayer. As for the fingers of the left hand in a dream, they are interpreted to represent one’s nephews.

To cross or intertwine one’s fingers in a dream means difficulties and poverty.

(Also see Body’; Fingers; Thimble)... five fingers dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Moth Or Butterfly

A warning of rivals who will harm you if you are not careful in your speech and actions. Expect quarrels with your lover, husband, or wife.

To those who employ others it is a sign that they are not being served faithfully.... moth or butterfly dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book

Mrs. Butterworth’s

Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake syrup, knowm for its rich, buttery flavor, may be poured in a dream to represent your self-worth. Butter churned from cream may symbolize the turning of nununng to gold. Thus, your life may be enriched through nurturing others.... mrs. butterworth’s dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Peanut Butter

Eating out of a jar of peanut butter in a dream may result in your words coming out all wrong, thus it may mean that you are having difficulty communicating effectively. Peanut butter may also represent the product of two people’s hard work, as peanuts come two to a shell. It may also indicate that you are working “for peanuts.“... peanut butter dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Peanut Butter/paste

1. The Word simplified (smooth peanut paste); Heb. 5:12-14.... peanut butter/paste dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

Push Button(s)

A super surprise is signified in a dream featuring push buttons of any kind.... push button(s) dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Put In Irons

(See Bondi; Fetter)... put in irons dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


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