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Collect / Collecting

A dream of collecting things (such as stamps, stickers, leaves, etc.) is a sign of making new and interesting friends.

If you dreamed of someone collecting money and you contributed, you can expect some minor but pleasing good luck.

If you were collecting funds, you will take an unexpected short trip.... collect / collecting dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Collecting Fire That Does Not Burn

Collecting fire which neither burns nor gives off light symbolizes knowledge that is futile and worthless.... collecting fire that does not burn dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Collecting Or Carrying Ashes

Collection or carrying ashes in the dream means that the person doing so is presently engaged in acquiring futile and worthless knowledge.... collecting or carrying ashes dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream of a snail implies that you are easily riled up or upset. You shouldn’t allow yourself to get annoyed so easily. You want to express your individuality, but something seems to be holding you back. It may also indicate that you are slowly reaching your objectives. Travel at a speed that feels comfortable for you.... snails dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Stamp Collecting

This indicates recognition of the value of something or someone.

If a specific stamp is highlighted, this refers to the value of communications. Try to recall the image on the stamp.... stamp collecting dream meaning

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