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To dream of wearing snowshoes indicates your ability to cope with your insecurities and other people’s negativity.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
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This is a generally good omen, unless you ate the snow, in which case it portends a coming season of sadness.

To dream of deep snow or of a snowstorm signifies hard work but with an unexpected big success at the end; wet snow on trees, etc., is an omen of profitable investments; snow in the autumn indicates unusual happiness; in the spring it predicts an unanticipated material gain; in the summer it means a good business season ahead; in the winter it predicts success after minor difficulties; on the mountains it forecasts important good news; to wash in it is a sign that you will soon see the end of any troubles you may now have; to shovel it augurs help from influential friends.

A dream featuring snowshoes predicts a surprise reward for a past kind deed.... snow dream meaning


1. Speaks of the gospel of Christ Eph. 6:15

2. Equipping from the Word of God (Eph. 6:15)

3. To disciple believers;

4. Gospel;

5. Word;

6. Walk;

7. Preparation; (Ephesians 6:15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

8. To be alert,

9. To share the gospel

• The left shoe

- Represents our spiritual purpose in life in Christ and

• The right shoe

- Represents our fleshly walk. The shoes are the covering over your feet and your feet uphold and support you but they also provide all of your motion, forward, backward, sideways. They are your base. Sore feet, slows you down, its speaks of tiredness

• Sandals

- Are what the disciples wore and indicate you are going through a hot dry climate, like a desert.

• Shoe numbers not in sequence

- Ministering to children and adults together

• Trying on new shoes

- Assessing the doctrine interpretation of the church

• Changing Shoes

- Change in the doctrine(s) that has been believed

• Shoes Too Expensive

- Will not be able to attain to and receive the new doctrine

• Wearing Matching Shoes

- The call of God to being both hearers and doers of the gospel of Christ

• Tennis shoes

- Worldly gospel that is after the sinful flesh nature

• Boots

- Speaks of warring in the Spirit

• High heel Shoes

- Represents exalting one’s self above others, which is pride. It is easy to stumble in high heels; discomfort, seduction; Walking on a higher lever

• Need for shoes

- Mourning

• New shoes

- Speaks of direction, your calling may be directed to a new, fresh thing.

• Putting them on

- Speaks of preparation for a journey,

• Taking them of

- Honoring God

• Slippers

- You getting to comfortable

• Giving them away

- A way of thinking.

• Taking someone else`s shoes off

- To show respect

• Low heals

- Speaks of a humble walk.

• Broken shoes

- Not prepared for the gospel

• Little stone in the shoe

- Irritant, not prayed up. Slow you down.

• Shoe sizes from babies to adults

- Ministry to spiritual children and adults

• Snowshoes

- Gospel ministry; Shoes of peace; Walking a righteous path.

• Shoes Off

- Holy ground/God’s Presence

• Shoes (Pair)

- Witness (as in two word/ Balance/ Covenant

• Shoes (Two Pairs)

- Two different aspects of the same walk

• Sneakers

- In the Spirit; / By faith.

Eph. 6:15. 1, 4 Eph. 6:15; Ruth 4:7; Deut. 25:4-10; Luke 15:22 Sons wore shoes; slaves did not; Rom. 10:15.... shoes dream meaning