Snowball Dream Meanings

Snowball Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Snow in a dream means profits, or it could mean a cure for an illness.lfsnow and fire coexist beside one another in a dream, they represent love, passion and companionship. Ifone sees snow in its season, then it means washing away one’s difficulties and exposing one’s enemies or jealous companions. Seeing snow in other than wintertime in a dream means an illness, paralysis, or obstacles hindering one’s travel plans, or it could mean sufferings, swearing, or deceit.

A heavy snow storm in a dream means oppression, while a light snowfall or flurries mean benefits to one’s town. Melting snow in a dream means dispersal of agony, or it could mean the end of depression. Like rain, snow in a dream is a sign of divine mercy and a good harvest. When heavy, it represents a calamity, and when light, it is a blessing. Standing under a snowfall in a dream signifies enemy blows.

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Pushed / Pushing

1- When in a dream we are being pushed, there is an energy around us that enables us to achieve what we want.

If we are pushing, then we are usually exerting our will positively. Pushing something uphill, such as a car or snowball, suggests that we are trying to resist natural forces.

2- When in everyday life we are aware of pressure, this can be surface in dreams as being pushed and can sometimes indicate a fear of illness. In ccrtain forms of mental illness, the patient experiences a feeling of being pushed around and made to do something lie does not want to do. Occasionally, when experienced in dreams, this can actually be a form of healing.

3- When one is developing psychically it is possible to become aware of the subtle forces and energy around. This can be experienced as being pushed.... pushed / pushing dream meaning


(Baseball; Basketball; Cricket ball; Football; Glob; Golfball; Handball; PingPong ball; Pushball; Snowball; Tennis ball; Volleyball) A ball in a dream signifies a dispute, an argument, a fight to control the world and its resources. Some will desire it and others will reject it.

A ball in a dream also could signify travels or moving between places. Usually, a ball in a dream represents a man. Ifit is made from leather, then it represents a leader, a boss, or a scholar. Playing ball in a dream means a fight.

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