What does it mean to see an slipper in a dream?

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see Shoe

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Vision: Wearing torn slippers: a crisis in your relationship or marriage. Wearing worn-out slippers: are you planning to break out of your marriage or a relationship? It would be wise to stay—you won’t manage your “new life” any better. Looking at slippers: don’t be timid—be more assertive. Buying slippers: you are about to do something very stupid. Wearing wooden clogs: you are too domineering.

Depth Psychology: You either live with an overbearing partner or you are looking for a secure and comfortable life: which it is, you need rr> figure out for yourself. See Clothes, Shoes.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Comfortable slippers signify contentment, uncomfortable ones indicate domestic problems; otherwise, see Shoes.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

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Glass Slipper

One has hope for future success. ... glass slipper dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Glass Slipper

To see or wear glass slippers in your dream symbolizes truth and transformation. ... glass slipper dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Glass Slippers

(See Slippers)... glass slippers dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ruby Slippers

Clicking her heels together three times, a woman wearing ruby slippers in a dream may appear to ground magical power. . As the amulets of power for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers signify the call to take a mythical heroine’s journey to find the way home or the way to spintual enlightenment. ... ruby slippers dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Shaky, Slippery And Solid Ground

A dream of standing on solid ground may mirror your own feelings of groundedness in daily life, but a dream in which the ground gives way under your feet or you have to dodge pitfalls or open manhole covers mirrors your current sense of insecurity in waking life. When the earth opens up in your dream, consider what it is you are afraid of falling into, or what might open up for all to see? If you lose your balance in your dream and fall into a huge pit or hole, are you on the verge of ‘putting your foot in it’ or making a huge blunder (’being wrong footed’) in real life? If you find yourself slipping and stumbling in your dream and are covered in mud, do you feel as if you are making mistakes and your reputation has been dragged through the mud, or have you been the victim of mud-slinging or bad words in the waking world. Alternatively, do you feel somehow soiled and grubby? If your dream depicted a pig happily rolling in the mud, do you need to take a more down-to-earth approach in waking life? If your dream depicted you being sucked into the ground or into mud, do you feel caught in a situation that is draining you and about which you feel powerless to do anything? Ask yourself who, or what, the mud or sand in the dream may have represented. Is anyone, or anything, in your life dragging you down? Or have you become a prisoner of your own inhibitions, so that you are stuck in the mud?If you find yourself off the ground in your dream, this may suggest that you are losing connection with your roots of family or culture, or living in a state of mind that does not connect you with everyday reality. This lack of grounding may also be occasionally shown as being on a high building. Finally, if the earth is soft and difficult to walk on, you are probably finding your present life hard to deal with. Negative emotions are bogging you down. But if the earth is dry and firm, then you are feeling on firm ground as far as relationships and creativity are concerned. See also DISASTERS. ... shaky, slippery and solid ground dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Slip / Slippery

Stumbling or slipping in a dream may signify that the dreamer is forcing himself or herself to do things incompatible with the dreamer’s nature or destiny. ... slip / slippery dream meaning

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


To dream of slippers, warns you that you are about to perform an unfortunate alliance or intrigue. You are likely to find favor with a married person which will result in trouble, if not scandal. To dream that your slippers are much admired, foretells that you will be involved in a flirtation, which will suggest disgrace. ... slippers dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


1. If wearing, one has a relaxed persona. 2. Symbolic of tranquility in a situation. 3. A suggestion from one’s uncon­scious to relax. 4. A suggestion that one is being lazy. ... slippers dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


(Glass slippers; Hoof; Protection; Wooden clogs; Wooden slippers. ) Slippers in a dream represent property, protection, a ring, or preventing evil happening. Wearing a pair of slippers in a dream also means a journey, or travelling by sea, or it could mean buying a new vehicle. Tight slippers in a dream means tightness in one’s livelihood, entanglements, or being pursued by debt collectors. Removing one’s slippers in a dream means putting an end to one’s strains. Wearing embroidered slippers coupled with a shawl over one’s shoulders in a dream means increase in one’s wealth and respect. Wearing them in the winter is more beneficial then wearing them in the summer where they mean distress. Seeing one’s slippers on fire or if they fall into a well in a dream may mean the death of one’s wife. In a dream, a pair of new slippers that are elongated like a boat means tight circumstances and debts. Slippers in a dream also represent money which is earned from a foreign country or from an import and export business. If slippers in a dream are interpreted to mean protection, then losing them in a dream could mean loss of one’sjob. Ifthey are interpreted to mean religion, then losing them in a dream means relief from difficulties, or an end to one’s trials. Wearing a pair ofsimple slippers in a dream means taking a trip to a distant place, or a marriage to a young virgin. If one’s slippers are worn-out in a dream, it means that one may marry an unwed woman or a widow. Losing a slipper in a dream means losing half of one’s assets. Finding a pair of lost slippers in a dream means occupying oneself with worldly business rather than serving one’s benefits in the hereafter, or it could mean delinquency in attending one’s religious duties. Wearing wooden slippers in a dream means repentance from sin, engaging in an argument, acquiringknowledge, or exposing a secret one would rather conceal from others. Walking with glass slippers in a dream means being a hypocrite and a bad companion whose friendship does not last, and whoever befriends someone wearing glass slippers in a dream will suffer from adversities and hardships because of him. (Also see Wooden clogs)... slippers dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Domesticity in all its different meanings. Sluggishness and insecurity. According to Freud, female genitals. See Shoe. Folklore: A small gesture of friendliness is royally rewarded. ... slippers dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


Scandalous doings are foretold by a dream of slippers, and, therefore, this dream should be regarded as a warning against intrigue. Even mild flirtations should be avoided after such a dream. ... slippers dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book


A small kindness on your part will reap a large reward. ... slippers dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Dreams of slippers denote warmth, nurturing, and support. Because you wear slippers at home or before retiring to sleep, slippers symbolize that you feel grounded, comfortable and at home with yourself. See Slip, Feet or Cinderella. ... slippers dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


To see or wear slippers in your dream symbolizes relaxation, but this dream can have two meanings. Either you are very relaxed and comfortable lately, to the point of being lazy - or you need to relax because you have been stressing about a situation in which you feel insecure or not in control. If you saw or wore glass slippers in your dream, this symbolizes truth and transformation. ... slippers dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


A dream about slippers warns of intrigue and scandal. See Shoes. ... slippers dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


Roles we play. Pampering aspects of self. ... slippers dream meaning

The Dream Books Symbols


They represent the most intimate feelings and emotions of the dreamer. To walk around the house in slippers could be a sign of physical or mental exhaustion, but also indicates a relaxed state of comfortable intimacy. To find yourself in the street with slippers instead of shoes reflects insecurity, embarrassment, or fear of ridicule. The dreamer is afraid of not being up to speed in real life. ... slippers dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Anything connected to the feet has to do with being grounded and the way you would like to express yourself with regard to your walk through life. Slippers are the ultimate in relaxation and retreat from responsibility and effort. Wearing them in a dream represents a desire to feel freer. If someone in your dream is wearing them, then the character aspect in you that the person represents needs a break. Slippers that are not being worn are asking you to consider being more at ease. ... slippers dream meaning

Complete Dictionary of Dreams


lucky numbers: 01-09-12-18-33-41buying: wil receive a smal kindness, a trip that wil turn in your favor. having many: wil receive a large reward from proposal you made. men, for: wil live a long life in a strong relationship. moccasins: wil be hired to supervise others. wearing: security and contentment in your own heart. man, a: wil lead a relaxed life if satisfied with your choice of mate. tattered: are throwing away your relationship. torn: a major rift threatens your relationship; the next one wil be a step up. unmarried person dreaming of: be careful in choice of mate. woman, a: you are in a good financial position. women, for: wil have to pardon enemies to accept disarmed relationships. ... slippers dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


If the ground is slippery in your dream, you have been acting in a way that doesn’t suit your personality. ... slippery dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Slippery Path

Symbolic of judgment upon the wicked, Ps. 73:18, or the way of the wicked, Ps. 35:6, Ps. 73:18. Also symbolic of calamity and punishment for wicked behavior, Jer. 23:12 ... slippery path dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Slippery Surface

Walking on a slippery surface, or tripping over a slippery surface may mean abolition of a wrongdoing one has committed in the past. It also means forgetfulness, distraction, slowing of mental keenness, or diversion from one’s pursuit of knowledge. (Also see Slip of a tongue)... slippery surface dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Wooden Slippers

(See Slippers; Wooden clogs)... wooden slippers dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation