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A lack of protection for one’s arms, which bear the fruit of their labor; see “clothes”

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Sleeveless | Dream Interpretation

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Sleeveless shirt

Sleeveless underwear

Sleeveless vest

Sleeveless left arm

Yellow sleeveless

Wearing white sleeveless


Sleeveless cardigan

Sleeveless top

Dreamt someone wearing a sleeveless blue shirt with torn pocket

I saw a friend wearing sleeveless and skirt

Why i always dream that i wear sleeveless top.

Red sleeveless

Sleeveless cutted shirt

Sleeveless dress

Sleeveless blouse

Short sleeveless gilet

Wearing an under sized sleeveless in the dream

Black sleeveless shirt

Dreaming of wearing white sleeveless

Sleeveless white dress

Dead brother wearing white sleeveless