Silk Ivory Pantsuit | Dream Meaning

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To dream of wearing silk clothes, is a sign of high ambitions being gratified, and friendly relations will be established between those who were estranged.

For a young woman to dream of old silk, denotes that she will have much pride in her ancestors, and will be wooed by a wealthy, but elderly person.

If the silk is soiled or torn, she will drag her ancestral pride in the slums of disgrace. ... silk dream meaning


To dream of ivory, is favorable to the fortune of the dreamer.

To see huge pieces of ivory being carried, denotes financial success and pleasures unalloyed. ... ivory dream meaning

Ivory, Ivoreen

See “ivar”... ivory, ivoreen dream meaning

Garments Of Silk, Raw Silk And Fin Silk

These symbolise superiority, Strength, influence and the acquiring of unlawful wealth.... garments of silk, raw silk and fin silk dream meaning

Silk Brocade

(See Brocade)... silk brocade dream meaning

Silk Merchant

Seeing him in a dream means celebrations and joy because of the beautiful colors he displays in his shop. Seeing him in a dream also may represent a social worker, a spiritual guide, or a psychologist who is expert at solving problems and promoting peace.

(Also see Brocade; Silk)... silk merchant dream meaning

Silk Turban

Wearing a turban made of silk or raw silk means a person’s authority will cause his downfull in matters pertaining to his Deen and world. Also, whatever his earns during his term of office will be unlawful.... silk turban dream meaning

Satin Or Silk

A fortunate dream for the businesi man, but the lover should beware of false and flattering words.... satin or silk dream meaning