Sheep Dream Meanings

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Sheep Dream Meaning: From 30 Different Sources

(see also Lamb)

(1) Sheep may symbolize unthinking, passive conformity to conventions or to a mundane existence; taking one’s ideas uncritically from authority figures or other people; being easily led, and consequently not in control of oneself.

(2) Sheep may also symbolize going astray; taking a wrong turning in life; forsaking one’s destiny.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd

Sheep depict the way we might be led into situations, sometimes awful, by conforming to prevailing attitudes and social pressures. Example: ‘1 walked past a married couple who were walking up the hill too. As I passed I heard them say something about a shepherd. Looking up the hill I saw the sheep, then The Shepherd.

A beautiful aura of many colours surrounded The Shepherd. I looked and felt joy and exuber­ance rise in me, and I ran to the couple saying it was The Shepherd’ (Brian C). In the example Brian is not only aware of the sheep, but also The Shepherd.

The sheep is his sense of being one of the crowd and The Shepherd is his sense of his own unique potential or love transforming his ordinariness.

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences
Author: Tony Crisp

Innocence and vulnerability are the hallmarks of the sheep as a symbol.

If the sheep appears in your dream, you are getting in touch with the more tender side of yourself. Be careful, however, of giving up your will, as the sheep is also a symbol of following the herd without individual mindfulness. There is a strong association with sheep and sleep or meditative states with the phrase “counting sheep.”

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox

1. Christian,

2. Easily led; ) Isa. 53:6

3. Shepherdess (scattered sheep);

4. Church (flock of sheep). Matt. 10:16; 25:32; Luke 15:4-7; John 10 3-4, 7, 1.

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model
Author: Vincent Wienand

The sheep is renowned for its flock instinct and it is this interpretation that is most usually accepted in dreams.

The helplessness of the sheep when off balance is also another aspect that is recognizable, as is the apparent lack of intelligence.

The god-fearing, ‘good sheep’ and also the passive and ‘sheepish’ may have relevance within the context of the dream.

To dream of sheep and wolves or of sheep and goats is to register the conflict between good and evil.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

To dream of sheep suggests that you are afraid to embark on innovative endeavors and experience new adventures. You are perfectly comfortable remaining stationary and following the opinions or directions of others.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis
Author: DreamForth

Dreaming about sheep may indicate the dreamer feels uncreative and lacks initiative to venture out on his or her own.

The dreamer may be just following along, letting others direct his or her life.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Vision: Seeing one or more sheep means difficult times are on the way. Shearing a sheep: you are taking advantage of other people and you will have to account for your actions some day. Seeing a flock of sheep: you will be able to generate a good income, because you work diligendy and are humble.

See Lamb.

Depth Psychology: A sheep may reflect your easygoing nature, but also that you are easily influenced and let people take advantage of you. You are often too “soft” and can t say no when dealing with strong personalities. Do you feel like a “dumb” sheep? Do others call or treat you as if you were? Why? On the other hand, are you “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

Slow and steady progress.

To shear a sheep means a profit in business. Herding sheep means you are worried about a close friend’s actions.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary
Author: Raymond Buckland

A herd of sheep in a dream represents a good flock, obedient subjects, or good citizens. Sheep in a dream also signify joy, happiness, festivities, a wife, children, a farmland, properties, prosperity or wealth, and particularly when one pays the due alms tax on his money making ventures and liquid assets. Owning a herd of sheep in a dream represents a growing wealth. Passing by a herd of sheep in a dream means passing a gathering of men who have no brain.

If a herd of sheep faces someone in a dream, they represent a group of people who will welcome him with a fight which one will eventually win. Receiving a herd of sheep as a gift in a dream means a political appointment, knighthood, knowledge, the seat of justice, or a blessing in one’s life. Shearing off the wool of a sheep in a dream is a warning that one should remain aloof for three days. Both the white sheep and the black sheep in a dream mean profit, though the benefits one draws from a white sheep are greater. Seeing a herd of sheep in a dream means continuous happiness. Walking by a slaughter house or a tripe shop and witnessing the heads and trotters of sheep in a dream mean longevity.

To find oneself transformed into a sheep in a dream means a booty or winning something. Seeing a sheep in one’s dream also represents an obedient son.

If one’s wife is pregnant, and ifhe is presented with a sheep as a gift in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Otherwise, the remaining little domesticated animals represent headache, because of the responsibility involved in caring for and in upbringing the boys, except for the girls, for they represent worldly success and profits. Ifone sees himself slaughtering a sheep in a dream, it means that one of his boys will shortly die, or perhaps it could be the son of someone he knows.

A sheep trader in a dream represents a good man who is intuitive and who spends his money on the path of seeking knowledge, or to propagate the same. Ifone sees himself having a fat tail like that of a sheep in a dream, it means that his livelihood will depend on the revenues of his offspring. In a dream, a sheep also represents a righteous man.

(Also see 384 Counting sheep; Ewe; Ram; Trader)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

It symbolises a fit and healthy person who is known to the people.

A person who is enviable_one looked upon with respect. He is also an honourable, wealthy and brave person who takes special care in guarding himself in all respects.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

If there was a black or gray sheep among them, your dream of sheep is warning you to watch your step as regards your personal behavior.

If the sheep were all white, your dream is a very lucky omen for all that concerns you deeply. Also see “Lamb.”

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

A fortunate dream, for it tells of coming success through well-conceived plans.


Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous

1. Feeling that one is unable to function well on one’s own.

2. Goes along with the crowd.

3. Defenseless in the face of adversity.

4. Useful to others.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream that you are shearing sheep predicts good business and profitable months ahead.

To see many sheep indicates a good time to make new plans.

Dream Source: Psycho Dream Interpretation
Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe

Dreams of sheep signify that you are following a leader, and being influenced. Your dream may be telling you to think for yourself and stop being so sheepish.

See Lamb.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

To dream of shearing them, denotes a season of profitable enterprises will shower down upon you.

To see flocks of sheep, there will be much rejoicing among farmers, and other trades will prosper.

To see them looking scraggy and sick, you will be thrown into despair by the miscarriage of some plan, which promised rich returns.

To eat the flesh of sheep, denotes that ill-natured persons will outrage your feelings.

See Lamb and Ram.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

It is a sign of passivity, conformity, and lack of initiative. We tend to delegate responsibilities that affect us to others in order to avoid commitments. Or, we give only what is expected of us.

Dreaming of this situation (although it is presented metaphorically) indicates that your attitude, deep down, is unsatisfactory. On the other hand, the sheep also means purity and innocence, two positive attributes. However, it may also represent ignorance and blindness. In the event that a shepherd appears, the dream may refer to the power of love to unify divergent forces.

To see many sheep is a sign of calamity; but if they belong to you it promises great riches. A white sheep is a good omen; a black sheep, a bad one.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

To dream of a flock of sheep grazing in a green field is a sign of plenty and the ability to make friends.
Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway

If there was a black or gray one among them, the dream is warning you to watch your step as regards your personal behavior; otherwise, sheep are an excellent omen for all that concerns you deeply.

See also Lamb.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Belonging, or finding where you belong.

One of the crowd.

The idea of being a “follower” or going along with others.


Minding your own business.

Fitting in or “blending in” with others.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Animal

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

Non-thinking innocent trust, giving all responsibility for self to others. Develop the awareness of the shepherd or higher self within to protect and guide you. Also, lamb may represent desire for cuddling and sensitivity; a desire to return to innocence, which is an unrealistic and undesirable state.

See Lamb.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

Prosperity and enjoyment, if scattered they signify persecution (Gypsy). Early Christian symbol for the church.
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream
Author: Katherine Taylor Craig

(see Animals, Wool)

A symbolic representation for a passive, shy, or docile person.

A sign that you, or someone you know, are too easily led astray by strong or charismatic people.

Black sheep represent the shadow, or feelings of isolation and rejection. Alternatively, this may reveal you are unafraid to pursue your own way, despite others’ opinions.

Among Christians, an emblem of those saved by grace.

Hebraic: Wealth, purity, and innocence. This was the only creature acceptable for the Passover observance.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco

lucky numbers: 02-18-32-44-45-53

black, being the family: temptation wil send your life away.

bleating of one lamb, hearing: your business wil prosper with good advertising.

several lambs: have patience with pain and it wil disappear.

buying: good earnings in stock speculation.

counting: quibbling invitations and transient hindrances drive you to distraction.

drinking milk of: wil be molested for no apparent reason.

ewe, of an: a large family and prosperity to come.

many together: riches and abundance, if you economize and plan for old age.

fighting among themselves: hard work without a goal breeds discord.

milking: abundant means are offered to you at present.

fighting: your compliancy wil fail you; chal enge your detractors.

flock of, a: your manipulating to stand out in the herd wil cost you.

having a herd of fine quality: are overly obedient.

losing: wil be abandoned if you agree too quickly.

ram, of a: your assertiveness is overpowering.

sacrificial, on an altar: resolve chal enges without making yourself a martyr.

seeing lambs: diligent work wil be seen as sil y, bringing moderate abundance.

selling: your tactics wil ruin an enemy and salvage your reputation.

shearing: success through wel -conceived plans of others.

squirting milk of, into own mouth: are letting others provide your nourishment.

15 dream interpretation about sheep related.

Black Sheep

An outcast or misfit ... black sheep dream meaning

Acquiring A Sheep

If a person sees himself acquiring or becoming the owner of a sheep it is a glad tiding that he will acquire superiority and wealth.

An influential and powerful person will become subservient to him.... acquiring a sheep dream meaning

All Products Of Sheep

The fat, meat, skin, milk, wool and droppings of sheep symbolise wealth and booty for a person if he sees himself as acquiring any of them.... all products of sheep dream meaning

Becoming The Owner Of A Flock Of Sheep

If a person sees himself as becoming the owner of a flock of sheep it means he will gain superiority over some noblemen and great personalities.

A similar interpretation is given if he sees himself as a shepherd of a flock of sheep.... becoming the owner of a flock of sheep dream meaning

Carrying A Sheep On The Back

It means he will bear the expenses of another person.... carrying a sheep on the back dream meaning

Counting Sheep

(See Counting)... counting sheep dream meaning

Mounting A Sheep

In the above case if he sees himself as riding the animal, leading it to wherever he desires it means he will derive tremendous benefit from such a person.... mounting a sheep dream meaning

Overpowering A Sheep

In the above case if he sees himself as overpowering the sheep, dropping it to the ground, it means he will over power him and render him helpless and powerless.... overpowering a sheep dream meaning

Sacrificing A Sheep

If a person slaughters a sheep or any other animal with the object of sacrifice or qurbani, it means he will be freed if he is a slave; or he will be released if he is imprisoned; or he will regain his strength and health if he is ill; or he will pay his debts if he is owing someone; or he will become wealthy if he is a destitute.... sacrificing a sheep dream meaning

Sheep Mounting A Man

If a person sees a sheep mounting him and riding on him it means some powerful and strong man will subjugate him, rendering him powerless.... sheep mounting a man dream meaning

Sheep Shearing

(See Scissors; Sheep)... sheep shearing dream meaning


(See Wool)... sheepskin dream meaning

Skinning A Sheep

In the above case if he sees himself as skinning the animal it means he will rob him of his wealth. He will enter into some dispute with him. Finally, he will separate from him.... skinning a sheep dream meaning

Slaughtering A Sheep

If he sees himself as slaughtering or killing a sheep not for food it means he will subjugate or gain victory over a powerful and strong man.... slaughtering a sheep dream meaning

Sheep / Lamb

Sheep in dreams represent the aspects of oneself that conforms to social pressures, such as feeling part of a crowd or being herded by others. Dreaming of sheep can also suggest aspects of ourselves that are the same as other human beings or working hard to accomplish a goal.

If the dreamer is caring for sheep, this may indicate a desire to grow spiritually.... sheep / lamb dream meaning