What does it mean to see an sexuality in a dream?

Sexuality Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


Depth Psychology: Dreaming about sex may be a sign of repressed or hidden erotic desires, but it often reflects problems you have with your sexual performance or that of your partner.

The rest of the dream symbols are very important. See Intercourse, Rape.

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Often unfulfilled desires. Generally, a symbol of meaningful contact and development of Self.

The male animus and the female anima are what the dreamer needs or wants to be connected with. Sexuality in dreams often refers to the secrets of life, such as birth, marriage, death (also life and the Devil). One of the strongest symbols of creativity.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

1 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Sexuality / Sex

If the sexual encounter is with someone the dreamer loves and desires, and who reciprocates his or her feelings, then happy times with that person lie ahead.

If the encounter is with someone whose feelings the dreamer isn’t sure of, it could mean the same, but it could also be nothing more than a wish-fulfillment dream. Look to other symbols in the dream in order to discern its true meaning.

If the encounter is an unpleasant one with either a stranger or someone whom the dreamer does NOT like, the dreamer is trying to avoid a distasteful choice or confrontation that perhaps should actually be faced.

If the encounter is a pleasant one with a partner that the dreamer does not know, then the dreamer is about to gain something that he’s been wanting for a long time. Again, to ascertain what it is, look to other symbols in the dream. Astrological parallels: Venus, Mars, Taurus, Scorpio Tarot parallel: The Lovers... sexuality / sex dream meaning