What does it mean to see an seduction in a dream?

Seduction Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources


(1) If in a dream you are seduced, it may be a reliving of an actual seduction, perhaps in childhood. Otherwise, it might express a desire for sex. In a man’s dream, a seductive woman / siren / mermaid may symbolize his anima in negative - destructive - form (see Brother / Sister). The latter may result from a negative relationship between the man’s mother and himself as a child. In any case, the dreamer would need to get in touch with his anima, enter into dialogue with her and take steps to rearrange his life to accommodate her just demands.

(2) If you are the seducer, the dream is probably a straightforward expression of sexual desire.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


Seduction in a dream often is an expression of the dreamer’s sexual desires.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


1. Sexual desire, either as a seducer or as the person de­sired.

2. Feeling lured into a situation that may not be good or honorable.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


See Rape.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


(see Prostitute, Sexual Encounters) Straightforward desires and passions.

A revealing dream that may indicate unhealthy relationships, like the siren who lures the sailor to doom and destruction.

Sensing that you’ve succumbed to a faulty bill of goods, sold by sweet words and pretty pictures that won’t hold up under close examination.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

50 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


If a woman dreams that she has beautiful hair and combs it, she will be careless in her personal affairs, and will lose advancement by neglecting mental application.

For a man to dream that he is thinning his hair, foreshadows that he will become poor by his generosity, and suffer illness through mental worry.

To see your hair turning gray, foretells death and contagion in the family of some relative or some friend.

To see yourself covered with hair, omens indulgence in vices to such an extent as will debar you from the society of refined people.

If a woman, she will resolve herself into a world of her own, claiming the right to act for her own pleasure regardless of moral codes If a man dreams that he has black, curling hair, he will deceive people through his pleasing address. He will very likely deceive the women who trust him.

If a woman’s hair seems black and curly, she will be threatened with seduction.

If you dream of seeing a woman with golden hair, you will prove a fearless lover and be woman’s true friend.

To dream that your sweetheart has red hair, you will be denounced by the woman you love for unfaithfulness. Red hair usually suggests changes If you see brown hair, you will be unfortunate in choosing a career.

If you see well kept and neatly combed hair, your fortune will improve.

To dream you cut your hair close to the scalp, denotes that you will be generous to lavishness towards a friend. Frugality will be the fruits growing out therefrom.

To see the hair growing out soft and luxuriant, signifies happiness and luxury.

For a woman to compare a white hair with a black one, which she takes from her head, foretells that she will be likely to hesitate between two offers of seeming fortune, and unless she uses great care, will choose the one that will afford her loss or distress instead of pleasant fortune.

To see tangled and unkempt hair, life will be a veritable burden, business will fall off, and the marriage yoke will be troublesome to carry.

If a woman is unsuccessful in combing her hair, she will lose a worthy man’s name by needless show of temper and disdain.

For a young woman to dream of women with gray hair, denotes that they will come into her life as rivals in the affection of a male relative, or displace the love of her affianced.

To dream of having your hair cut, denotes serious disappointments.

For a woman to dream that her hair is falling out, and baldness is apparent, she will have to earn her own livelihood, as fortune has passed her by.

For man or woman to dream that they have hair of snowy whiteness, denotes that they will enjoy a pleasing and fortunate journey through life.

For a man to caress the hair of a woman, shows he will enjoy the love and confidence of some worthy woman who will trust him despite the world’s condemnation.

To see flowers in your hair, foretells troubles approaching which, when they come, will give you less fear than when viewed from a distance.

For a woman to dream that her hair turns to white flowers, augurs that troubles of a various nature will confront her, and she does well if she strengthens her soul with patience, and endeavors to bear her trials with fortitude.

To dream that a lock of your hair turns gray and falls out, is a sign of trouble and disappointment in your affairs. Sickness will cast gloom over bright expectations.

To see one’s hair turn perfectly white in one night, and the face seemingly young, foretells sudden calamity and deep grief.

For a young woman to have this dream, signifies that she will lose her lover by a sudden sickness or accident. She will likely come to grief from some indiscretion on her part. She should be careful of her associates. ... hair dream meaning


1- A comb is a many-toothed implement and often emphasises the need to neaten or tidv something up in our lives. We need to tidy up our thoughts. In a man’s dream, it can indicate seduction or sensuality.

2- We may be conscious of the fact that we need to work with our self-image.

3- Fertility, the rays of the sun, entanglement and music arc all represented by the comb.... comb dream meaning


A wind instrument often associated with Native American Indians, a flute may remark on a melodious spiritual experience.

A flute may appear to uplift the soul. As the instrument of the Pied Piper, it may warn that there is a seduction in the air that may lead you away from yourself.... flute dream meaning


Symbol: The serpent is a symbol of self-renewal and profound wisdom, and also of the dragon.

Vision: Seeing a serpent: be careful dealing with other people— somebody has it in for you—a healthy mistrust would be prudent.

If you are bitten by a serpent: avoid disagreements and don’t get involved in the affairs of others—both could have potentially harmful consequences. Are you trapped in an unhappy relationship? In a young girl’s dream, serpents frequently indicate a rear of the power of male sexuality. In the dream of a mature woman, the dream might indicate fear of a rival. In a man’s dream, seeing a serpent could mean that a woman wants to seduce him. It could also be a warning that a conniving woman is after him, or about false friends or deceitful people. In general, however, the serpent is a phallic symbol and being bitten by a serpent indicates repressed desires for sex and erotic pleasures, which will soon be more powerful than ever. Seeing a white serpent: you will receive either a wise or a secret message.

If a serpent is shedding its skin: you have grown beyond your limitations, because you have shed your timeworn existence and personality. Looking at the serpent of the caduceus (the symbol of physicians): your emotional conflicts will be healed. See Viper.

Depth Psychology: The serpent symbolizes psychic energy.

For women, it is a symbol of a fear of, as well as a desire for, male sexuality, though it can also be used as a weapon against the opposite sex. As a phallic symbol, the serpent might refer to temptation, seduction, and unbridled urges.

A white, yellow, or golden serpent means spiritual insight and experience; a red serpent stands for strong sexual needs; an orange-colored serpent refers to a combination of idealism, emotions, and sexuality; a blue serpent stands for religiosity; a violet serpent is a symbol of intellectual power; a green serpent promises emotional energies and budding hopes. In any case, the serpent awakens unconscious energies that influence your feelings, urges, and instincts, bringing them into awareness where they will shape your personality.

The serpent can and will greatly increase your self-knowledge.

It is a very important dream symbol!... serpent dream meaning


Material aspects: Practically, the oyster is reputed to be an aphrodisiac food; in fact, this is because of its high zinc content, which affects the production of semen.

For this reason a dream about oysters may be highlighting fertility issues. In dreams, as nowadays they can be expensive, they may well also represent the act of seduction.... oyster dream meaning


(1) For a woman, it might express doubts about her femininity, or fears of (sexual) frigidity. In such a case, it may be that your partner is not right for you.

(2) In a man’s dream it might represent an idealized image of women (which may inhibit relations with actual women). Are you frightened of sex?

(3) For a man, it might represent the siren, which might actually symbolize the anima as the part of the psyche that will take you - safely - into the depths of your unconscious, and thereby heighten your self- knowledge.

(4) It may also, for a man, express fears of being ‘drowned’ by the feminine or by the unconscious. See also Seduction, and Introduction, page 49.... mermaid dream meaning


Gloves both protect and hide your hands, so they connect with your talents, abilities, skills, and expressiveness. This can be deliberate or imposed, helpful or limiting.

The type of gloves and how they appear in the dream will give you clues for an accurate interpretation. Because we gesture with our hands, a dream about gloves may connect to the part of communication that is beyond our words and part of our body language. Gloves represent the various masks we wear in our communication to present that which we want to while hiding our true skins underneath. Sexy, tight-fitting gloves connect to subtle elements of seduction. Work gloves might help you find areas in your life where you feel you have to work hard to conceal your true meaning. Lace gloves evoke delicate communication that is only thinly veiled or is hiding the authentic meaning. Boxing gloves point to a fight brewing from a challenge in your life. They might also be inhibiting your communication because of guardedness—hands inside of boxing gloves may be ready to fight, but they can’t be very gentle or expressive. Mittens may connect to a need or desire to be more comfortable, but at the loss of the same expressiveness or effectiveness. Long gloves up the arms connect to the extensiveness of the hidden issues or the seduction at hand. Rubber gloves may be about projecting underlying messages of more serious vulnerability to communication that is toxic.... gloves dream meaning


1. Phallic symbol.

2. Gentle approach to seduction of a female. ... unicorn dream meaning


1. Seduction, sensual pleasures.

2. Drain of vitality, life force; often in a relationship.

3. Bad bargain has been made (as in “bargain with the devil”). ... vampire dream meaning


1. A pleasant seduction, delightful allure, often involving potential relationships.

2. A phallic symbol.

3. Vagina.

4. The commonplace, boring. ... vanilla dream meaning


To see one spreading its tail denotes wealth and a handsome wife; for a woman this is a dream forecasting the promotion of her husband to popular favor.

To a young woman it symbolizes vanity and the attempted seduction by a coxcomb (Gypsy). The early Christians held it as the symbol of immortality. It was also the bird of Juno, who cursed whosoever should pluck its feathers; their children should never be well, nor should men come for their daughters; hence the superstition attached to these feathers.

The modern symbol of pomp and vanity.... peacock dream meaning


(see Fighting, Running, Seduction, Sexual Encounters)

Feeling violated or exploited by an individual, a group, or a situation.

If you are the abuser in the dream, this may represent pent-up displeasure toward yourself or antagonism toward another.

A memory surfacing. Some abuse victims have uncovered their memories through dreams. However, caution must be issued here. Since this topic is widely covered by the media, what you experience in a dream can reenact some of these stories, engendered by your emotional response (fear, indignation, outrage, etc.).... abuse dream meaning


Health and naturalness; also renewal of life and the symbol of immortality (the golden apple). Seduction and sexual symbol for breast.

(The ideal in the Middle Ages was to have breasts like little apples.) Something that turns into something good (and deservedly so—for instance, William TelPs apple) or, less frequently, something that turns into something bad (see the Apple of Paris).

According to Freud, the apple, like almost every other Fruit, is the symbol for breasts, particularly when there is more than one apple. In psychoanalysis apples are generally considered a typical sexual symbol. According to C. G. Jung, they are a symbol of life, an ancient fertility symbol, as are the pomegranate, fig, and quince).... apple dream meaning

Jack Nicholson

Embodying the charm of the Devil. Jack may appear in a dream to demonstrate the dark side of a man’s personality. As a character, he uses seduction and charm as a means to an end.

For a man, he may warn that you are overrun by temptation. In a woman’s dream, he may come as a charming, lecherous man, snake-charming a woman into desiring him and then leaving her to do the same to others.... jack nicholson dream meaning


A man who dreams of seduction should be on his guard against false accusers.

If his sweetheart is affronted by proposals that be may make, he will be assured that the woman be loves is above reproach.... seducers dream meaning

Spider, Spiderweb

Symbol: The spider is a symbol of sinful, poisonous cravings. V7: Seeing a spider: honest efforts and hard work promise you happiness. Dreaming about a spider on your skin: be prepared for worries and provocation. Much of what matters to you right now is hanging on a “thin thread.”

Depth Psychology: On one hand, the spider is skillful and creative—a symbol of good luck, but on the other, it represents female seduction and the “devouring” of the male! Which of the two fits you? The spider is often a sign of your self-hatred because of your sexual desires.

The spiderweb may indicate an over- protective mother who interferes with her child’s (usually the dreamer’s) chances to develop and grow up.

If the latter scenario fits, do something about it—and do it soon.... spider, spiderweb dream meaning


Dreams of breasts represent nurturing, sexuality, femininity and mothering. Full, ripe breasts represent abundance, prosperity and seduction. Small breasts symbolize ripening femininity or perhaps a lack of nurturing in your life. See Boob Job.... breast dream meaning


Dreams of cobwebs symbolize that you are discovering a part of your power and wisdom that has been long forgotten, neglected, or discarded. This dream can also represent seduction and your ability to lure people to. See Shadow, Spider and Web.... cobwebs dream meaning

Fish Net

Dreams of a fish net represents your ability to lure in energy. Because fish net stockings are alluring and used to catch or hook men, this dream can symbolize attraction, seduction, and the awareness of the energetic nets that you set. See Web.... fish net dream meaning


Dreams of foreplay are about flirtation, desire, seduction, romance, courtship, preparing for union, sex, connection, and feeling your beauty and sexuality.... foreplay dream meaning


Dreams of grapes represent decadence, lavishness, abundance, juiciness, sweetness of life, and that you are enjoying earthly pleasures.

If you are feeding grapes to someone other than yourself, this could be a form of seduction or subservience. Grapes also are associated with wine, intoxication, and drunkenness. See Wine.... grapes dream meaning


Dreams of a hook reflects seduction, manipulation, and your ego tricks to lure someone in. Or perhaps this dream is exposing that which seduces and/or captures your attention.... hook dream meaning


Dreams of lingerie represent sensuality, seduction and that you are accentuating and embellishing your feminine power, appeal and allure. Because lingerie is mostly hidden from view, it represents that you are hiding a sexy secret and/or manipulating someone with your sensuality.... lingerie dream meaning


Dreams of a magnet represent attraction, seduction, influence, and an ability to draw people, places and opportunities to you. Or this dream may be showing you where you’ve been magnetized by someone’s charm.... magnet dream meaning


Dreams of panties are about a flimsy cover for your intimate, sexual feelings, attractions and impulses. Panties represent girlishness, innocence, virginal attributes, and/or seduction.... panties dream meaning


Dreams of quicksand denote seduction, gluttony, and entropy. You are getting sucked into a belief system that you inherently know isn’t good or healthy for you. Your dream is giving you the message to get out before it envelops you.... quicksand dream meaning


Dreams of a web are synonymous with joining forces, networking, and weaving your higher wisdom into real life.

A web can also represent seduction, getting caught, and tangled in a web of lies. Perhaps you are in a sticky situation from which you want to escape, or you are attempting to lure someone in to your embrace. See Spider.... web dream meaning


To see your chest in your dream signifies confidence and vitality. Alternatively, it may represent feelings of being overwhelmed. Consider if the dream is telling you that there is something that you need to “get off your chest”.

To dream of chest hair on a man symbolizes vanity, seduction and passion.

If you dreamed of hair growing on your chest, you have been keeping something inside that needs to get out. Share your confusion with a trusted friend.... chest dream meaning


Dreaming of a tiger symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you.

The tiger represents female sexuality, aggression and seduction.

If the tiger is in a cage, then it suggests that those repressed feelings are on the verge of surfacing.

If you dream of being attacked by a tiger, you may find yourself distressed and tormented by rivals.

If you dream of escaping or killing a tiger, you will be exceedingly successful in everything you do in life.

It is a sign of your good health, energy and inner strength.... tiger dream meaning


Traditionally known as the flower of seduction, it represents the dreamer’s wish to be free of responsibilities so that exotic excitement may be experienced.... poppies dream meaning


see Mermaid, section (3), Seduction

o... nymph dream meaning


Thanks to its wild character and peculiar flavor, the blackberry is a symbol of seduction. In this manner, it could give us happiness, but could also occasionally bring us hardships.... blackberry dream meaning


The gaze is another means of communication without words. It can be a weapon of seduction or repression, and a means of expressing love, understanding, complicity, anger, hate, joy, sadness, or disapproval. The important thing in interpretation of this dream are the feelings and sensations awakened in you by the gaze you are subject to.... gaze dream meaning


Seeing yourself dressed in this garment foretells the defeat of your adversaries through hard, constant work. It also shows that it is the ideal moment to start an emotional relationship.

If it is someone else that wears the kimono, you should be alerted to someone in your environment who, under the appearance of seduction, wants to trick you.... kimono dream meaning


A symbol of erotic seduction. The context of the dream will clearly indicate its meaning. Stockings are a sign of prejudice and financial loss. To put them on reinforces this forecast of loss; to remove them, however, denotes luck. Holey socks reveal vain hopes and mismanagement at home. Silk stockings announce luxury that is fleeting, as well as losses; cotton, modest wellbeing. To see stockings hung up expresses a false appearance of wealth; to wash them promises profits.... stockings dream meaning


A symbolic figure incarnated by the mermaid. The myth of sirens is one of the oldest, as already in ancient Greece there existed stories about them. They represent the feminine side of the mind and evidence the mystery that surrounds the human psyche. Sirens bring secret wisdom from the depths of the subconscious (the sea).

If a man has this dream, he may be afraid of his femininity or of his dark thoughts. For a woman it manifest the doubts about the nature of her own sex. Further, thanks to the seduction that a siren’s song exercises over masculine energy, it represent the temptations or passionate desires.

Dreaming of the siren’s song foretells possible deceit in love.

Mythology offers many figures that are part human, part animal. The major part includes the conscious mind; the minor part, the primitivism and irrationality that the conscience needs. Originally, these symbols were conceived to demonstrate that human nature and animals are inseparable.... siren dream meaning


This is an invitation to knowledge, but serves to hide the face and suggests, at the same time, that which it hides. In parallel, to dream of a veil should also encourage you to fight against that which shames you. For a woman, it denotes an erotic game and seduction. Additionally, according to Freud, it symbolizes the female hymen and the fear of sexual relations.

The monks occasionally wear veils. In spiritual terms, this dream could represent a rejection of mundane things. On the other hand, oneiric superstition says that dreaming of a black veil predicts a break in love. A white one, in contrast, foreshadows marriage.... veil dream meaning


The purpose of a fan is to cool the temperature around you by moving the surrounding air faster in order to create a breeze. In this way, a fan of any type has a primary symbolic meaning connected to the desire to reduce heat. That heat can be thought of as literal temperature or the heat of passion or anger. In a contradictory fashion, using a fan to move air can actually increase heat by speeding up the flow of oxygen toward a flame, as in “fanning the flames.” A hand fan can also symbolize eroticism in this same way, symbolically heating and cooling ardor by using it to extend gestures as a language of seduction.... fan dream meaning

Stripper Pole

The pole around which a stripper dances is a symbol itself for the penis, and the dance itself is a seduction of the feminine principle interacting with the masculine principle. This dance can be symbolic of an erotic or sexual desire, but it can also be a symbol for stimulating the life force and creative impulses within you.... stripper pole dream meaning


This archetype activates the aspects of the unconscious that are related to seduction and control. Prostitution should also be understood as the selling of your talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self—or the selling-out of them. This archetype is universal, and in dreams it relates to the need to birth and refine self-esteem and self-respect.... prostitute dream meaning


1. Seduction;

2. Enticement;

3. Temptation;

4. Persuasion, Deception.

5. Prov. 7:7,10,13,17-18; Eccl 10:1 Song 3:6.... perfume-influence dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-05-06-7-11-26

cage, in a: if you dare chal enge his control, your lover wil jilt you.

listening to a, singing at night: seduction without words.

many: restored health to an invalid through harmony in the home.

night bird, killing a: a joyous event turns to distress, then to disgrace.

singing from afar, hearing: wil receive prosperity; good love relationship. ... nightingale dream meaning

Strip Club

A strip club is an interesting location for a dream because it simultaneously represents elements of both the masculine and the feminine principle in action.

It is a place that celebrates the female body and in this way expresses the power of the feminine.

The objectification that goes on there indicates elements of the masculine principle in an undeveloped form. Issues of sexuality, seduction, and eroticism are the focus of such a dream setting; however, be willing to also consider that this energy is not in alignment or true integration. Sexual feelings may be pulling at you in an unbalanced way.... strip club dream meaning


1. Speaks of the gospel of Christ Eph. 6:15

2. Equipping from the Word of God (Eph. 6:15)

3. To disciple believers;

4. Gospel;

5. Word;

6. Walk;

7. Preparation; (Ephesians 6:15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

8. To be alert,

9. To share the gospel

• The left shoe

- Represents our spiritual purpose in life in Christ and

• The right shoe

- Represents our fleshly walk. The shoes are the covering over your feet and your feet uphold and support you but they also provide all of your motion, forward, backward, sideways. They are your base. Sore feet, slows you down, its speaks of tiredness

• Sandals

- Are what the disciples wore and indicate you are going through a hot dry climate, like a desert.

• Shoe numbers not in sequence

- Ministering to children and adults together

• Trying on new shoes

- Assessing the doctrine interpretation of the church

• Changing Shoes

- Change in the doctrine(s) that has been believed

• Shoes Too Expensive

- Will not be able to attain to and receive the new doctrine

• Wearing Matching Shoes

- The call of God to being both hearers and doers of the gospel of Christ

• Tennis shoes

- Worldly gospel that is after the sinful flesh nature

• Boots

- Speaks of warring in the Spirit

• High heel Shoes

- Represents exalting one’s self above others, which is pride. It is easy to stumble in high heels; discomfort, seduction; Walking on a higher lever

• Need for shoes

- Mourning

• New shoes

- Speaks of direction, your calling may be directed to a new, fresh thing.

• Putting them on

- Speaks of preparation for a journey,

• Taking them of

- Honoring God

• Slippers

- You getting to comfortable

• Giving them away

- A way of thinking.

• Taking someone else`s shoes off

- To show respect

• Low heals

- Speaks of a humble walk.

• Broken shoes

- Not prepared for the gospel

• Little stone in the shoe

- Irritant, not prayed up. Slow you down.

• Shoe sizes from babies to adults

- Ministry to spiritual children and adults

• Snowshoes

- Gospel ministry; Shoes of peace; Walking a righteous path.

• Shoes Off

- Holy ground/God’s Presence

• Shoes (Pair)

- Witness (as in two word/ Balance/ Covenant

• Shoes (Two Pairs)

- Two different aspects of the same walk

• Sneakers

- In the Spirit; / By faith.

Eph. 6:15. 1, 4 Eph. 6:15; Ruth 4:7; Deut. 25:4-10; Luke 15:22 Sons wore shoes; slaves did not; Rom. 10:15.... shoes dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-13-18-19-33-38

archer, being an: are unfitted to fil your position.

hitting the target: unfaithfulness until you find the right spouse.

married: danger is nearby, disgrace wil soon fol ow.

of an: your planned seduction wil bring unhappiness in love.

unmarried: engagement is near.

bow, a: to honor the God within.

and: benefit from other’s failure to complete tasks.

stringing a: with steady effort you wil accomplish.

breaking an: present failure in love is partial y your fault.

broken, a: business failure.

bulls-eye with an, hitting: power to set your goals and the skil to carry them through.

Cupid’s, being hit by: wil be smitten with love.

hit by an, being: have the strength to redirect your performance back to its source.

hitting target with: a straight course with swift arrival at a clear accomplishment.

injury from an: your nerves are breaking down.

losing: difficulties because of carelessness.

many: messages, powerful and purposeful, are intended for you.

having: friends are spectators to your money losses.

missing the target with: expect difficulties, misfortune because of an unsuspected person.

quiver full of, a: concentrate on your performance at work and a raise is in the offing.

shooting an, in self-defense: pending verification, you are the target.

splitting target in two: wil alienate a friend.

throwing an: vengeance never clears up the injustice.

volley of: opposition from several sources. ... arrows dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-18-24-30-47-48

being offered a drink of: wil sacrifice friends to your selfishness.

buying: wil have debts and difficulties, but pay them with il icit schemes.

drinking: warning of your own bad behavior, of which you are total y unobservant.

offering, to friends: your self-centeredness wil cause animosity with friends.

lover: temptation wil come to you.

mate: realization of high ambitions through scheming seductions.

relatives: be on the lookout for a double-cross in your struggle for your goal. ... whiskey dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-12-13-26-38-39

announcing others with a: relate this dream to family member who appeared in it.

being announced by a: you wish your work would be noticed.

others: another wil get your dream house.

chimes: anxiety over distant friend is confirmed.

church without a: are impotent in advising others.

dissonant gongs from a: distressing news exposing your lack of understanding.

door: exciting sexual adventures wil surprise you.

funeral knell, tolling a: a missed opportunity to better yourself.

hearing a church, ringing: be on guard against anxieties caused by hidden enemies.

doorbell: warning of family quarrels.

many: important friendships have been solidified and announced.

one: the object of your seduction is listening.

Liberty Bell, The: the beginning of a favorable phase of your life.

looking at a silent: someone highly placed is manipulating your success.

man, being a: you wil settle disputes amicably and reap fortune.

striking a: your presence wil make someone happy. ... bell dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-05-34-37-40-55

ache: keep your business plans to yourself or they wil cause violent fever.

migraine, having a: your pet project wil succeed, if you keep your own counsel.

bald, being: have disregarded virtuous teaching and are envious of another’s hair.

back of the, on the: your ideas are barred to the public.

going: society’s esteem increases for an attraction emanating from an internal source.

left side of the, on the: death of a relative who squandered his life on il icit pleasures.

right side: death of a friend who committed indiscretions and did not return to favor.

woman going: after 50, who you are cannot be hidden from your face.

cut off, having your: trust your intuition or you wil create new enemies.

another’s: wil surpass your friends in success.

chicken with its: others wil decide what to do next.

in half, a: wil win legal conflict with powerful people of vast influence.

stranger’s, a: wil defeat an unknown adversary.

dead person’s, a: wil discover the secret of servitude, pain and misery.

facing your back, your: your thoughtless stunts create long-term pain.

foreigner, of a: wil take a long journey and be unduly influenced by others.

holding own, in hands: wil have a brain disease and subsequent nervous disorder.

hunter, being captured by a: be wary of associating with wild unruly savages.

large rounded: dignity and esteem from good business transactions.

many: must meet dishonor in love with fortitude and good sense.

of own: wil receive something good unexpectedly.

being turned sideways, a one-eyed Jack: are too preoccupied with seduction.

round, having a: extract yourself from your involvement before it defeats your heart.

savage, of a: your base desires wil keep you hovering at the bottom.

severed, a: fresh bitterness over dashed hopes.

sick person dreaming of a large: wil get wel soon if you are not obsessed with worry.

small: beware of those whose pleasure is undermined with ulterior motives.

smashing your: resolve conflicts one step at a time.

three-headed person, of a: honor and money immediately upon changing your occupation.

torso without: your rapid rise is based on unstable probabilities.

without a body: a mildly amusingly experience wil prove your future. ... head dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-18-28-31-35-49

adder, of an: disputes with your lover.

killing an: victory over internal enemies.

many: the evil of temptation does not give up after one try.

seeing in a cage: a friend can no longer be trusted.

beaten, being: your plans wil be wrecked by the dire actions of enemies.

being chased by a: your conscience needs to shed its armor.

unable to kill a: unfortunate events that were not anticipated.

being in a cage at a zoo: your ungrateful friends weave your anxieties into a false portent.

boa constrictor, a: chal enge the devil but don’t deal with him.

cobra, of a: awakening of the cosmic power of the spine.

coiled, a: stormy times and much danger.

fangs of a: the mysterious poisons spread by the spoken word.

garter, a: hurtful gossip is being spread about you.

handling a: repeating ugly rumors makes you just as ugly.

grass, in the: what you hide is more powerful than what you express.

hissing, a: wil make a weighty mistake losing your temper.

killing a: wil have victory over enemies.

of: beware the primordial spiritual personage.

python, a: a stranger is instigating an intimidation of you.

rattle, encountering a: stand stil and watch those who can’t look you in the eye.

ready to strike: treachery from one you least expect.

several: jealous people would like to cause your ruin, your plan would reverse this.

shedding skin, a: wil be offered a new business opportunity.

surrendering, a: an enemy wil deeply provoke you into a regrettable response.

water, being attacked by a: to recover from this il ness, you must prevent the next one.

with two heads: seduction and disenchantment with humanity. ... snake dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-08-11-13-25-44

ballast, a broken: friends are not trustworthy when the going gets rough.

full, a: partner can be trusted if you are trustworthy.

battle, a: the sense of security al ows you to be more productive.

being afloat, a big ship: the boat wil stop rocking only if you accept responsibility.

being on the bridge of a: a sail across the sea is a lonely introverted journey.

boarding a: make amends, then leave and see who distrusts you.

the wrong: your direction is being influenced by the wrong person.

build a model of a: wil marry your beloved within a year.

deck of a, being on the: wil contribute a valuable discovery to mankind.

during calm weather: unhappiness and inferiority await you.

stormy: a productive adventure wil deserve both praise and riches.

with opposite sex: temporary temptations must be overcome to gain a long-term love.

dreadnought in a battle, a: disastrous quarrels with in-laws.

frigate, a: a dangerous adventure is eased by knowing true north.

going aboard a, with all of immediate family: are tending to the security of your flock.

gong of a, the: avoid trifling with problems in present job, return to old one.

keel: news from a lover at sea whose loneliness matches yours.

damaged, being: have lost your sense of proportion.

longshoreman loading a: a job offer you should accept within the month.

man-of-war, a: dissension in political affairs cal s you to arms.

merchant seamen, embarking on a: the ultimate productive escape.

marine troops: failure of enemies at your capable hands.

navy sailors: enemies must be defeated at whatever the cost.

mermaid at the bow of a: brute seduction leads to misfortune for the seducer.

mooring a vessel, yourself; now is the time for courage, not fear.

narrows on a, passing through: wil obtain what you dared not hope for.

poop deck of a: wil hold up the rear of a team you wish to be part of.

prisoner dreaming of a: your stratagem wil be unveiled and taint your reputation.

lovers, docking: marriage wil not be realized; must rely upon your own vigor.

scraped, being: warning of trouble in the offing.

setting sail, a: separation anxiety from a needed change.

with all sails up: wil receive unexpected good news to support your adventures.

sinking: wil have to do more than tread water to save your good name.

after a collision: good ventures in the future if you change partners.

stateroom, being in a: each aspect of your life has its own pigeonhole.

stern of a, the: wil be double-crossed by a loved one when disaster strikes.

submarine, being in a: have hidden from reality too long.

and firing a torpedo: a secret business plan comes to fruition.

yellow: joy is 90 percent under water.

traveling on a, with business people: very good fortune among fel ows.

two, going in opposite directions: a problem you can’t solve, another you perhaps can.

yard, building vessels in a: honor above your present life style.

repairing a, in a: wil be in financial distress from which you can be salvaged.

working in a: wil have money during old age if you keep your intrigues private. ... ship dream meaning