What does it mean to see an security personnel in a dream?

Security Personnel Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Security Personnel

(Including caretakers) in performing a dual function, that of authority figures and guardians of property, security personnel appearing in dreams tend to represent a curb on enjoyment.

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(See Guarantee; Pawn)... security dream meaning

Security Guard

Symbolic of authority, 1 Chron. 9:27... security guard dream meaning

Social Security

One’s financial security... social security dream meaning

Social Security No.

The total amount of one’s financial security... social security no. dream meaning

Security (sense Of)

Possible lack of confidence and well-being in one’s life. ... security (sense of) dream meaning

Safe / Security Vault

Security. Fearing for the safety of possessions, or being either locked up too tightly or not tightly enough (from the Self and others).... safe / security vault dream meaning

Social Security Card

As a form of identification, dreaming about your social security card or number may point to an over- identification with the authontanan stnictures of society. As a play on words, it may also mention feelings of insecurity in social situations.... social security card dream meaning

High Security

Self-protection; feeling vulnerable.... high security dream meaning

Security Camera

The essence behind the meaning of the security camera is the discretion with which it captures things that occur; its presence is usually hidden, discreet, or ignored. In this way, security cameras often capture events that people don’t intend to make a permanent record of. In a dream, they connect with a sense of being watched and potentially judged for choices you are making. They loosely relate to a sense of conscience. What would you do or not do if you thought you were being watched? Such a dream may indicate a violation of privacy in some area of your life.... security camera dream meaning