What does a dream about scars symbolize?

Scars Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources


A scarred face may point to an old emotional wound that you need to face. It may also point to self-consciousness or embarrassment.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


A scar is evidence of a previous transformation or change that you have already experienced, the pain of which may not yet be healed or forgotten. When a scar is present, it always relates to some previous event that was damaging or otherwise altering. Sometimes the original wound is purposeful and connected to healing, such as with surgery. Other times it can be the result of an attack of some kind. We use the term “emotional scars” to represent memories of things in our past that stand out as particularly painful and worth avoiding in the present. No matter what the backstory is, the presence of a scar today means something powerful and invasive happened yesterday.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


Universal Landscape: Evidence of previous transformation or change.

Dreaming Lens: Did you have a scar or was it on someone else? Were you aware of what caused the original wound? Was it surgical or violent? Did it form in the dream or was it already present? Was it visible to others or hidden? Did you find it repulsive or interesting?

Personal Focus: Scar tissue is the body’s way of healing invasive wounds. When a scar is present it always relates to some previous event that was damaging or otherwise altering. Sometimes the original wound is purposeful and connected to healing, such as with surgery. Other times it can be the result of an attack of some kind. We use the term emotional scars to represent memories of things in our past that stand out as particularly painful and worth avoiding in the present. No matter what the backstory is, the presence of a scar today means something powerful and invasive happened yesterday.

This image in a dream has the same connotation of evidence of challenges from our past. If the wound was surgical in nature, then the experience is something that you either chose or was necessary for your evolvement. If the wound was inflicted in violence, the same holds true, though the attack may point to resistance on your part.

Seeing a scar on someone in a dream is inviting you to consider that some previous wounding and subsequent healing is connected to a Character Aspect of yourself. Consider the meaning you assign the person who bears the scar very carefully. If the scar is on yourself, or if the person is not known to you, the answer may be found by considering where on the body the scar is found. A scar on a face points to one’s persona and how you show up in the world. The torso relates to matters of pride, courage, and matters of the heart. The belly connects to feelings and secrets. Scars on the arms and hands are likely to be about things you do, while the legs symbolize where you’ve been or may be headed. What is most important to remember is that a scar indicates a healing has taken place, though you may still fear the circumstances around its origin.

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream | Dr. Michael Lennox


Scars symbolize moral and physical imperfections, sufferings, and resentment.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

16 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


Manifests psychic wounds (to your pride, dignity, sensibility, etc.) suffered before the eyes of others. That is where the cause of your fear dwells: you dread that those around you discover your wounds.

If you resign yourself to remain silent, the only thing you will achieve with that attitude will be feeding your bitterness and resentment. (See SCARS)

Dreaming of being wounded by a knife means a danger of suffering attacks, or perhaps a surgical operation. However, with a sword promises benefits.

If the wound is inflicted by a stranger, unexpected problems will come up. But if it scars quickly, it indicates you will return to good graces through your own strength.

If it is inflicted by an acquaintance, it portends an inheritance.... wound dream meaning


Something just below the surface of your consciousness is troubling you and asking you to notice it.

The challenge with interpreting a dream with an itch in it is that the itch itself will not tell you whether it is a good idea to scratch it or not. An itch can be the persistent underlying thoughts that, if you dive more deeply into them, will result in pain and suffering, like addictive tendencies or other persistent anxieties. At the same time, an itch could be asking you to go a little bit deeper in your consideration to see why something may be bothering you, the solution to which may be just under the surface.

The source or cause of the itch is important to consider. An itch emanating from a wound is usually in a healing process. This might mean that resentments or unspoken thoughts about a recent emotional battle have left potential scars. An itch that spreads a toxin, such as poison ivy, would represent the addictive quality of what happens when you open the door to harmless satisfaction only to find the challenging compulsion to repeat harmful behavior. An itch in a socially sensitive area, such as the genitals, connects to thoughts and desires that are private, secret, and sexual in nature.... itch dream meaning

Wrinkled Skin

Scars of time and wisdom, if found in righteousness; see “age”... wrinkled skin dream meaning


It refers to oneself, as in the word sorcxehxty. Al­though it includes the totality of our expenence, it seems to be most pointedly referring to our sense of identity. From this sense of ourself we project meaning on to the rest of the world in some degree. Thus many symbols are stylised body forms.

The cross is a standing figure with arms outstretched, a church’s structure a representation of the body, and the mira­cle of sexual reproduction—the mystery enacted within it; a maypole, the penis. Therefore various things can represent our body or aspects of ourself. Seeds, swallowed teeth can be sperm, anything long and pointed, even a linger, can be the penis; anything hairy, a male; anything receptive like a bottle, bowl or cave, a woman or vagina.

A body, or our body, also represents physical life; material existence; the process which causes growth and aging. This includes all the processes of nature in us.

A dead body: our skin or shape is felt as our boundary, the edge of our universe.

The dead body depicts a whole set of personality traits or attitudes, very often potentials, which have been denied life by us. We have not allowed them expression.

A person hun in love might kill out any feelings towards the opposite sex. This ‘dead pan of them can be shown as a body. May also be the way we meet feelings about death. Sickness in body: can refer to an awareness of illness in pan of body shown. Most often depicts psychological problem symbolised by pan of body— see body pans below. Maggots in body: possible need to cleanse body of toxins or infection, sense of dis-ease emotion­ally in that area of self. Iniunes: huns or events that may lead to emotional scars—see body areas below. See dead people dreams; hiding.

Bodiless: Example: lI felt as if I was going very deep inside myself. It was dark but at first there were noises of the world around me. I seemed to go in much deeper and it was very dark, but with the feeling of great space. Everything was all right until I didn’t hear any noise at all, all that space and no noise was too much and my whole body freaked out and then pulled out very fast before I could stop it’ (Kate P).

The ‘noises’ around us, sensory impressions, other people s ex­pressed feelings and actions, are building bricks for our sense of self. In a real sense we create each other by believing in each other. With prolonged absence of other people and events, and especially if we lose our noises’ and body aware­ness, we feel we—our sense of identity—is dying. Bodiless- ness may therefore show us feeling unrecognised, unnoticed. May also be feelings of loneliness; being cut off from sexuality and body drives. In its positive side it is exploration of the unconscious and void. See identity and dreams.

If you are right handed, the left of the body: represents inner feelings which support outer action, such as confidence, our less used or supportive functions.

If we are an intellectual, the left might depict one’s feelings, and vice versa.

The left may represent our mother’s influence in our life and body.

The right of the body: our outer activity and dominant func­tions; expressed abilities; our father’s influence in life and body.

If father is an anxious man there might be a lot more signs of stress on this side of the body. Top half of body: thinking, feeling. Bottom half: sexuality and instincts. Half a body: if top missing, lack of thinking and higher emotion; if bottom, trauma to, loss or denial of, sexuality and sensuality. Old head on baby body: immature sexuality and emotions; vice versa: immature personality. Dismembered body: emo­tional or mental stress and breakdown; may be followed by emergence of new self.

The areas of our body are sometimes thought of as sense organs. This may seem strange but is very simple. Without language, communication would be difficult. So language en­ables us to sense what another being is communicating.

If we had been castrated or had a hysterectomy prior to adoles­cence, we would never develop sexually. Without that devel­opment we would not understand two kissing people; or what a mother was feeling when she held her baby. Out of the sex drive develops a whole world of feelings and tenderness which enables us to understand many things we see in the world.

It is therefore important when reading the particular de­scriptions below to remember that each psychological area of our body gives us some insight into ourself and life around us, which is missing if the area is injured or traumatised. ... body dream meaning


The back of the physical body reflects support issues.

A feeling of weakness in the lower back may indicate that you do not feel supported by others. Scars or wounds on the upper back may reflect too many burdens.

A hunched back may mean that you have been a martyr, carrying the burdens of others for too long. In general, looking at someone’s back means you are looking at his or her history.... back dream meaning

Military Maneuvers

Witnessing the military in action in a dream may comment that you feel you are living on a battleground, perhaps with some relationship or at work. It can also represent that you may have battle scars from childhood that you need to take a look at more closely.... military maneuvers dream meaning

Boxer, Boxing

1.Do you feel as if you’re in a “sparring match” with someone around you? If so, dreaming of a boxing match could indicate that it’s not going to get any better and you need to take steps to end it.

A boxer with a lot of injuries foreshadows a lot of ideas that are going to need further research and revisions.

If the boxer is a woman, you’re nursing a lot of emotional scars that need more care than you’re giving them.... boxer, boxing dream meaning


You are in for a short period of ups and downs if your dream featured scars on others; but if you dreamed of scars on yourself, it’s your conscience nudging you to stop doing (or contemplating) something of which you are ashamed.... scarfs) dream meaning


1- A scar in a dream suggests that there are old hurts which have not been fully dealt with. These may be mental and emotional as much as physical, and can remain unnoticed until we are reminded of them. Just as in physical injury there can be many kinds of scars, so there can also be in the other areas. We may, for instance, be left with a pattern of behaviour which is irritating to other people, but without the clear connection given by the dream image, we arc unable to understand it.

2- It will often be significant which area of the body is scarred in the dream.

The nervous system can develop ways of giving information without us being conscious of it. This may give some indication of the area of life that is affected bv the trauma.

If we see someone else who has been scarred it may be necessary to discover if we are the ones who have hurt others in the past.

If this is so, there are various techniques we can use in the waking state to help us release others cither from the hurt we or they have inflicted.

The healing may then be recorded in dreams by the loss of the scar.

3- Spiritually, a scar may suggest that something negative and harmful has occurred, which is an external force rather than internal. We mav not have dealt with it as well as we might.... scar dream meaning


Symbol: The pearl stands for enlightenment and spiritual rebirth.

Vision: Pearls in women’s dreams don’t always mean tears. They also express the desire to create something of value.

A housewife who lives a restricted life often dreams about pearls, or that she was given pearls as a gift. Wearing pearls: old emotional scars are resurfacing and need to be addressed. Giving pearls as a gift: you won’t get thanks for your willingness to help.

Depth Psychology: See Clam, Mussel, Oyster, Jewels, Jewelry. Penguin

Depth Psychology: The penguin is a sign that outwardly you are always correct. But in everyday life you are still a captive of your emotional world. Try to change that!... pearl dream meaning

Injure / Injury

Material aspects: An injury will suggest a recent hurt, whereas a scar in a dream suggests that there are old hurts, which have not been fully dealt with. These may be mental and emotional as much as physical, and can remain unnoticed until we are reminded of them. Just as in physical injury there can be many kinds of scars, so there can also be in the other areas. We may, for instance, be left with a pattern of behaviour which is irritating to other people, but without the clear connection given by the dream image, we are unable to understand it.... injure / injury dream meaning


You meet the world with your face, and everything that is occurring inside of your consciousness is either revealed or hidden there. When your face or the face of another is featured in your dream, consider any interpretation you make through the lens of how authentic you are being in your daily life. Whatever is occurring to a face in a dream will add layers of distinction to your interpretation. Marks, scars, pimples, or boils are all examples of ways in which the face inadvertently reveals things that are below the surface of a darker nature.... face dream meaning


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arguing with a: accusations have scars long after innocence is proven.

being a: have plenty of friends who support your actions.

going against your enemies, a: improper impulse to gain honor at another’s expense.

of a: are being deceived that your moral sense has value.

others being prosecuted: business wil decline until you clear your conscience. ... prosecutor dream meaning

Diseased, Dismembered, Injured And Deformed Body

If the body is diseased in a dream, this suggests a sickness of attitude or it could simply indicate extreme emotional and physical fatigue. A dismembered body indicates emotional and mental distress; perhaps you are tearing yourself apart over something or someone, or your life is falling apart. Half a body dream images suggest a lack of balance in your life between your outer and inner life.

If the top half of your body is missing, this indicates lack of reasoning and emotional intelligence.

If the bottom half is missing, this relates to loss, or denial of instincts and sexuality.

If the body is injured or you see injuries, this suggests emotional scars or hurts, or repressed anger.

If the body is cut open, this indicates a vital change within yourself or the release of emotional tension.

In times past, such dreams were interpreted as the release of ‘evil spirits’, hence the association of a sometimes painful release of tension.

Loss of limbs in a body usually indicates a sense of inadequacy, sometimes connected with the limb that is lost. For example, loss of legs could suggest an inability to stand up for yourself or someone dependent on you. Loss of an arm could indicate an inability to influence other people, or to give and receive.

If your body is burnt in the dream, this suggests an emotional scar, and if the burn is painful, this suggests that you are relating to this hurt in an unhelpful, self-destructive way. If, however, the burning isn’t painful, it has a more positive interpretation: feelings of potential and new beginnings.

Marks on the body in a dream suggest things you carry with you in life, or experiences that have marked you.

If your body is crawling with maggots, this indicates the need to cleanse your body of toxins, infection or resentment. A murdered body in a dream represents aspects of your life that you find hard to deal with, such as anger towards a family member. Sometimes such anger may be a way of avoiding the real issues involved and, if this is the case, the dream murder may show how you feel about being ‘murdered’ by lack of love or trust.

If you are pulling things out of your body in your dream, this suggests growing self-knowledge; you are becoming aware of thoughts and emotions of which you were previously unaware. See also SICKNESS AND HEALTH.... diseased, dismembered, injured and deformed body dream meaning

Blister / Boil / Bruise / Burn / Rash / Scar

If you dream you have a blister, consider what irritant in your real life may have caused it.

If you burned yourself, have you got too close to the flames emotionally? Dreams in which you are burned alive or someone else is torched suggest the need for some kind of drastic change in your life. Rashes, sores and eczema are all unpleasant ailments that are not serious but uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. So if these conditions appear in a dream, what are you feeling ’sore,’ uncomfortable or embarrassed about? Although it may seem a big deal to you, your dream is telling you that you have no need to feel anxious as the situation is not as serious as you might think. The skin is a symbol of how you present yourself in public, so rashes are recognized as one of the most clearly psychosomatic disorders. In dreams, therefore, a skin rash can express lack of confidence in your ability to face the world. A dream bruise may reflect some emotional hurt or emerging health problem, whilst scars can carry their figurative sense of hurtful memories and suggest an awareness that emotional healing takes time.

For Jewish or Christian dreamers, boils may express feelings of guilt for how they have behaved towards someone in their waking life; this is because in the Bible, boils were the sixth of the ten plagues visited by God on the Egyptians to force Pharaoh to free the Israelites. Rough skin suggests a rough exterior, whilst burnt skin might indicate hurt in a relationship with the outside world or people.

If you are shedding skin like a snake, you are changing your way of life and leaving old attitudes behind. Spots and blemishes represent your sense of not being good enough in some way, and a feeling that other people see you as unattractive or see failings in you; they can also indicate shyness and the difficulties you experience being in the company of others.... blister / boil / bruise / burn / rash / scar dream meaning


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being a singer: al moments wil be as deeply emotional as a death in the family.

folk: pleasures of your extended family and their simple joys.

jazz: the array of emotions is never-ending, the music unstoppable.

karaoke: indulge yourself in an admiring audience.

duet, applauding a: your being molested by ruffians wil encourage your business.

hearing: optimistic tidings and melodious moments with a crowd of jol y performers.

bass voice, a: a discrepancy leads to uncovering an employee’s deceit.

birds: the thril of awakening from a long hibernation.

church, in: merry companionship, wholesome and positive.

heavenly choir, a: wil leave the accident unharmed but have scars on your mind.

love song, a: irrational moves may be lovely but could be harmful to your career.

others: are too fast-tracked to spend the time to deal with others.

singer with a raspy voice, a: disputes over your outlandish pretensions.

soft sweet: are harboring quarrelsome aggressive tendencies.

soprano, a: are temporarily irritable and shril -tempered.

tenor, a: the height of masculine sensitivity.

listening to bad: beware that jealousy does not ruin your happiness.

falsetto: wil charm the woman of your dreams.

rock and roll: exercise free emotions without restraint.

solo: wil escape to a place where your anonymity wil not be questioned.

vibrato, of: instantaneous satisfaction of desires.

watching, perform: smal sickness in the family can be compensated for.

operatic songs: wil be afflicted with tears at the time you wasted gossiping.

others: your life wil be gladdened by many friends.

song, a: are in harmony with your surroundings.

melancholic: al ow your sadness to run its course. ... singing dream meaning