What does a dream about scarcity symbolize?

Scarcity Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


(See Famine)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


To dream of scarcity, foretells sorrow in the household and failing affairs.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


Lack or a perception of lack (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, social, etc.).

One kind of scarcity or poverty in a dream might represent another kind in real life (for example, dreaming that you have no money could represent feeling spiritually empty).

See also: Depleted; Empty; Sparse; Famished; Debt; Wanting; Dry; Skinny

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman

37 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


An ox in a dream signifies the yoke of obedience; a pair of fat oxen predicts a year of plenty, lean oxen threaten scarcity and famine. Oxen plowing a field presage gain and plenty (Artemidorus). See Pharaoh’s dream of the kine.

The ox symbolized patience, strength and sacrifice, in Christian art.... oxen dream meaning


To dream that you have patches upon your clothing, denotes that you will show no false pride in the discharge of obligations.

To see others wearing patches, denotes want and misery are near.

If a young woman discovers a patch on her new dress, it indicates that she will find trouble facing her when she imagines her happiest moments are approaching near.

If she tries to hide the patches, she will endeavor to keep some ugly trait in her character from her lover.

If she is patching, she will assume duties for which she has no liking.

For a woman to do family patching, denotes close and loving bonds in the family, but a scarcity of means is portended. ... patch dream meaning


(Alopecia; Baldheadedness; Balding; Hairless) In a dream, baldness means loss of job or falling in rank.

If one sees himself bald-headed in a dream, it means that his superior will lose money in business to the authorities or by a fire that will eat up his property. It also can be interpreted as becoming needy, or if he is indebted, it means that he will payoff his loan.

If one sees his hair thinned until it reaches baldness in a dream, it means that he may lose his wealth or perhaps it could mean losing face with the people.

If one sees himself sitting with a bald-headed woman in a dream, it means that he is engaging in a project that is tainted with suspicion, or it could mean that he will become a victim to temptation. Seeing a baldheaded woman in a dream also signifies drought and scarcity. In a dream, baldheadedness also means money that is received from one’s superior at work and requires tremendous efforts to earn. Such earnings will costs more than what they are worth.... baldness dream meaning


(Dearth; Scarcity) If one sees the rulers of his country suffering from a famine in a dream, it represents their greed, terrorization of their subjects and the sufferings of the people.

If one sees scholars suffering from a famine in a dream, it signifies their thirst or lust for knowledge.

(Also see Little)... famine dream meaning

New Year’s Day

Celebrating the new year’s day in a dream means a short lived happiness, reminiscing the past, the passing of sorrow and adversities, or recovering lost money. In the dream, if the new year’s day coincide to be on a Friday, it means the spread of evil, corruption, or political turmoils for that year.

If it is a Saturday, it means drought, hardships during a difficult year, plagues and illness.

If it is a Sunday, it means a cold winter and a blessed crop for that year.

If it is a Monday, it means floods, winter illness and perhaps a partial loss of the crop.

If it is a Tuesday, it means shortage of rain and a cold winter.

If it is a Wednesday, it means scarcity and deficiency of water, and a cold weather by the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

If it is a Thursday, it means a prosperous year, except for the livestock. This interpretation was given by Ptolemy, theAlexandrian astronomer 367 -283 B.C.duringhis residence in Egypt.... new year’s day dream meaning


(Castle; Child; Firmament; Heavens; House; Mother; Oath; Ocean; Prison; Teacher; Town; Wife; Wonders) In a dream, the sky represents itself. Whatever descends from it or comes from that direction in a dream will materialize. Iffire falls from the sky over people’s homes in a dream, it means plagues, illness, pleurisy, smallpox, or death and destruction.

If fire falls over the marketplace in the dream, it means higher prices. Ifit falls over the fields and farmlands in the dream, it means that the crops could either burn, freeze, or be struck by a swarm oflocusts or by other harmful insects.lfwhat falls from the sky indicates prosperity, such as honey, oil, figs, barley, or money, etcetera, in the dream, it means a good rain and a good harvest for that year. Whatever falls from the sky of good or bad may represent the government and the hardships it inflicts upon the people, or the benefits it may bring them. Climbing to the sky with a rope, a ladder, or using a staircase in a dream means exaltation, rising in station, good luck and support. Ifone climbs without a common medium in a dream, it means fear and arrogance. Ifhis intention in climbing is to spy on others in the dream, 392 it means that he may work as a spy.

If one descends safely from the sky in the dream, it means that he will escape and be spared the consequences of his sin.

If he falls and breaks or fractures a bone or so in the dream, it means that he may suffer such accident in wakefulness.

If a sick person sees himself climbing to the sky, and ifhe does not return to earth in the dream, it means that he may die from his illness.

If he comes back in the dream, it means that his illness will increase and his difficulties will reach their peak, though God willing, he will recover from his illness, unless he falls into a hole in a dream. In that case the hole represents his grave.

If one sees the sky shooting arrows causing people wounds, injuries and bleeding in a dream, it means taxes and confiscation of properties by the government.

If the arrows hit people’s ears and eyes only in the dream, it means that major trials and temptations will strike at everyone.

If the arrows fall without causing harm to anyone, and if people rush to collect them in the dream, they represent a booty that people will come to win, or a divine gifts people will enjoy.

To rise close to the sky in a dream means nearness to one’s Lord. This is particularly true for pious people and for true believers. Nearing the sky in a dream also represents a supplication needing an immediate answer, and God willing such prayers will be answered. Nearing the sky in a dream also could mean going before the governor of one’s town, or any person from whom one may need something, i.e., a teacher, a man of knowledge, a father, or a wife.

If one sees the sky falling over his head in a dream, it means that the roof of his house may cave in, or that he will die from an illness he already suffers.

If one sees himself climbing and entering the sky in a dream, it means that he will die as a martyr.

If one sees himself standing in the sky in a dream, it means that he will command or admonish others. Ifone sees himself in the sky looking down at something on earth in a dream, it means that he will rise in station, then he will regret somethinghe missed. Ifone sees the sky green in a dream, it means prosperity and a good harvest.

If one sees the sky turned into iron in a dream, it means drought or scarcity of rain.

If one falls from the sky in a dream, it means that he may abandon his faith, become a reprobate, or that he may be struck with a major calamity that will be driven by an unjust person.

If the iron sky splits open, and if an old man appears from behind it in the dream, such an old person represents the grandfather of the people of that town or tribe. Consequently, people will enjoy a good harvest, prosperity and happiness.

If it is a young man that appears in the dream, then he represents an enemy and an evil that may befall the people following such dream. Ifa sheep appears from the sky in a dream, then it means profits.

If camels appear, then they represent rain. Ifa lion appears in the dream, it represents an unjust ruler. Ifthe sky becomes one solid piece in the dream, it means drought. Ifit rips apart and its doors become wide open in the dream, then it means rain or an answer to people’s prayers.

If one sees himself reaching out and touching the sky in a dream, it means that he is seeking an important goal, and that he will fail to attain it. Ifone sees himself rising near the lower heavens in a dream, it means worldly gains, or profits and status in either material or spiritual realms. Ifone looks toward the sky, whether to the East or to the West in a dream, it means travels.

If one sees himself stealing the sky and hiding it in ajar in a dream, it means that he may steal a copy of the holy Qur’an and hides it with his wife. Ifone sees the sky wide open in a dream, it means blessings and benefits.

If one sees himself rising toward the sky in a flat posture in a dream, it means that he will become emaciated, or suffer losses in his business. On the other hand, if one sees himself rising without difficulty and without being laid on his back in a dream, it means exaltation, success and safety from any harm that could be driven by one’s enemies.

If one bites the sky in a dream, it means that a calamity will strike at him, or it could mean business losses, failure to attain one’s goals, or an argument with one’s superior at work.

If one sees himself touring the sky then returning to earth in a dream, it means that he may become an astronomer, or an astrologer and gain fame in his field.

If one sees himself leaning his back to the sky in a dream, it means that he may win a leadership position, or win victory over his opponents. Ifone sees himself in the sky having a form different than that of human beings in a dream, it means that he may leave this world unblessed.

If one sees himself hanging down with a rope from the sky in a dream, it means that he will govern after someone else’s, or inherit his post. However, if the rope breaks in the dream, it means that he may lose such an opportunity.

If one sees a lighted candle in the sky which luster and brightness dims the light of the sun in a dream, it represents a solar eclipse.

If one sees the sky being build in his presence in a dream, it means that he lies in his testimonies. Falling from the sky in a dream also could be a warning against falling into sin. Falling from the sky in a dream with one’s head down means longevity.

If one sees himself in the sky but could not remember when did he enter it in a dream, it means that God willing he is already in paradise.

If one sees radiance, or scintillating rays of light coming through the sky in a dream, it means guidance.

If he sees dark clouds coming through the sky in a dream, it means that he could stray from God’s path.

If he sees a scourge descending from the sky in a dream, it means that plagues and adversities will befall the people as a chastisement for their sins, or for crimes they have committed. As for gnostics and people of knowledge, seeing the sky in a dream means clarity, vision, placing one’s interests in heavenly matters, or travelling to distant lands, or engaging in importing and exporting goods. Climbing into the sky in a dream also means falsehood, false beliefs, lies, or talking about God Almighty without the proper knowledge or guidance. Climbing into the sky in a dream also could mean seeking one’s livelihood, satisfying one’s needs, or fulfilling a promise. Skies in a dream also represent the ocean because of their vastness and the countless number of creation living therein, or they could represent the ripening of fruits, or the conclusion of one’s work, or they could represent one’s helmet, armor, wife, money, religion, death, or they could indicate slander and falsehood against someone who descends from them after being raised, and they could mean making peace with one’s enemies, or they could represent the shares allotted for each one of God’s creation, the good and the bad, people’s sustenance and that of beasts, gains, losses, blessings or afflictions.

(Also see Ascending in the skies; Celestial spheres; Heavens; Star)... skies dream meaning


Horses symbolize strength, speed, and endurance. It also indicates having control over things and directing them towards your aim.

The same holds true in dreams involving horses.

The common expression, ‘get off your high horse’ refers to the need to be less arrogant and to be more down to earth.

To dream of a dark horse reflects mystery and danger. Such dreams are commonly among gamblers and those who take too many risks.

To dream of a white horse signifies purity and good fortune. It indicates the image of a prince charming and his white horse coming to save the princess. Being chased by a white horse reflects trouble in dealing with sexuality. Seeing a dead horse in a dream demonstrates loss in a relationship. Seeing a herd of wild horses refers to freedom and wildness.

To dream of riding a horse suggests scarcity of resources that hinders achievement of goals. Riding an untamed horse is a sign that you’re being carried away by your emotions.... horse dream meaning


Dreams of leftover food represents conservation of energy, having a ‘waste not, want not’ mentality.

If you are saving something because you are afraid of running out of what you need, then this dream is helping you release scarcity consciousness.... leftovers dream meaning


Dreams of poverty are venting dreams that are helping you release scarcity consciousness, inadequacy, victimhood, and insecurity. Your dream is giving you the message to rise up from your negativity, struggle, and victimhood and realize the richness of your being. See Venting Dreams.... poverty dream meaning

Stepsister / Stepbrother

Dreams of a stepsister/stepbrother signify competition for mother/father love, attention, and affection. This is a venting dream where you are releasing out your fear of scarcity, a lack of love, energy, attentiveness and attractiveness.... stepsister / stepbrother dream meaning


If an object is rare it is rendered so by its scarcity, so spiritually suggests ancient knowledge and practices, which we have not yet uncovered.... rare dream meaning


Such images have a reverse meaning. So, if you dream of accumulating money you must be careful—economic losses are approaching.

If it is about collecting objects, the episode might predict scarcity.... accumulating dream meaning

Chest (body Part)

If the person who dreams of the chest of a woman is a man, the image could indicate his need for tenderness and understanding. However, if a woman has this dream, it could be a symptom of early pregnancy. On the other hand, keeping in mind that we breathe through the chest, the dream could be referencing the central point of our lives. (See BREASTS)

A beautiful, healthy chest is a sign of happiness; of great dimensions,

economic debts.

Chestnut It is a fruit related to winter and scarcity, suggesting the idea of foresight. Formerly considered suitable food for the dead, the chestnut is representative of long life, health, and protection. Some Nordic traditions advise to always carry one in your pocket, renewing it each year as a talisman of good luck and a charm against diseases.... chest (body part) dream meaning


Elevation allows you to see your surroundings more clearly.

If you are climbing a hill with enthusiasm it means you are improving your professional or social situation. In contrast, it can also be an obstacle to be overcome in real life. Depending on what it takes to climb the hill, it means abundance or scarcity of resources that you have to attain your purposes.

In this case, popular superstitions are in agreement with the psychological interpretation.... hill dream meaning


The image of a statue or a bust usually symbolizes the need to idealize something or someone.

If you put someone on a pedestal it reflects scarcity of resources to achieve your goals.

If the statue comes to life in the dream it means that you will recover a friendship that was broken. Some oracles also say that sculptors are promising omens. If, in a dream, you see one working your fortunes will improve.... statue dream meaning


A bill (such as from the power company) can represent: A promise or commitment (since a bill follows up on a commitment you’ve made to pay a certain company).

A demand on you, your time, or your energy.

A feeling of someone expecting or demanding something from you.

A feeling of obligation or indebtedness to someone.

Someone asking you to fulfill a promise or offer you made in the past.

Paying bills or people demanding money can represent a feeling that life seems very demanding right now or that someone (or people in general) wants something from you.

See also: Paying; Owing; Finances; Buying; Debt; Scarcity... bills dream meaning


A feeling or fear of “owing” or feeling indebted to someone.

A demand on you in real life (financial or otherwise).

An unfulfilled promise or other unfinished business.

Someone owing you money can represent feeling that the person “owes you” or is indebted to you somehow, or feeling that you’ve given more to this person than you’ve received from them.

See also: Debt; Owing; Borrowing; Money; Scarcity... debt dream meaning


Deflation (such as a deflating balloon, tire, or ball) could represent: The idea of “less than before.” The ending of a process or phase.

A challenge or obstacle.

A downturn in mood or events.

A loss of energy or momentum.

A deflated ego or loss of self-esteem.

See also: Decreasing; Smaller, Getting; Disappearing; Descending; Eroding; Depleted; Empty; Scarcity; Air; Breathing; Lung... deflating dream meaning


Denying an accusation can represent: Feeling guilty or afraid of being accused.

A feeling or fear of being persecuted, blamed, or needing to defend yourself somehow in real life.

Someone else denying something you know to be true can represent a sense that they’re being dishonest or there’s something “off” about them in real life.

Someone else denying something when you don’t know the truth could represent a denial in real life, or a desire to understand or clarify a situation.

Someone being denied something (such as denied entry or an opportunity) can represent a feeling or fear of control, authority, or deprivation.

Someone being in denial (not willing to accept or admit the truth) can represent your perception of dishonesty or irresponsibility, or your blaming the person for a particular problem.

For more clues, consider the context and your feelings about the denial.

See also: Blaming; Blamed, Being; Lying; Lied To, Being; Confronting; Confronted, Being; Admitting; Rejection; Scarcity; Blockage or Obstacle... denying dream meaning


A resource being depleted can represent: A feeling or fear of something in your life being depleted (such as money, energy, health, free time, freedom, personal resources, or social support).

A real or imagined need (yours or someone else’s).

See also the meaning of whatever was depleted.

See also: Decreasing; Smaller, Getting; Scarcity; Sparse; Broken Object; Empty; Leaking; Hole; Deterioration... depleted dream meaning


A mentally or emotionally harsh environment.

A characteristic you associate with deserts or with a particular desert (hot, dry, lifeless, empty, interesting, exotic, etc.).

Something with a desert-like characteristic (such as an empty landscape or a person with a dry sense of humor).

See also: Landscape; Hot; Dry; Dry Up; Sand; Dust; Depleted; Sparse; Scarcity; Rural; Region; Location... desert dream meaning


Atrophy, corrosion, or other natural deterioration can represent: Neglect or inattention, or the result of it.

The result of an active destructive force or adversarial action (such as criticism that deteriorates a relationship).

A gradual change or general decline, perhaps of which you’re not aware.

A tendency toward disorder.

A tendency toward the natural order of things, or nature taking its course.

See also: Rotten; Eroding; Smaller, Getting; Decreasing; Disappearing; Depleted; Inferior; Sparse; Scarcity... deterioration dream meaning


Something or someone who disappears can represent: A sudden lack of availability, accessibility, or understanding of whatever is represented by the thing that disappeared.

A decrease in importance or perceived importance (such as a fierce wolf that disappeared representing a threat that has subsided in real life).

A wish to disappear or not be seen, or to avoid responsibilities, blame, embarrassment, or some other undesired experience.

See also: Transparent; Eroding; Deterioration; Smaller, Getting; Decreasing; Depleted; Sparse; Scarcity; Rotten; Powers... disappearing dream meaning

Dry Up

Drying due to evaporation can represent: Loss or disappearance.



A process of reduction or a dwindling supply of something.

Something that is dried up, or that has lost all of its moisture, can represent: dormancy or a rest period; the end of a process or the loss of potential; non-productive; the idea of failure.

See also: Dry; Absorbing; Desert; Hard Object; Eroding; Deterioration; Smaller, Getting; Decreasing; Depleted; Sparse; Scarcity... dry up dream meaning


A void, an empty space, or nothingness can represent: Openness, freedom, potential, or endless possibility (as in an empty canvas or empty space).

Feeling emotionally empty, missing something or someone, or lacking something specific.

An unmet need or expectation (as in expecting something but getting nothing).

Meaningless or insincere (as in “empty praise”).

See also: Zero; Depleted; Wanting; Vacuum; Container; Hole; Scarcity; Sparse; Leaking... empty dream meaning


Having enough or a satisfactory amount of something can represent: Feeling satisfied in real life.

Wishing you had more of something (tangible or intangible).

See also: Extra; Many; Big; Infinite; Rich; Scarcity... enough dream meaning


Eroding, wearing off, or wearing away can represent: A process of loss or degradation of something tangible or intangible (such as of communication, a relationship, integrity, or resistance to temptation).

The passage of time.

Usage over time.

See also: Deterioration; Rotten; Smaller, Getting; Decreasing; Disappearing; Depleted; Inferior; Sparse; Scarcity; Descending... eroding dream meaning


Two or more things that are even, balanced, or symmetrical could represent: Fairness.

Equity among many (such equal rights).



An issue of abundance, scarcity, or injustice.

A desire for or fear of action intended to “even things out.” See also: Balancing; Fairness; Quiet... evenness dream meaning


Feeling deprived of happiness, life energy, or “the good things in life.” Feeling deprived (or depriving yourself) of basic emotional nourishment, such as love or support.

Actual hunger or cravings.

See also: Hunger; Thirst; Scarcity; Depleted; Empty... famished dream meaning


The idea of comparing one thing to another.

Comparing yourself to someone else or to a standard.

A judgment of something or someone as “less than,” bad, or wrong.

See also: Judgment or Disapproval; Bad; Low; Under; Broken Object; Cheating; Right or Wrong; Offensive or Ugly; Injured; Hole; Bottom; Sparse; Scarcity... inferior dream meaning

Saving (keeping)

Saving or keeping something can represent: The value or good memories you associate with whatever you’re saving in the dream.

Abundance (or a desire for it).

A fear of scarcity.

Preparedness for the future (or lack of it), or the idea that in the future you may need whatever you’re saving.

For more clues, consider the meaning of the item you’re saving and your motives for saving.

See also: Storage; Shelf; Container; Finances; Money; Increasing; Many; Past; Rescuing... saving (keeping) dream meaning


Someone who appears too thin can represent: Deprivation of emotional, mental, or spiritual nourishment.

A feeling or fear of not having enough.

The idea of depleted resources, loss of energy, or waning strength.

Fear of loss.

Feeling a need to do less (or more) somewhere in your life.

Feeling or fearing that something is not quite right.

See also: Depleted; Empty; Small; Scarcity; Inferior; Hunger; Fat... skinny dream meaning


The idea of lack or of having to do without something (or a fear of such).


A sparse environment can represent: a perceived lack of abundance somewhere in your life; a desire for more simplicity in your life; the idea that you could benefit from thinking in simpler terms.

See also: Scarcity; Empty; Small; Decreasing; Inferior; Desert; Skinny... sparse dream meaning


A feeling or fear of losing your quality of life, security, social support, personal or financial well-being, or something else.

The idea of losing an aspect of your personal foundation or something you take for granted (such as a loved one, a life perspective, or a belief system).

A feeling or fear of being left out, abandoned, or rejected by others.

Rejecting yourself or not feeling “at home” in yourself or your body.

Feeling like you don’t have a “spiritual home” (not feeling a connection with God).

The idea of living outside accepted society or its norms.

See also: House; Losing an Item; Scarcity; Nomad... homeless dream meaning


An attempt to get or take something, or to pull something toward you (a desired feeling, experience, object, etc.).

Manipulating something or someone for a desired benefit.

Taking time, energy, attention, money, or something else from someone else.

Need, or a feeling or fear of lack.

See also: Drinking; Taking From; Lips; Mouth; Parasite; Scarcity... sucking dream meaning


A need or desire (such as for knowledge, understanding, satisfaction, or love).

A feeling or fear of lack or deprivation.

See also: Dry; Hunger; Famished; Scarcity... thirst dream meaning


Wanting desiring, or being attracted to something can represent: A desire for something or someone the thing represents.

A desire for the experience or the feelings you think the thing would provide you.

Feeling deprived or lacking.

A desire for power, control, possession, or some other mental or emotional experience.

See also: Demanding; Scarcity; Attractive; Stalking; Crush, Having a... wanting dream meaning