Sacred Dream Meanings

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Sacred Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

(see also Church, Guru, Holy / Holiness, Wise Old Man / Woman)

A sacred person, place or thing will almost certainly have to do with self-transformation, the healing of psychological wounds, the resolving of internal conflict, revelations of your destiny, the uncovering of neglected capacities and qualities and the achieving of personal balance and fullness.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd

A church, temple, synagogue, or any place considered sacred may indicate a renewing of what the dreamer considers to be important or venerable.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Something sacred or hallowed indicates you have invested power into something other than your own inner teacher. All life is sacred.

See Holy.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

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Sacred Mosque

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