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(See Bowing in prayers)

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Rukii’ | Dream Meaning

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Bowing In Prayers

(arb. Rukii’) Seeingoneselfbowingto God Almighty in prayers in a dream means submission to His will, abstaining from arrogance and establishing God’s rules in one’s life. Bowing in prayers also means fulfilling one’s aspirations in this world and quickly triumphing over one’s enemy. Ifone sees himselfstanding in prayers, but remains standing without bowinguntil the prescribed time elapses in a dream, it means that he does not pay his due alms. Bowing in prayers in a dream also means ajob for someone who needs it most. Bowing in a dream also means longevity.

If a woman sees herselfbowing before God Almighty in prayers in a dream, it means repentance and exalting her name by protecting her chastity.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation