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To dream of seeing a roundabout, denotes that you will struggle unsuccessfully to advance in fortune or love.

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Roundabout | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Roundabout


One’s public activity; the range of human fate— rich to poor, midgets to giants; ‘swings and roundabouts’ of life. Carnival, fiesta : dropping social or moral restraints; let­ting go; creativity, social connections. See also marketplace. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


This symbolizes a circuitous route to meeting needs and an avoidance of crucial matters. There is no intimacy need that cannot be met in a primary relationship. Going outside of a marriage or partnership for sex or affection is a way of meeting a primal need in a roundabout way. Simultaneously, there is an avoidance of some underlying problem. Therefore, this image represents both a circuitous route to connection and an avoidance of confrontation.

If you discover an infidelity in a dream, you may want to consider areas in your life where you are avoiding taking care of yourself.

If you are engaged in an affair, you might need to examine your life circumstances for signs of being manipulative or indirect in getting your needs met. As getting caught is always reflective of an unconscious desire to effect a change, being discovered as being unfaithful could indicate a desire to shift some area of your life. Always be willing to look at issues of responsibility when this dream image appears. Where in your life are you not allowing yourself to be accountable for your actions? If the dream involves details of constructing an affair, you may want to examine how genuine you are being in terms of expressing and manifesting your desires in life, both relationally and otherwise. Where in your life are you not being authentic? How might you be betraying your own needs? It is safe to assume that this image in a dream indicates a theme of intimacy issues in waking life, no matter what the marital state of the dreamer. This may have literal implications if you are actually involved in an affair or believe your partner to be.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams