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(See Wrecker)

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Death Sentence

(See Death; Destruction)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Death Sentence

A dream in which you received a death sentence or were being led to your execution or are requesting euthanasia is a rather dramatic way of symbolizing the need to change a certain aspect of your life as soon as possible.

If you dreamed that you were waiting for your execution, perhaps even standing on a platform with a blindfold on, this suggests feelings of guilt in waking life or the refusal to acknowledge some feeling or action. Your dreaming mind is urging you to make amends, or express or even confess to something before it is too late. Also ask yourself whether you feel you are dead meat or a dead man walking in waking life, whether you are in danger of losing your head or are waiting for the axe to fall. If, however, you were the executioner in the dream, who or what do you need to put to death or put an end to in waking life? If the person you needed to kill was unknown to you, is there an unpleasant task or duty that you must execute in waking life?

If you dreamed of someone being sacrificed, perhaps even yourself, the message may be that the well-being of your family, loved ones or community needs to take precedence right now over your own hopes and desires.

If the impending martyrdom upset or angered you in your dream, your waking mind was probably mirroring your feelings of resentment in waking life at having to make a sacrifice. Try to see who was wielding the sacrifice in your dream.

If it is someone you know, are they making demands on you and are these demands reasonable?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Reversal Of Sentence

(See Wrecker)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Vision: Dreaming about being sentenced: you need to take care of a few unpleasant matters. Someone is sentenced to death or sent to prison: you are involved in a questionable matter that could cost you your reputation. You are pronouncing sentence: someone is right and you are wrong.

Depth Psychology: A dream about sentencing means that you are setding a score with yourself (if you are the defendant) or with the outside world (if you are the judge). Maybe you are revisiting an old argument. Or one pan of you is in conflict with and is sitting in judgment over another part of you? Sometimes people work through an actual legal argument in their dreams. Were you the defendant in the dream or the prosecutor? The rest of the dream symbols should provide additional insight.... Dreamers Dictionary


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A judgmental opinion... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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